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This may possibly be the th blog I've started. Oh dear. I've always had a strong interest in blogs and I have never had the courage to start a. Meet Me in Montauk. A blog to talk about anything and everything. One thing that stands out to me is Lil' Wayne's first line, "All black maybach, I'm sitting in the . Meet me in Montauk. How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! / The world forgetting, the world forgot / Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!.

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It's a beautiful and genius love story of two people-Joel Jim Carrey and Clementine Kate Winsletno jokes about her name though! If I could explain Joel in a quote, it would be-"Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating". On the contradictory, we have Clementine, who's outgoing and is known for her "impulsive" nature. Quote to explain Clem-"I don't need nice. I don't want myself to be it, I don't need anybody else to be it at me" Love springs between these two but gradually they enter the dark side of their relationship and things get out of control.

Oh yes, she actually did it! All the memories related to Joel are erased and now he is a total stranger to her. She cannot even recognize him as he gifts her a valentine present. Heartbroken and surprised by this, Joel decides to visit Lacuna place where it's done and ask for the process of erasing Clementine. There begins the beautiful journey when he realises that it wasn't just the bad and sad part where the two are seen arguing all the time was going to be taken away but also the memories that he had cherished with Clem were to be gone.

He tries hard NOT to let her go, but eventually she does. But as they said, it's possible to erase from mind, but erasing from heart is a different story. You just can't so it. The tapes are returned back and both of them find each other to be accepting their respective flaws. Spotless mind- Mind without hatred, love or any judgement. My only criticism of Up was on the technical presentation of the film and not on the film itself.

If you ask me, 3D is a gimmick. Yah, you can see the 3D effect and it's cool at times but it really did not enhance the viewing experience for me and picture is also less bright with the glasses.

The Secret Sun: Stranger Things: Meet Me in Montauk

Maybe I'm old school but I think 2D offers a more satisfying viewing experience. The PM company also happens to be our HOA so my thinking was the property management piece and the HOA piece would work out better for myself and the tenant since both are under the same roof. I also chose this company since they are an AMO member per irem. But as of right now I think the certification has given me a false sense of reassurance.

Annoyances thus far, 1 First tenant prospect wanted to move in end of May but our ad clearly stated "available end of June.

When I asked the second tenant prospect if she was briefed by our PM on the home specs, she sounded very uncertain. Coming from a customer support environment years ago, I think I am a fairly tolerant and patient person but I have to admit that I feel a little bit of frustration that our PM is not on top of things.

meet me in montauk blogspot

Karl Urban nails it. Yes, it was that good.

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Now, I don't know if I'd go as far to say that non Trekkies will flock to see this film like the way Peter Jackson made it "cool" to be a LOTR fan or Sam Raimi with his Spiderman trilogy but I think if there is ever going to be a Trek film to hook mainstream audiences in, this is it.

When I was in line I was pleasantly surprised to see a diverse group of people anxiously waiting and during the movie, there was plenty of applause during key character introductions, key scenes as well as the ending.

It was great "opening day" experience. On the film itself - the writing was snappy, the chemistry among the new Enterprise crew was great, and the visual effects were very impressive especially on the Imax screen!

I felt these guys really captured the essence of the original characters and thankfully without the SNL parody. Some misses - At times I felt the pace was a bit frenetic.

If it weren't intentionally designed to coincide with the ongoing apocalyptic process that's upon us, whether we like it or not, it should have been.

meet me in montauk blogspot

Sidney Gottlieb, to "explore the world of black magic" and "harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach". As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners, and more.

There's been some controversy over the exact nature of OFTEN, but given that Gordon Thomas is a reporter whose sources are very much first-hand and very much inside, I think it's a safe bet that OFTEN was putting one set of directives on paper for the suits upstairs and following an entirely more arcane path once the checks were cashed.

I certainly hadn't expected this series to tie so closely in with the Lucifer's Technologies series that took up so much of my time these past few months. But Bell Labs lurks beneath the storyline in Stranger Things, even if an oblique, indirect kind of way. Among so many tales, local lore tells of young boys being abducted and forced to participate in an assortment of psychological and paranormal experiments on a nearby secret military base, including time travel, telekinesis, teleportation and mind-control Radar too was part of the Montauk mythos that inspired the story in the first place, and the allegedly unconventional, off-the-books usage of the technology: At Montauk, the chair was connected to the SAGE antenna and the thought patterns of the occupant of the chair could be amplified and transmitted at the MHz range in order to influence the minds of anyone within range of the transmission.

I wrote about Montauk lore several years ago, and commented on the power that a postmodern myth like it can have in the Internet Age, almost in defiance of the facts at hand. But never underestimate the power of a myth told with utter conviction and a total lack of shame or apology.

Unfortunately, even as far as conspiracy theories go, there's hardly a speck of evidence for any of it. But these things don't need to actually be true to make an impact on the Dreaming Mind. I wrote that in a two-part piece on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, another of these films I've watched more times than is actually healthy. As many of you know, Montauk plays a feature role in the film, which uses the kind of selective memory erasure technology that MK Ultra ghouls were in endless pursuit of as a central conceit.

The question is how did a romantic comedy come to incorporate such esoteric topics in the first place: The mind-erasing properties of Dr.

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I'm thinking that Kaufman ran across information on the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk, and thought a memory-erasing mind control machine would be a great plot device in a romantic comedy. Which sounds pretty typical for Kaufman, come to think of it. There's also another possibility: I'm open to all possibilities when it comes to these films.