Meet your daemon personality quiz

His Dark Materials Daemon Selector, a Books selector. Ask about my top result.

meet your daemon personality quiz

This selector determines your best His Dark Materials Daemon Selector match. This Books selector, a free online personality quiz, is a. Following on the amazing news that there is going to be a "His Dark Materials" TV series, it's time to find out who your Dæmon would be. The recent movie The Golden Compass has spotlighted Philip Pullman's excellent His Dark Materials Depending on the kind of animal our dæmon's form takes, we can learn a lot about our own personalities. Find Your Daemon Quiz.

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- Мне много чего нужно, мистер Беккер, но неприятности точно не нужны. Кроме того, тот старик вроде бы обо всем позаботился. - Канадец.

meet your daemon personality quiz

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