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meet me in montauk poster

Sometimes, I just can't handle it; I have to watch it. Meet me in Montauk. Popular TV · Popular Celebs · Best Picture Winners · Top Rated Movies · Top Rated Indian Movies · Lowest Rated Movies · Meet Me in Montauk () Poster . Meet Me In Montauk painting by Stephen Andrade Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Focus Features. Meet Me In Montauk. Acrylic. 12 x 19 inches.

Furious and confused, he contacts the inventor of this advanced process, Dr. Howard Mierzwaik Tom Wilkinson. Out of sheer desperation he resorts to the only logical solution at the time, removing her from his memory as well. But as he re-experiences the passionate days of their earlier relationship, he falls in love with her all over again.

The film then takes a Hitchcockian turn and becomes a man-on-the run film, only this time the protagonists are running from an untouchable entity. They race from one memory to the next desperately escaping the inevitable erasing process. Would erasing an incident from our micro-history do us any good? Would a woman erasing the memory of a rape make her happier or would removing the incident do more damage to her life than the actual incident itself?

Is ignorance indeed bliss? The film ultimately arrives to the conclusion that no, having a spotless mind does not bring eternal sunshine. They are in some sense untouchable because they shape who we are.

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Take for example, the simultaneous subplot involving Mary Kirsten Dunst discovering that she had her love affair with Dr. She arrives to that discovery through her love to him. She represents his will to hold on and he does so through what he knows of her spontaneous personality.

Joel would never arrive to such conclusions himself, but he subconsciously asks himself what would Clementine do and acts upon it. The film opens with a post-erasing scene. On Valentine Day, Joel feels the impulse of going to Montauk instead of working and there he meets Clementine. That cold day on the beach, they fall for each other all over again. Both Joel and Clementine do in fact win at the end, implanting that impulse defeats the system in a final attempt of desperation.

This is portrayed cinematically through brilliant use of music. Music plays when they talk and pauses when they pause. Joel and Clementine click in a disguised coincidence, a natural encounter.

meet me in montauk poster

The plan backfires on him and only fuels her confusion and anger. Mary, the Lacuna receptionist, is dating another technician, Stan, but has feelings for Dr.

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Howard Mierzwiak, a married doctor and the head of Lacuna. During Joel's memory wipe, Mary discovers she had previously had an affair with Dr. Mierzwiak, and agreed to have the affair erased from her memory after Dr. Mierzwiak's wife found out. Devastated by this discovery and by the power of the procedure, Mary then quits her job and steals the company's records, mailing all of Lacuna's clients the tapes of each client recounting their memories to be erased.

The film returns to the present after Joel and Clementine have met at the train station of Montauk. Eager to begin what appears to be a new and exciting relationship, they both find their Lacuna records mailed to them by Mary, and are shocked and disturbed by the bitter memories they have of each other.

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Clementine attempts to leave, saying that the relationship could end up going the same way it did in the tapes. However, Joel pleads with her, sensing their deep connection, and despite knowing it could go wrong they decide to try again.

Cast[ edit ] Top to bottom: An introvert who enters a two-year relationship with Clementine Kruczynski. After their relationship ends, Clementine erases Joel from her memory, and he erases her from his mind in response. Charlie Kaufman wrote Joel with autobiographical personality traits. According to Gondry, this was as "It's hard to be funny.

It's far easier to take someone really funny and bring them down than do the opposite. Carrey did not like this. Gondry believed this would make Carrey forget what he should do to be Joel, allowing him to go in character. In the documentary, Carrey commented, "That's how fucked up this business is. A spontaneous extrovert who, after breaking up with him after a two-year relationship, erases Joel Barish from her mind.

Producers cast Winslet against type for her part as Clementine, [4] as Winslet had previously featured heavily in period pieces.

meet me in montauk poster

Most commentators discuss one particular example to demonstrate this criticism, wherein Clementine warns Joel she is flawed: But I'm just a fucked-up girl who's looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours. While erasing Joel's memory, Howard's wife catches her kissing Howard. Howard's wife reveals Mary previously had a relationship with Howard, which Howard erased from her mind. She reacts to this information by quitting her job and mailing Lacuna's company records to its customers.

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In the script, Mary and Howard's relationship resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, leading to Howard pressuring Mary into an abortion, which Howard also erased from her memory. A technician for Lacuna who is in a relationship with Mary Svevo until the reveal of her previous relationship with Howard Mierzwiak. Ruffalo received the role of Stan after providing an "unexpected take on the role" to Gondry when he suggested Stan be a fan of The Clash and look like Joe Strummer.

Patrick is a technician for Lacuna who enters a relationship with Clementine by imitating Joel. They break up when Joel and Clementine begin dating for the second time. Tom Wilkinson as Dr.

meet me in montauk poster