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Issa Twaimz – Tickets – Neumos – Seattle, WA – December 17th, | Neumos

meet twaimz tickets

Tickets: $$USD; MORE. at Door. All Ages & 19+. BUYTICKETS Thx2att and Fullscreen Live presents: The Issa Twaimz Tour. pm meet & greets / 7pm show. Meet & Greet + Admission $ Admission +. Each ticket will include a meet & greet along with: Individual photo with Issa - Ticket to the show - Early entry at 2pm. ADA SEATING: Purchase tickets and. Oct 18, Last year, YouTube megastar Twaimz dropped off the face of the earth. He traveled the country, hosting tours and meet and greets with.

Within a year, Tweimeh had amassed 3 million followers and enough attention on Vine that he decided to take on YouTube. He still posted funny skits and parody songsand he talked very openly about being gay. He also took part in popular challenges and games that are commonplace on YouTube.

The Disappearance and Return of Issa Twaimz YouTube Star

By latehe had become a bona fide YouTube star with over 1 million followers and millions more views. At first, he was riding high. Tweimeh said he felt like he had achieved everything he ever wanted in life. Inhe staged a sold-out city holiday tour that grossed him six figures in revenue. On the tour, he performed his hit parody song about llamas, told stories about his childhood and accidentally coming out to his mother while drunk, and hosted meet and greets with thousands of adoring fans where he took photos and distributed hugs.

Around this time, his Twaimz YouTube videos had pulled in over 53 million views and his audience was growing. But as his fame grew, the pressure to live up to his online persona became crushing. Tweimeh began feeling trapped.

It got to a point where it was too tiring for me to keep up the act.

The Mysterious Disappearance (and Eventual Rebirth) of YouTube Star Issa Twaimz

I was losing my confidence and becoming insecure all over again. Performing in his videos as Twaimz, Tweimeh sang about his crushesdressed up in dragand danced around without a care. Twaimz was crazy, happy, energetic, and wild. He liked that Twaimz was so positive and could bring joy to his followers, but maintaining that one-dimensional personality all the time was overwhelming.

So, without warning his followers, he quit YouTube. His fans were shocked. Rumors of his death swirled.

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Teens desperately tried tweeting at him, sending him messages, calling his house to ask what happened and if he was okay. Fans posted messages on his final YouTube video every day for months, begging him to come back.

For a year, Tweimeh slept, reconnected with offline friends, hung out with his family, and ate a lot of sushi. Last month, after over a year offline, he returned to YouTube. And YouTuber Sam Pepper quit the internet in after backlash to his controversial pranks. When asked if he would recommend his career choice to young teens today, Tweimeh paused.

I need more positivity; people who watch me need more positivity; we all need more positivity. You agree that you will only use credit cards belonging to you for the purpose of purchasing tickets. The privacy of our users if important to us.

meet twaimz tickets

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Issa Twaimz - Fullscreen Live

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meet twaimz tickets

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meet twaimz tickets