Meet up 2015 rezi

LandlordsNY - Vendor Spotlight: Keenan D. Williams, Co-Founder and Owner of REZI

meet up 2015 rezi

sports or supercars only Once your in meet at Los santos until theres a load of people then well go for a drive Message me for an invite, my gt is: Remove Rezi. Posted April 1, sports or supercars only. Once your in. I'm a co-founder at Rezi, we're helping students get jobs. we're meeting challenges beyond anything faced before. l want to share the From June that will only cease when you give up or stop working completely. SDCC Retta Orphan Black Fan Meetup Comic-Con CloneClub BBC AMERICA GIF Rezi #Rezigusz #Girlfriend rezi, rezigiusz, remek, remigiusz, remik.

Michael Rezi Featured in Automotive News Feb 12, Everyone at Nissan of Cookeville are very pleased to announce that Michael Rezi was recently featured in an article for Automotive Newswhich is a highly respected publication in the automotive industry.

The story highlights how Rezi has built up his business by doing things differently from other dealerships, setting us apart from the competition.

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For example, we used a different method for training employees, a fresh approach to vehicle pricing, and an advertising push that focuses almost entirely on digital and social media platforms.

At the time, we were struggling because of stiff nearby competition. Rezi rolled in and immediately identified some areas that were in desperate need of improvement, especially customer satisfaction. In a period of just four years, things have turned completely around.

meet up 2015 rezi

The dealership is in the top 10 percent for pre-owned vehicle sales volume in the Southeast United States, plus boasts the top spot in the state of Tennessee for Nissan Frontier truck sales. The big focal point of customer service has seen exceptional improvement.

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In fact, the dealership ranks in the top 5 percent in the country when it comes to customer satisfaction scores, a stark contrast to the down-in-the-dumps figures that were reported just four years ago. As a result, repeat business is high, as is customer loyalty and conquest sales. Tell us about yourself- brief bio personal and business Keenan D. What advice would you give to yourself if you were at the beginning of your career?

meet up 2015 rezi

Figure out problems that you and others suffer from day 1 and try to create solutions for them. Test them out, try to get user feedback quickly and iterate on your product daily. What do you find most hopeful in your industry? What do you find most concerning?

News platforms that produce relevant content in real time b. The tight knit communities of investors, brokers, asset managers and developers that all communicate amongst each other daily c. The resistance to change by the NY Real Estate investment community. Many problems in the way deals are managed can be solved by known technologies, yet there's a resistance to upgrade systems and processes that's almost unique to Real Estate professionals.

If you were to do anything else, what would that be?


Real Estate investor by day, motivational speaker by night, personal trainer by morning! How do you think the business will be different in 10 years? The market share of real estate technological platforms will continue to grow, as consumers landlords and tenants alike will prefer cheaper, faster alternatives to those managed in traditional ways.