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Current outages and problems for Meetup. Is the website down? Can't log in? Meetup. Meetup is a social networking site that facilitates offline group meetings. You want to join a Meetup group or participate in a Meetup. Welcome to the community, first, you need to create a free Meetup. Find Meetups and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

You can help in many ways, such as translation, captioning, documentation, code, testing, and support.

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Discover how you can contribute to WordPress and what you and the community get back to. While you will find the occasional blog post or random tweet talking about mental health and happiness in the WordPress community, most overlook the best way to contribute to WordPress…paying attention to your mental and physical health, and taking care of each other.

Give back to WordPress by stepping back from the code and look around you. There are WordPress Meetups for all levels of users — from beginners to professionals. Regardless of how you use WordPress there are likely other folks in the community doing similar things with varying levels of experience.

From total beginner to Advanced Developers, Discover ways to get involved while leveling up your skillset. In this talk, Naoko will share some stories from the Japanese WordPress Community to demonstrate what it takes to grow a local community.

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Invest in WordPress by Investing in Yourself: Give back to WordPress by stepping back from the code and looking at the world around you. But besides bringing together thousands of people from all over the world, this international event had another unforeseen result. WCEU gave a few local WordPress communities unexpected momentum as a consequence of the unique environment it created.

As a co-organizer of WCEU and a member of the Italian WordPress community, I will trace the extraordinary journey from stalling local community to thriving ecosystem of meetups and enthusiastic members, using real case studies from the German and Italian WordPress communities. For them to be successful, they take people to show up, contribute back, grow with it and most importantly to incorporate new people into the fold.

It is ongoing, it requires attention and it needs people like you and me to speak up. A small fraction of people carry the weight of helping it thrive, but the great thing is that despite all that, we all benefit from the community no matter who contributes. In this talk I will cover some known, and unknown tips and tools for making the community work for you and your business, and also help to put back more into the community than what you take from it.

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Improving your Meetup Whether you host or attend a WordPress Meetup, there are a number of things you can do to help improve your local Meetup.

Some easy things you can do, for example, are to invite a friend to attend with you, or maybe offer to learn with someone else from your Meetup, or simply help share promotional materials with your friends and co-workers. The rebirth of the Italian community In a chain of encounters led a group of strangers to reorganize the WordPress Italian Community.

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After endless hours on Slack, we have regular monthly meetups in half a dozen cities, Contributors meetings and at least 3 WordCamps planned for Learn secrets to choosing topics, getting speakers, creating camaraderie and keeping people active and involved. Then ask your questions! So head to http: They could use the trainings to gather product feedback and brand insights, deepen brand loyalty, and beta launch new versions of the software.

Organizing these kinds of Meetups can also help you set your firm apart as a credible leader in the industry, making you a go-to resource for journalists.

Volunteering to serve as a guest speaker at these kinds of Meetups can also increase your credibility. In a small market, a business owner might be a local fishing shop using Meetups to organize fishing trips to generate sales leads and increase brand awareness. A business owner can also sponsor a Meetup. Large corporations can benefit from Meetups too by providing locally-based industry-related gatherings. For example, a national manufacturer of infant toys might host a parenting Meetup in several different cities, containing high concentrations of current customers and targeted consumers.

Organizer tools, such as online payment acceptance, can be expensive to develop and maintain in-house, but come as a benefit of Organizer dues. Recruiting talent Meetups can also be used to recruit talent in a few ways.

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For example, a recruiter can run a search for Meetups of a particular industry topic in a particular geographic area, then visit the page and look through the attendees, supplementing this initial query with a review of the attendees other Groups and Meetups attendee, as well as LinkedIn and other social networking profiles as necessary, to prescreen promising candidates.

Firms can also use Meetups to Organize recruiting events expressly designed to fill openings. Business development sales staff may be able to mine events for decision-makers at other firms, meet them, and pitch their products and services to them at the Meetup itself or at a time in the future. They can host the Groups, and in doing so, present themselves as a credible industry voice, paving the way for deal making. They can also search the Meetup. Learning about market developments Industry networking Groups are also a good way to obtain insights about new trends that may affect your industry.

You can also host and organize Groups of influencers and innovators in your industry to learn what new projects are being developed and evaluated. Meetup users who plan and host Meetups. They pay Organizer dues to use Sponsors: Make sure your Meetups are emotionally compelling and resonate with your attendees. Have fun, tug at the heartstrings, make them laugh. Creating positive memories they associate with your firm will build and deepen brand loyalty. Take pictures of your events.

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Better yet, capture video. Use both to create excitement for upcoming videos. Let attendees know you are shooting them, and incorporate a media release statement into your registration materials that gives you the right to use their image in your print and digital marketing materials. Schedule Meetups consistently, with a diversity of speakers, in a variety of formats, and on an assortment of topics. Experiment and see what works, but try to settle on at least a consistent time and location to enhance the likelihood of repeat attendance.

Allow attendees adequate time to RSVP. Communicate as much detailed Meetup information as thoroughly as possible.

Have a contingency plan including how you will communicate that contingency in case of a necessary cancellation. People showing up to a canceled event is not the kind of association you want attribute to your brand. Follow up for feedback on your Meetup from participants and act on insights. Pay attention to those who take the time to review your Meetup.

Those who pay are very likely to attend. And in cases where the interest involves exclusivity — such as luxury or elite gatherings, a high fee may denote value to members. Often forgotten, thank people for attending in person when possible, and online when necessary.

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Incorporate photos into your Meetup Organizer profile.