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However Fiona's work took her to Sydney, New South Wales. Separated by continents, they keep their romance alive by meeting up once in a while. He likes . Meet our artist-in-residence Andrei Davidoff, who recently set up his potter's wheel at Vaucluse House and created an intriguing collection of site-inspired. Meet the Music Concert Series. Our flagship presentation for students features eight Sydney Symphony Orchestra concerts across two series, providing an.

These facilities need to be accessible with direct and safe walking and cycling connections that can be used by people of all ages and abilities. This encourages people to be more physically and socially active, improves health outcomes and enhances the overall liveability of a neighbourhood or centre. Improving safety, accessibility and inclusion by co-locating activities benefits all residents and visitors.

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When supported by a fine grain urban form and land use mix which provides a greater diversity of uses and users, liveability can be improved. Creating opportunities for increased shared use and more flexible use of under-utilised facilities, such as schools, sports facilities, open space, halls and creative spaces, can support growth and respond to the different needs of local demographics groups.

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Multipurpose and intergenerational facilities are the key to better use of, and access to, infrastructure and services in urban renewal and land release areas.

Publicly owned land, including social housing in renewal precincts, may provide opportunities to optimise the co-location of social infrastructure and mixed-uses at the heart of neighbourhoods. Integrated and targeted delivery of services and infrastructure is needed to support growth and respond to the different needs of population groups.

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Accessible local health services and regional health infrastructure such as hospitals are important for all people across the District. Northern Sydney Local Health District focuses on healthy communities through community health services, obesity prevention, and promotion of a healthy built environment refer to Planning Priority N4.

Cemeteries and crematoria are key social infrastructure that also need to be accessible geographically and economically, and reflective of a diversity of cultures and backgrounds.

meet sydney

A growing Greater Sydney requires additional land for burials and cremations with associated facilities such as reception space and car parking. Children and young people Over the 20 years toprojections show an expected increase of 6, children aged four years and under, with more than half of this growth in Ryde and Ku-ring-gai local government areas.

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Planning for early education and child care facilities requires innovative approaches to the use of land and floor space, including co-location with compatible uses such as primary schools and office buildings, close to transport facilities. The NSW Department of Education estimates an extra 21, students will need to be accommodated in both government and non-government schools in the North District bya 20 per cent increase.

Growth is projected to be greatest in Ryde 8,Ku-ring-gai 5,Northern Beaches 3, and Hornsby 2, local government areas. It encourages the joint and shared use of school facilities with local government and the private sector to develop innovative ways to provide school infrastructure. School Infrastructure NSW, a new specialist unit within the Department, will undertake school community planning and deliver the education infrastructure program, working with other State agencies and community groups to develop schools as community hubs.

Schools help to create and support inclusive and vibrant neighbourhoods. Planning for new schools, and the use of existing schools, must respond to growth and changing demand in innovative ways such as more efficient use of land, contemporary design, greater sharing of spaces and facilities, and flexible learning spaces.

Safe walking and cycling links to schools encourage young people to be more active, and better connect schools with local communities. They can reduce local congestion around schools, improving safety for children and families. The design and management of open space, cultural spaces and the public realm need to consider the needs of children and young people refer to Planning Priority N6.

North District projected population change — by local government area: It aims to give children and young people opportunities to thrive, get the services they need and have their voice heard. Lane Cove and Ryde local government areas are projected to see the largest growth in people aged 20—24 years across the District between — 44 per cent and 29 per cent respectively.

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The North District provides important opportunities for tertiary and vocational education and training. These allow people to gain and refine skills for employment and connect with other people in the community.

TAFEs and universities are also employment hubs for knowledge-intensive industries. Older people The District is expected to see an 85 per cent proportional increase in people aged 85 and over, and a 47 per cent increase in the 65—84 age group is expected by The local government areas of Hornsby, Ryde, Ku-ring-gai and Northern Beaches will have the largest projected increase in the 65—84 age groups.

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meet sydney

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meet sydney

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