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meet me in st louis dvd new

The family is shocked when Mr. Smith reveals that he has been transfered to a nice position in New York, which means that the family has to leave St. Louis and . New Commentary by Garland biographer John Fricke with Margaret O'Brien, " Skip To My Lou" (Rare musical short with Meet Me in St. Louis composers. Meet Me in St. Louis [Blu-ray] by Warner Home Video DVD nice position in New York, which means that the family has to leave St. Louis and the St. Louis Fair.

Freed appears to have been a shrewd player at court, currying the favor of studio boss L. Mayer while quietly assembling some of the best musical talent around - arrangers and adapters of great taste and discretion like Roger Edens, his unsung associate producer.

Meet Me In St. Louis is directorially the work of Vincente Minnelli, a designer and art director with bigger ambitions who had been responsible for some surprise hits like the wonderful Cabin in the Sky. There's also been a lot said about Minnelli's romance with his star Garland. I find Meet Me In St. Louis to be the better side of Louis Mayer's "family values" concept of entertainment, the one that was more than a little condescending in its portrayal of the ideal American family in the Andy Hardy series.

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Americans were supposed to be lovable small town hicks, the kind who would keep buying tickets to MGM movies indefinitely. They weren't encouraged to think politically or join unions, and everyone was meant to stay in their place. Upward mobility was for the super-talented only. If they were good enough, they would come to work at MGM under exclusive and ironclad contracts. That made the American family fit neatly into the Mayer-centric view of the universe. The war broke up that notion, and from the chaos of families split and husbands and sweethearts sent overseas came a need for nostalgia.

Many hit songs of the time that express hope for an uncertain future through the dreams of the past. One of the most gripping of these is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, which seems a light holiday tune until one hears the lyrics. They are about separation and the hopes that loved ones will be reunited, but also express a sense of loss. The line Someday soon we all will be together seems to recognize that its sentiment is going to be painful for hundreds of thousands of listeners whose loved ones aren't coming back.

The Smith family of St. Louis doesn't have much relevance to WW2 now, but in it was immediately recognized as a picture of an idealized America worth fighting for, the one on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. That's why the actual business of the film - teenage dates, parties, a foolish Halloween night, is secondary to the overall theme of the film, the conservative but attractive idea that staying home and staying the same is a great ambition. The Smiths in the movie stay in St.

Louis and presumably marry their childhood sweethearts and never move away.

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According to the extras on this disc, the real Smiths moved to New York where young Sally Benson the real "Tootie" of the film was inspired to write about her childhood. I wonder if that would have happened had she stayed in Missouri. Otherwise, there's not much more to the politics of the film than the usual Hollywood encouragement to identify with people better off than you are. A lot more Americans are essentially rootless now, and no longer believe in the dream of the single-family residence on a broad street of fine homes.

The "modest" neighborhoods of s sitcoms now look like the homes of millionaires. There's also a vague elitism behind the delightful comedy-drama of Meet Me In St. Louis, gentler than other pictures of the time but still there. There's an active snoot factor at work in the lives of the Smiths as they keep up appearances.

Meet Me in St. Louis

Esther and Rose Smith openly scheme against a perceived rival for their boyfriends, one Lucille Ballard June Lockhart who turns out to be a classy lady who puts their cattiness to shame. We're encouraged to think that the girls learn their lesson, but the movie then dooms a whole social underclass of boys at the dance to "inhuman" status, in the kind of casual discrimination that the writers had no trouble milking for laughs.

Esther and Rose are gently chided for being so concerned about status, but those were and are? Don't worry, Esther Smith is adorable and friendly, like the high school prom queen.

Nothing personal, but she can't be seen talking to you.

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The world of Meet Me In St. Louis was a dream of a life most Americans never had yet they would probably still define it as the American way of life they were defending. America had consistent ideals that were accepted by a much greater consensus of the country back then, which some people think was a good thing.

meet me in st louis dvd new

Even though it is a fantasy, this is one of the key films my generation could have looked to, to understand our parents' generation. When I first saw the film, I thought Margaret O'Brien was delightful, but her precocious morbidity no longer seems so funny. Louis, the idea of being interested in musicals was nowhere on my list of priorities. The visual presentation of Meet Me in St. Louis is perfectly judged, with terrific fidelity to grain throughout, and just the right balance of tones to do justice to George J.

Folsey's Oscar-nominated cinematography; you couldn't mistake this for a Technicolor film of the s, or s, such is the nature of skin tones and the nearly imperceptible tinge of copper-green that would be corrected out by the s and the advent of CinemaScope.

meet me in st louis dvd new

The sound is also evenly matched, in a lossless, 5. Considering the fact that the film predates stereophonic sound in theaters, five channels may seem excessive, but the effect is room-filling rather than gimmicky. Extras In terms of packaging, I'm still not convinced that Warner Home Video's "book" Blu-rays are in any way preferable to, say, Criterion's simple, traditional keep cases.

They're unwieldy in size, while the booklets are sewn into the spine of the larger case, making them inconvenient to read.

In terms of content, however, fans of the film—and Judy Garland, and musicals, and show tunes—should be ecstatic. This exhaustive set includes the expected commentary tracks and featurettes, carefully punching the ticket of a responsible home-video release, then adds a few cherries on top. Included on the single Blu-ray disc is the pilot to an aborted TV sitcom! There's also a handful of one-reelers: Look for those wide-set eyebrows and laser-focused eyes.