Meet me conference bridge avaya ip

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meet me conference bridge avaya ip

The Avaya IP Office conferencing solution enables multiple locations to IP Office Voicemail Pro complements the built-in meet-me conference bridge facility on. Avaya IP Office conferencing applications provide a private audio conference bridge for communicating with a large number of people, Meet-Me Conferencing with VoiceMail Pro — The IP Office VoiceMail Pro messaging application. Meet me conferences that you start use your personal bridge number. Currently this is fixed to match your extension number.

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Additional conference members may be added, however a single conference may not have more than 64 members with IP V2 only and more on Server Edition. The system supports conferencing channels on the IP V2, allowing multiple conferences of any size from 3 to 64 parties. The system support 42 3-party conferences, 2 party conferences or any combination in between. To initiate a meet-me conference, users dial the direct number allocated to the conference bridge, type in the PIN requires Preferred Edition License and Voicemail Pro if required.

For ad-hoc conferences with a few participants, users can easily set up immediate conferences by calling all parties and bringing them to the conference bridge. If required, they can selectively hang-up a specific participant.

The system plays a single beep on entry and a double beep on exit. The owner of the conference may use their extension number as the conference ID.

Learn Meet-Me Conf with these 6 steps

The owner of the conference has control of the conference with the ability to mute and drop calls of participants. Note that any internal party has the option to view and drop participants not just the conference originator.

Users can record a personalized greeting for a conference requires Preferred Edition License and Voicemail Pro.

meet me conference bridge avaya ip

Voicemail messages are retrieved either locally or remotely via any telephone users are prompted for a PIN if they are using any telephone other than their allocated extension or a trusted location e. For users who prefer to have email as their main message store, they can forward their voice messages to their email and collect them via their email account.

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  • Learn Meet-Me Conf with these 6 steps

Messaging applications are vital for businesses that want to ensure that every call is answered, even after hours or when everyone is busy, and that messages are properly and efficiently managed.

Employees stay connected to the business at all times from any location, helping customers reach the right person, extension or department, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction. Employee efficiency and productivity are maximized as calls are appropriately routed and quickly handled during peak call periods.

Networking can cost-effectively enhance the value of an existing data network by improving operations, inter-company communications, and processes—all while controlling communications and system management costs. The Phone Manager application offers control of a user's telephone from their PC. Phone Manager Pro Telecommuter mode provides the user with the benefits of call control through the Phone Manager Pro application while providing the talk path through an external number i.

Avaya IP Office Conferencing

Phone Manager Pro PC Softphone is for anyone who has a laptop and high-speed internet access while traveling or working away from their desk or office. Simplifies communications via point-and-click access to commonly used features. This allows users to customize the application to reflect the status of their departments, immediate colleagues, or the whole company.

The Busy Lamp Field feature allows you to see at a glance who is available to take a call, who is already on a call, who has forwarded their phone, and who has placed their phone on Do Not Disturb.


The Phone Manager application also provides the user with a call history log of calls made, received, and missed. Commands and actions are available through menus. Areas within the application include: SoftConsole has been designed to improve operator service by providing the operator with call information and available call actions to simplify call handling and give the appropriate response to the caller. With this easy-to-use software tool the operator can maintain visibility of the number and type of calls waiting and so ensure that clients are greeted in a professional manner.

SoftConsole has many configurable options available to the operator to personalize the look and feel. The Operator can tailor the usability specifically to each of their personal preferences. A services representative can automatically receive detailed customer information in a screen-pop on their PC when a customer calls.

Employees can also control their phone via a familiar GUI. It can enhance customer contacts by providing employees with access to important information.

Using a Windows Graphical User Interface, Manager provides an intuitive interface for installation, configuration and subsequent moves, additions, and changes. As with all IP Office applications, the Manager is multi-lingual and provides the ability to use the application both locally and remotely.

It is possible for an administrator to manage any of their IP Offices from any country using their local language preference. Access to each IP Office is protected by passwords and definable user rights.

meet me conference bridge avaya ip

Manager provides remote management facilities and off-line configuration.