Meet your teacher

Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish – Sunday School Kickoff: Meet Your Teacher

meet your teacher

Looking for fun and cute meet your teacher ideas? You are going to love this adorable back to school idea, plus my Pinterest Board of ideas!. Whether you're in his/her good books or bad books, respect demands you greet your teacher politely- good morning, afternoon, evening. Results 1 - 20 of Explore Kelsey Pace's board "Meet Your Teacher & Open House Ideas" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Classroom, School and.

Meet the Teacher Night - Teacher Evolution Ep 1

Is he having trouble in every subject or just one? Did he score poorly on a couple of tests or many?

The Smart Way to Talk to Teachers

Is he not doing the work, or is he frustrated and can't handle it? Always get your child's take on the problem.

meet your teacher

Say, "Your teacher is concerned that you're having a hard time with subtraction. What do you think? She may be able to recommend flash cards or work sheets your child can do at home, or maybe she can fit in extra-help sessions with him during lunch or free classroom time. You should check over his homework to discuss mistakes with him and work closely with the teacher to make sure he's improving.

The Smart Way to Talk to Teachers

Meet with the teacher for a progress report after your child has gotten a few weeks of extra help. If there's been little or no improvement, consider getting extra tutoring or consulting with a counselor or the school's psychologist to make sure he doesn't have a learning disability.

Misbehaving The teacher says: Find out what she's doing: Young kids can't always articulate their feelings, so bad behavior can be a sign that your child is anxious. Ask the teacher whether she's disruptive at the same time every day, which can help you identify the trigger.

meet your teacher

For example, if your child misbehaves just before gym class, she could be scared kids will make fun of her because she's bad at sports. Maybe she thinks she isn't getting enough attention from the teacher or the other students, and being loud is her way of grabbing the spotlight. Or you may have a high-energy kid -- she can't control herself during circle time or other quiet moments yet.

meet your teacher

One worry to cross off the list: ADHD, even though it's tempting to panic and jump to that conclusion. If you suspect performance anxiety is the culprit, say, "Your teacher mentioned that she gave you a time-out before gym again. Would it help if you and I practiced jumping rope together?

If your child is just naturally a little too peppy, ask the teacher whether there are ways she could release some energy before quiet times. Bible stories are told using simple hands-on figures made of natural materials. The class is structured around an opening prayer, singing, and the telling of the Godly Play story of the week.

Sunday School Kickoff: Meet Your Teacher

The teacher and the children sit in a circle on the floor while the story is being told. Children are then encouraged to explore their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the story through expressive art following the presentation. Faith Travelers grades will be taught by Cara Robb, Melissa Hawkins, and Sue Smink Like a pilgrimage, students in this class set out on a new, more independent path to explore their faith.

Along the way, they enjoy being responsible for building their own community and looking after one another. They set up and care for a sacred space for prayer that nurtures their spiritual selves and sustains the group. They construct models for discovering the connections between the heart of ancient Biblical stories and our world now. I've always tried to make my classroom friendly and a safe place for kids, but admittedly, I lack the cuteness many teachers naturally have.

meet your teacher

So when I finally walked into school a few days ago, I saw that two of my colleagues had found the most adorable ideas on Pinterest for Meet Your Teacher night. One idea was called "Jitter Glitter" and had a poem with a small bag of glitter inside it for students to put under their pillows the night before school.

Another one was using glow sticks and putting them on the desks with a tag that said, "Our future is bright in 3rd grade.

Meet Your Teacher

I am a known Pinterest failure, but really wanted to do something within my ability to do "cute. Candygrams, Jackpot and More! Eraser Poem and Card I went to the teacher store to look around and see if inspiration would hit.