Meet me in st louis movie clips

Meet Me in St. Louis () – The Blonde at the Film

meet me in st louis movie clips

Movie screencap .. The musical "Meet Me in St. Louis" follows the story of the Smith family living in St. Louis, and covers .. hit with any rain at all during his rain-filled scenes, he'd go "right down to nothing and vanish.". Meet Me in St Louis (Two-Disc Special Edition): Judy Garland, Vincente Minnelli, Arthur Freed, Irving Brecher, Fred F. Finklehoffe: Movies & TV. And, of course, the studio overworked her, but not on Meet Me in St. Louis. Vincente Movies like Meet Me in St. Louis bring that back.".

What happened to Judy through the years was money problems and tax problems and marriage problems and things that brought on depression. And, of course, the studio overworked her, but not on Meet Me in St.

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) Official Trailer - Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien Movie HD

The actress is quick to debunk a notorious story that circulated later about her motivation for one particularly emotional scene when she was forced to really turn on the waterworks. It's a rumor perpetuated by Minnelli himself, that the 7-year-old was coaxed into crying copious tears after being threatened with the death of her dog.


Minnelli wrote that in his book because he thought it would be more dramatic, but that is not what happened," O'Brien reveals. She said, 'June, of course, is such a great actress she can always cry real tears. That was not the case with Judy. She would always take time to say, 'Hello, Margaret.

How is everything going? She is certain he is going to propose; why else would he call long distance? For more on why a long distance call is such a huge deal, read my History Through Hollywood: But back to St.

meet me in st louis movie clips

She pauses on the front steps to surreptitiously surveil something wonderful next door: Rose is a good big sister, so she hurries into the house to alert Esther. They stroll onto their porch for some subtle stalking: He does make her look absolutely stunning.

And Judy Garland said that this was the first film in which she felt beautiful…She would request the makeup artist, Dotty Ponedel, who worked with her on this film, for every MGM movie she made after this. Rose and Esther go inside, too, and Esther tells Rose how she has arranged for dinner to be served earlier so that Rose can take her phone call in private.

Rose is not as grateful as Esther perhaps thought she would be: She dances a little, giving us a nice view of her two-layer skirt: And she closes the lovely song by closing the lovely curtain… Watch it hereplease. We continue to get lovely snatches of family life in the Smith household. There is a brother, Lon, Henry Daniels, Jr. Tootie rides the ice wagon and is disturbingly morbid. You can watch the scene here. As Tootie delivers ice, Rose and Esther sing in the parlor in their underthings and coordinating dressing gowns.

Meet Me in St. Louis () – Journeys in Classic Film

You know, just like all sisters do in the afternoon. What is is they are singing? Meet me at the Fair! Louis, and they are pretty pumped. He tells them to cut it out, and expresses his desire for a nice, cool bath. Smith refuses to change the dinner time.

Margaret OBrien Remembers Judy Garland and Meet Me In St Louis

So everyone is there when Warren calls Rose: Capra challenged his special effects crew to create something quieter. They used 3, tons of shaved ice, tons of gypsum, tons of plaster and 6, gallons of a mixture of foamite, soap and water to create snow, and eventually won an Academy Award for their developments in snow-making.

It's a Wonderful Life Movie screencap According to Tom Bosley, during the scene where the residents of Bedford Falls make a run on the bank, Capra asked the woman playing Miss Davis to surprise Jimmy Stewart with the amount she asked for. Everybody agreed on the name "Turbo," but couldn't decide what should be paired with it. Meet Me in St.

meet me in st louis movie clips

Louis" follows the story of the Smith family living in St. Louis, and covers happenings in all four seasons of the year. During a ball on Christmas Eve, Esther, played by Judy Garland, fills up the dance card of a visiting girl with unwieldy and unattractive dance partners.

Meet Me In St Louis (Vincente Minnelli, 1944)

The role of the visiting girl was played by June Lockhart, who has familial ties to another classic Christmas movie — her father plays the judge in the trial of Kris Kringle in "Miracle on 34th Street. Louis," but after hearing the song, Judy Garland decided it was too sad to sing. The lyrics, according to the film commentary, were: Have yourself a merry little Christmas It may be your last Next year we may all be living in the past Have yourself a merry little Christmas Make the yuletide gay Next year we may all be many miles away No good times like the olden days Happy golden days of yore Faithful friends who were dear to us Will be near to us no more But at least we all will be together If the fates allow From now on we'll have to muddle through somehow So have yourself a merry little Christmas now When Judy asked songwriter Hugh Martin to change the lyrics so they were happier, Martin said no.

For about six weeks they didn't have a Christmas song, according to the commentary. Tom Drake, Judy Garland's love interest in the film, later took Martin aside and suggested listening to Garland, saying the song "could be an immortal Christmas song if you weren't so stubborn.

It was a test, according to the DVD commentary, of whether or not the Muppets could continue without Henson.

meet me in st louis movie clips

Gonzo — who ended up narrating the movie as Charles Dickens — was going to be the hooded Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, with his nose sticking out of his hood.