Merida meet and greet wdw

Meeting Merida at Disney World

merida meet and greet wdw

Merida also spends a lot of time interacting with guests which has led Disney You'll find their Meet and Greet location in the Moroccan-style. Walt Disney World Character Meet-and-Greet Guide: The Magic Kingdom . Merida has her own entire section in the Magic Kingdom. When you meet Merida at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, you actually merida-character-meet-greet-disney-world-travel-review.

Its easy in the hustle and bustle of running from one ride to the next to forget that the park is jam-packed with Disney friends waiting to say hello. So check out this list of 8 of our favorite Magic Kingdom meet and greets and be sure to add a few to your next touring plan.

Meeting this princess will definitely be one of the high points for Brave fans and her location even consists of a few surprises of the bear cub variety. She is available to greet guests from 9. The other location is at the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot.

The surroundings make for a fantastic backdrop and there are PhotoPass photographers on had to capture the moment. Meet Tiana and Prince Naveen on a Private Riverboat Party — This is a delightful premium event that is so under-the-radar that I thought it worth mentioning. Reservations can be made in advance at So have your autograph books and cameras at the ready. Closing times vary depending on park hours.

For those wanting to meet Tiana without the ice cream, she also shares the Hall with Rapunzel at this viewing location. Ariel — When it comes to meet and greet ambience, Ariel definitely steals the show. So head on over to the Grotto and say hello to Ariel fins and all! The meet and greet usually takes place daily starting at 9: There are two lines that you must wait in to meet all of the characters but because of its out-of-the-way location, the wait times here are usually minimal.

These are delightful and unique character interactions and the Imagineering that went into this area of the park is absolutely magical. The hours are usually from 10am — 6pm. It might be hard to meet them all in one vacation, but it just gives you an excuse to come back…like you ever needed one. For the purpose of this article, we will just concentrate on the characters you might see on an average day in the Magic Kingdom.

We will cover the other parks, park specific characters, character meals, and events in future articles. I have a slight obsession with it and its cousin the Citrus Swirl. There you can encounter a whole new world and they would love to hear your adventure stories. The best way to find them is when you are getting your Dole Whip; turn around and they will be right there.

There you can meet Anastasia, Drizella, and Lady Tremaine. This place is hit and miss with the lines. Sometimes you go by and there is a crazy line up and other times the characters are standing around searching for people to say hi.

merida meet and greet wdw

Disney has split this viewing area into two sections. Once you enter the area, you are surrounded by The Little Mermaid. This character seems to spend more time with the children. With that being said, I normally recommend taking the chance.

The easiest way to find him is to look for his ride across from the PeopleMover.

merida meet and greet wdw

He will be located a few feet away from the exit of the ride. He is a great character interaction because he is huge and very animated. I feel like everywhere I turn Donald Duck is meeting guests these days. There you will meet Chip and Dale. Their location is close to the Churro stand and near The Diamond Horseshoe.

Meet Merida at Fairytale Gardens | Walt Disney World Resort

If you see a PhotoPass Photographer standing in this general area alone, you know the twins are coming soon. Just wait a few moments and you might be able to meet them with no line. A personal favorite of mine and many.

If you did, you missed the location that holds four out of the Fab Five characters.

Meeting Merida at Walt Disney World

We are talking the old school cool characters. They are separated on two sides of the tent. One line to meet the ladies and one line to meet the gentlemen.

merida meet and greet wdw

Numerous times I have seen this place with little to no wait. If you are a true Disney fan, these four are like family to you. Oh my, you need to meet Mr. He is the funniest and most unique character interaction. He is the Disney character you love to hate. Just look for the crowds of people laughing and you will find him. This meet-and-greet is a full attraction.