Muggles meet

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muggles meet

The Muggles who are in on the wizarding secret. It was a meeting defined by tragedy, with both Isolt and James having come across a wizarding family. During the Medieval period, wizards were persecuted brutally by Muggles, who were afraid of magic but not very good at recognising it. This caused many. Here we have a story where your average muggle is going about their day and somehow stumble upon magic. With this story I'm doing.

No, the Lupins were magical as in proper, real magic. Yes, Carrie lived next door to a couple of wizards and a witch. A werewolf and a pair of shape shifters. And she loved it. But of course, she mused dully as at long last the door to the office opened and she heard her parents' murmured thanks and farewells to Mrs.

Basilton, nobody could know the truth about the Lupins, she had been sworn to secrecy, and so she had little to say to her parents when the door swung shut behind them a moment later and they stood, staring down at her despairingly.

Carrie stared up at them, lip caught between her teeth. Winters sighed heavily, arms folded across his chest as he eyed his youngest child and only daughter with a frown. Winters announced, and with that she led the way down the deserted school corridor, her high heeled shoes tapping furiously as she went. Carrie got reluctantly to her feet and trailed after her mother, her father's hand coming to rest upon her shoulder as he walked beside her.

muggles meet

Winters asked softly as they rounded a corner and began to make their way down a flight of stairs. Winters accused furiously, pausing at the bottom of the steps to shoot her daughter a glare. There was a degree of truth to her mother's accusations, for there was no doubt about it; her friend Cleo was definitely away with the fairies. Or the witches, or the warlocks and the wizards perhaps.

Carrie had met Cleo on her first day at Oakhurst Manor the previous September, not long after she had discovered the truth about the Lupins. Carrie found Cleo amusing, for she too believed in the existence of magic, in fact Cleo was a self proclaimed witch. Everything that Cleo knew, or at least thought she knew, about magic was completely misguided, she spent hours reading things off of the Internet, reading silly books and watching the Wizard of Oz.

In truth sometimes Cleo's silliness got on Carrie's nerves, but most of the time she had a good giggle about her, especially when she wrote to Teddy to tell him all about Cleo's wildly inaccurate theories. Cleo may well have had an obsession comparable to Carrie's own, but the wannabe witch had one advantage that meant that she had never wound up being summoned to see the Headmistress.

Cleo seemed to have an off switch.

Muggles can see some of them - but wizards work to hide those.

She could concentrate at school without letting her mind wander. Carrie wished she had an off switch too. The short car journey back home was made in icy silence for a while as Carrie contemplated what her fate was going to be, what privileges her parents might revoke.

They might ban her from watching television for a while, she mused, or stop giving her pocket money. She didn't particularly care about those sorts of things, not now that the summer had started and Teddy would be coming home from wizard school.

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What was the point of television when you could be playing exploding snap or chess with pieces that moved themselves? And who cared if you had any pocket money when your best friend would gladly buy you some sweets with his own?

muggles meet

But when her mother finally broke the silence, Carrie was utterly mortified to hear of her punishment. Winters announced as they finally pulled into their driveway. No, you just aren't trying! Well this is it! This is the final straw! You're going to have to go to summer school! Winters reached to pull the keys from the ignition, Carrie's mouth dropped wide open in horror. Winters insisted as she reached to throw open the car door.

Basilton thinks it's a good idea, she says there will be classes starting next week Winters clambered out of the car and shut the door firmly behind her, Mr.

Keep up with Mother Nature

Winters turned to offer his daughter another sad look. Goodness, you haven't been waiting long, have you? As Carrie hurried towards him, Remus Lupin caught sight of her and he offered her a little wave. Turning back to Mrs. For a moment she had quite forgotten that school was finally over and Teddy was due home within the hour. Winters might deny the request, but to her relief her mother was doing the same thing she always did when she spoke to her neighbors: Winters eyes widened, no doubt a little embarrassed at her daughter inviting herself round for dinner.

Luckily for Carrie they were distracted by the sound of a door being pulled shut and somebody called: Harry's just called, he says we're all set for tonight!

Are you coming with us? As usual, a tiny frown creased Mrs. No, it exists side by side with present-day England. They even leave to go visit others of their kind. Everyday items such as telephones and electric lights are unfamiliar to many of the wizard community.

The obvious question is why. Why are so many of the artifacts of modern day life unavailable to wizards? That is the question that this essay attempts to address. Muggle technology seems to fall into three broad groups: For the answer, we must take a quick side trip into the nature of magic. Magic in the Harry Potter world is a power that wizards and witches are able to harness and control by some innate ability.

Magical effects are often accompanied by lights, sparks, and sounds. It seems to imply that magic effects the electro-magnetic spectrum in some way.

Some serious energy is being dealt with. A similar thing happens when a nuclear device is exploded. A massive pulse of EM energy is radiated out all over the spectrum. Radios cease to work.

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It is because of this chaos that nations spend millions installing infrastructure that is immune to this EM interference. Nuclear devices work by a conversion process. They convert matter into energy. Magic is also a conversion process. It converts matter or energy into other matter or energy. In any real-world process, there is always wasted energy—the second law of thermodynamics.

It is reasonable to assume that much of that wasted energy escapes in the EM spectrum. The manifestation of this is light, sparks, and heat.

If this is true, then it becomes obvious why such Muggle devices as telephones, televisions, radio, and electric lights and appliances are unusable. They would burn out, arc out, or pick up so much static and other interference as to render them useless. Just providing power to these would be problematic.