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meet me at mikes brunswick stewbilee

Brunswick, Georgia. Hometown. About Melissa. Im a big, geeky kid, with no intention of "growing up", Ive got an awesome family, amazing friends; all in all, life is. Want to spend some time online with a cup of coffee and three slices of delicious toast, but don't want to risk dipping into too much negative stuff? (You can get. If you, like me, have watched Gilmore Girls and the Gilmore Girls reboot more than Tag any related images on Instagram with #gilmorealong so we can see!.

Maybe someone was trying to spin wool in the rumpus room, perhaps a loaf of bread or two rising near the kitchen heater, something being knitted at the dining room table, someone cutting out fabric for a new dress on the lounge room floor, jam bubbling on the stove top. It was a from-scratch life focused on creating and nurturing and growing things. How lucky am I?!

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Tell us a little about your blog Meet Me at Mikes; how long has it been running now? My blog will be ten years old in November. I had always wanted to have my very own magazine, truth be told, so a blog seemed like a DIY way to make that happen, in a digital form.

What do you love most about what you do? I love so much about it. Being able to think about making things, creativity, artistry, cleverness and nice moments a lot of the time is pretty rad.

What are some of the biggest challenges involved in your work? Opportunities are a bit less free-flowing and more hotly-contested than they might have been a few years ago. But, I am pretty adaptable and very persistent. My craft and nice times book Craft For The Soul is my favourite thing. Sort of a best-friend in a book, if you will! I know it is going to be a little early, I am going to my nephew's wedding in Mocksville, then thought we would drive high in the mountains and see if we can see ANY of the leaves changing.

If any one has any suggestions on where we can go that would be great! Pam Capps Allred - '68 I'll do that now, Pam. However, Steve Holcomb says the leaves in western NC are still green and falling off the trees.

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The drought has affected the colors of the leaves. Where are you headed in North Carolina? Unfortunately it won't work out here where we live which is just a little south of the middle of nowhere. So here we are back with dial-up, but at least it works. I am sorry for the birthdays I missed. Hope they were all happy and healthy. By the way, today happens to be Randy's birthday. For the next month and 3 days I get to tease him about being older than me, then I catch him and have to hush for the next 11 months.

Well, doesn't it just figure I sure didn't get this chubby eating stuff like that. This e-mail thing sure is educational!

meet me at mikes brunswick stewbilee

Being without the e-train for the last few days was the pits. I am pretty sure I am having withdrawal. It was good to get back and catch up with everybody. Talk to ya'll soon.

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Also isn't it about time to have a mini? I believe Janis has gotten us reservations on a small shaded balcony overlooking the water but we'll be inside if not. She made reservations for 15, I believe. That's more than have responded so far, so there's always room for more people who want to meet and chat with I almost used the O word here, but caught myself classmates.

meet me at mikes brunswick stewbilee

I can hardly wait to drive across the causeway next Thursday. It's always my favorite part of any trip down. I love the marsh: Maybe our folks can go there after the lunch Mini at Coastal Kitchen and see what's going on.

Isn't there going to be some entertainment there? Janis, can you give us some more details? It's been a while since we have heard from you.

Chime in, Coca Cola Girl, and cheer us on! The Meeks family were my back door neighbors when we lived in town. I still keep in touch with Sara the grandmother.

May have to have knee surgery. I have a cyst in my right knee with a lot of fluid. Possible tear in the menicus-cartilage. Will find out the details on Friday. Please have the prayer group keep me in their prayers. Will keep you posted. I am getting a lot of emails from my daughter.

She is in Bogota, Colombia for two months on a mission trip. She is also teaching English to the pastor and his family whom she is staying with. She is getting very fluent in Spanish also. This has been her lifelong dream; To go to a Latin American country and learn to speak Spanish and teach them English.

I am very proud of her. God is doing great things in her life.