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mortals meet percabeth wattpad app

AO3, FFN and Wattpad are the top 3 sites. QuollWriter (Windows App) . ( Mortals Meet Percabeth, minus the toxic cliches and with a twist!). Mortals and sometimes demigods meeting Percabeth. This are some oneshots on how mortals meets Percabeth. I won't be able to update more often. Enjoy!!! (DISCONTINUED).

Then, they returned me. Honestly, I'm happy they did. The bell created a pandemonium and everyone started to run around, checking their clothes, their hairs and stuff. I rolled my eyes and shrugged my clothes and went to sat in a corner of the living room, dividing my time between reading a book and playing with my locket. It belonged to my mom, but the officer told me I could keep it. It has a picture of my parents and my brother, the three smiling.

That doesn't happen pretty often. I closed my book and peaked through the window: I saw two men there that, by their apperance, are totally opposites. The first man had black hair. His skin was between pale white and olive, but he was a little tan. His black eyes were a mix between terrifying and sad. He was skinny, but he looked strong like he'd eat a lot and still keep being skinny. He was dress with dark clothes, with a aviator jacket on top of all.

In his right hand, he was wearing a silver skull ring, that he was twisting around. The second man was the total opposite: His hair was golden blonde and his eyes were crystal blue.

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He also looked like he worked out a lot. His clothes were bright and colorful not like a rainbow barfed on him, but with color. He was wearing a friendly smile and I swear more than one girl was already smitten by him. Di Angelo" the first man replied. He looked around, like he was considering the place more like reconsider, in my opinion. Solace" the blonde man added, pulling his hand out, but Ms.

Grutiner didn't shake it "I was the one you talked in the phone with" "Oh! I-I remember now" Ms. I rolled my eyes and focused again on my book. She never seen a gay couple adopting before?!

After an hour of talking with Ms. Besides, it's not like I'm seeing them again came out of the office and started to walk around, bumping into kids, who went over the top to be picked. I kept silence in my corner, watching the picture in my locket.

I didn't mind if I got picked, but it bother me that people wanted me to forget my real family. She gave me a fake smile and started to inspect it. I curled my hands into fists. You're weak" she spatted at me "You're just a little girl who needs mommy and daddy Besides, nobody wants you" she added at the end.

I couldn't handle it anymore: I pushed her to the floor and teared the locket off her hands, before running away from the house and outside the park, crying. After a few hours crying in peace and hugging a tree, I decided to go back and face the punishment of running away during Selection Day.

Probably, I'll be locked up while the next month pass me by. Taking a last encouraging breath, I opened the front door. Where were you, young lady?! I was really worried! Grutiner attacked me with questions, in a fake 'motherly' act, because Mr. Darkness where still in the orphanage. I contained a eye roll. Grutiner didn't look happy, but she nodded and walked away with the other kids, who were smiling slyly and menacingly.

Great, now, I'll also have to add a few trips to the hospital I'm Will and he's Nico. What exactly are you? Sunshine asked his partner, who shrugged. Darkness teased him, turning him a bit pink " I think the word you're looking for is 'boyfriend'" "Yeah, not quiet sure that title is at your level" the blonde guy, Will, fired at him "Anyway, we wanted to know if you were willing to live with us? I knew it was rude to stare and gap, but, where my ears wrong or I was being selected?! Both men nodded their heads "Bu-but-" "Don't sweat it, we heard every single mad comment about you and your family" Nico warned me.

I closed my mouth and looked down, tears threatening to go out again "We don't care about them, by the way" he added, carefree. I held my locket tight in my hand. I also lost my family, but I think it's my time to have a new one A bad story is better than no story. If you don't want to post your first fanfic, that's fine. But what if it doesn't get many likes?

There are easier ways to get follows and likes than posting writing. It will be more enjoyable for you that way.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad app

The next few tips are for writing in general: Make sure you have plot A story without a plot means nothing. Even one shots have a small plot. Make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and end.

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A story without plot is just a bunch of words thrown onto a page. It makes it easier to write if you know where the story is going. Show don't tell Describe, describe, describe. Showing is much more interesting to read, and really gets you to picture things. He was sad after he saw his friend fall to their death.

Tears streamed down his face as his mouth was slightly open, staring at his friend falling to their death. Now, which one was more emotional? You want your reader to feel like they are experiencing the event with the character, whoever it may be.

Using "Said" As I like to say, said is dead. Of course you can use it sometimes, but it's good to add some more interesting words to add to the feel of the story. On a writers community I posted a blog about using "said. Check it out here!

mortals meet percabeth wattpad app

Grammar I also, wrote a blog about this topic on that same writers community. Check out that blog here. You can worry about your grammar and using "said" AFTER you are done writing your fanfiction or a chapter of it.

The important thing is to write it out first and then go back and edit it.

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Posting Fanfiction on Amino This seems easy enough. You could just throw in a title and paste your chapter on it without a second thought.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But I'll show you my process to posting. First of all, you need a title. But try to make it a little eye catching. I put in some emojis that go with the fanfic.

My title makes sense for the story. Make sure your title fits in some way. Next I throw in a nice note for my readers. It can make you seem a bit more friendly rather than sticking a fanfiction right in their faces. Also if you have any notes about the fanfiction or why you are writing it, that would be good to put there too. If you have other chapters finished, put a link of them for those who haven't read them but want to catch up on your latest chapter This is helpful especially if your recent chapter is featured, but some of the previous ones weren't.

Maybe a picture or an interesting background, or some emojis might make it more nice! This also applies to the plagiarism thing we talked about earlier.