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meet them tracking202 redirect

Redirects are gone. There were a few Prosper So why should you get Tracking Pro when Prosper is already working well for you. Well 21 Comments. Ya, I had the privlage to meet Wes in Vegas, great guys. Try Our Prosper Web Hosting Risk Free w/ Our Anytime Money Back Guarantee. We offer a wide range of solutions bound to meet your requirements ranging You'll get the added benefit of quick link redirects so that your site visitors. Hey im looking for a script that will redirect to multiple links using one url, -'.

One simple monthly subscription for unlimited installations on unlimited servers, unlimited live suport and unlimited upgrades when new features are released.

meet them tracking202 redirect

Once a winner is found, you can easily pause the non-converting tests and automatically send all clicks to the winning campaign. You'll always be able to see how your campaigns are performing without waiting for delayed reporting from 3rd party systems. Our proprietary Universal Smart Pixel uses an intelligent attribution algorithm to automatically attribute and fire unlimited 3rd party pixels based on the ad network or channel that generated the conversion.

meet them tracking202 redirect

This means you'll never over pay for leads attributed to 3rd parties due to a pixel misfire. Conversion logs let you review and see more fine grained details on all your conversion pixels and postback fires.

meet them tracking202 redirect

In the event of a database downtime, BlazerCache downtime protection makes it possible to keep redirecting clicks to the final destination. Fast Asynchronous Javascript Tags Our asynchronous visitor tracking Javascript will never slow down your pages, meaning no costly loss of sales due to a slow page load time.

Press a button and see your full stats anywhere. There were a few times that the old hosted Tracking would failboat and peoples campaigns would be crippled for the few minutes or whatever that the system was down.

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Keyword tracking, as mentioned earlier, is much better now in pro than it was in normal prosper This lets you pretty much bid on a big ass broad keyword and then cherry pick the good ones after a day or two of running traffic, and have a profitable campaign faster than you could imagine.

So why should you get Tracking Pro when Prosper is already working well for you.

meet them tracking202 redirect

Well, as mentioned above, there are a bunch of new features. But probably the biggest is how easy everything is to set up.

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Should take you about minutes total to hook it up unless your average day consists of being wheeled around shopping malls with your helmet on sipping apple juice through a straw. Uploaded images had the wrong path Fixed: Conversion logs show the right pixel type Fixed: AdvancedAdvanced landing pages dropdown ui fixed to allow filtering Fixed: Header added to Adwords offline conversions file Fixed: Manual upload timestamp accepts human readable values Version 1.

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Various Bug fixes New: Prosper automatically converts payouts into your local currency. Support for windows servers with php installed New: Support transaction ids that allow tracking of multi-step offers New: Subid upload page now support transaction ids New: Adwords Offline Conversions Export New: Clickbank support for multiple conversions, upsells and refunds New: Optimized redirect speeds for Smart Redirector New: Mobile App Deeplinks support for campaign urls New: Pixel url validation for Universal Smart Pixel New: Smart Redirector support for ip ranges New: Auto Database Optimization - Keeps your database size optimized automatically New: Custom Variables report runs multiple times faster New: Support for transaction ids in pixels, postbacks and manual conversion uploads New: Brand new design for step 9 pixels and postback page.

Group overview report now includes pagination for reports with multiple pages New: Support for Memcached in addition to Memcache New: Fixed Bug where smart rotators and advanced landing pages were not showing in step 8 Fixed: APC Bug where cache wasn't being cleared on upgrade Fixed: Smart Rotators modal loads correctly Fixed: No errors show when DNI server is offline Fixed: Improved click deletion functions Fixed: For some users setup tab was missing after an upgrade Fixed: Fixed support for all tag in Smart Redirector so it's case insensitive Fixed: Fix for auto increment sometimes being set to 0 in the clicks counter Fixed: Date formatted in US format in account overview Fixed: Password reset emails were not getting sent Fixed: Ability to disable mysql strict mode Fixed: Improved installation script to reduct errors Fixed: Improved pagination for reports with multiple pages Fixed: Conversion logs no longer shows errors when you choose a custom time range Update: Removed report caching feature Update: Conversion Logs moved into main reports section Update: Optimized Analyze Variables Report for speed Update: Visitors download report now includes revenue column Version 1.

meet them tracking202 redirect

Various bug fixes for stability and performance. Performance Optimizations for Direct Links New: Support for PHP 7 New: Filter by subid New: Inline Help documentation links New: Easy link to premium MaxMind database purchase New: Advanced Landing pages on step 4 listed alphabetically Fixed: Document Roots that are symlinks are correctly detected Fixed: Chart data displays correctly Fixed: Chart customization modal closes correctly Fixed: List of landing pages displayed correctly Fixed: Autocron was not registering correctly Version 1.

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Group overview reporting on all ppc networks even when only one network was selected Fixed: New landing pages were not being saved Fixed: Overview report shows direct link and simple landing page stats Version 1. Table for tracking subids is cleared daily for performance purposes New: Performance tweaks for referrer tracking table New installations only New: Error with drop downs not working with DNI has been fixed Version 1.

Alignment of dropdown values Version 1. Allow users on servers with no partition support to still install Prosper Pro New: Ability to run reports on traffic that come from no ppc networks For example organic traffic New: