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BODH RAJ NAGPAL On your 23rd Death Anniversary we miss your love, affection For her peace prayer meeting will be held On 10th Nov ( Saturday) - Stringer News, DDK Freelancer Photo Journalist. Mumbai - Stay updated with latest News, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Restaurants Making ends meet: Farid Ansari, 32, closed down his loom unit and started. News» Tributes In Loving Memory of Sh. Ghananand Bhadola 4th Death Anniversary He was one who . ANTIM ARDAAS LT COL JAGBIR SINGH RAO This is to inform that the ANTIM ARDAAS (PRAYER MEETING) for the sad demise of.

Citizenship can't be linked with state, religion, caste and creed; it must be country specific. ON P6 Sena to oppose Citizenship BIll The final report of the joint parliamentary committee on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which will be submitted in Lok Sabha on Monday doesnot have the approval of at least four opposition parties whose members on the panel have moved dissent notes, sources said on Sunday.

The decision was taken after the Asom Gana Parishad appealed to the As Sunil Chhetri 66th goal scored against Thailand in the AFC Asian Cup, the year-old also overtook Argentine superstar Lionel Messi 65 to become the second-highest international goal scorer among active players.

The buzz is that using the marriage invite as a pretext, Raj is reaching out to friends Reaches out to friend and foe and foes alike.

The other day he had a wellpublicised meeting with cousin and Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeraywhom he personally went over to invite for the wedding.

While Gandhis are known not to discuss politics in meetings which are purely of personal nature, Pawar is known to lunge into a political discussion at the drop of a hat. ON P6 A year-old media professional died after falling from the terrace of a building in suburban Goregaon on Sunday.

Adarsh Mishra, who resided on the seventh floor of the Trimurti Society at Siddharth Nagar, went to the building's terrace for a morning walk when he fell from there, the police said. It is not yet clear whether it was an accident or a case of suicide; Mishra went daily for a walk on the terrace. The CCTV installed on the building's seventh floor shows Mishra, clad in track pants and T-shirt, going to the terrace with a handkerchief in hand.

In another CCTV in the building's lobby he is seenfalling down around No suicide note was recovered from the spot. Mishra was rushed to the nearby Siddharth Hospital where doctors declared him dead. Raja Singh, who recently retained his constituency Goshamahal in the suburbs of Hyderabad, posted a video message on Twitter in which he said, "I don't want to take oath in front of a pro tem speaker whose party wants to Hindus to vanish After Sehgal was extended the invite, "some people" had allegedly threatened to disrupt the literary event in Yavatmal.

The organisers have stated in a statement that they decided to revoke the invitation, "as a controversy had cropped up against her name and to avoid any untoward incident from those who threatened to derail the literary meet".

Sehgal, 91, was one of the first writers to have returned the Sahitya Akademi award in protest against the growing intolerance in the country insoon after the Modi government came to power. Her move was criticised by right-wing groups and the ruling BJPwhich had dubbed it a political move.

The working president of the all-India Marathi literary meet, Ramakant Kolte, has expressed regret that the committee had to withdraw the invite. Among those objecting to her presence was the local MNS unit which had objected to inviting an English writer for a Marathi event.

Later, for some inexplicable reason, the MNS had backed off. BJP leader and the guardian minister of Yavatmal district, Madan Yerawar, is also one of the organisers of the prestigious meet. Malaysia's king has abdicated, royal officials said on Sunday, in a historic first for the country that ended weeks of speculation about his future after he took medical leave.

Sultan Muhammad V's decision marks the first time a king has abdicated in a Muslim-majority country since it gained independence from Britain in It came after the king took leave at the start of November for two months, during which time unconfirmed reports circulated that he had married a Russian former beauty queen in Moscow. A statement from the national palace confirmed the resignation of the relatively youthful monarch, known for his fondness for four-wheel driving and other extreme sports.

Royal officials in Malaysia have so far not commented on the rumoured marriage, or given any details about his health condition. While their role is ceremonial, Malaysia's Islamic royalty commands great respect, especially among Muslim Malays, and criticising them is strictly forbidden. The person who walked amongst us was more than a gentleman.

The person who was our dear friend was more than a thorough gentleman. May God bless his soul on his journey to Liberation. She had just turned 70 on 29 July. Noorjehan was one of four distaff members of her class of nearly 80, joining Gita, Nandita and Sushama as trailblazers of that era -- very few ladies entered the profession in those days. Noor did not, however, join the family business.

She then transitioned successfully from a full-time staff position to working as a Contractor, to give herself time to look after her ailing mother. Through all this, she made time to pursue her interests in music, movies, dancing, and charity work. My first memories of Noorjehan are of a stunningly beautiful, utterly vivacious denizen of the Ladies Hostel, ever full of bounce and vigour. Flashing her wicked, lopsided grin, she never ceased to rib me mercilessly as I pursued my lady love, resident in that hostel.

We all became as thick as thieves in the process. The flat in Versova that she and Satish lived in after their marriage became a picnic spot for us, until they left for the US. Noor's truly compassionate nature was revealed in full when the bottom fell out of our life in Noor spared no effort in calling us in Melbourne every week for long hours, holding our hand long-distance, with inspirational words of encouragement, hope, motivation and prayer.

She was instrumental in our recovery from that life-threatening illness. Nandita and I owe her an irreparable debt. We last met Noorjehan when she and Satish hosted us in their Atlanta, Georgia home in The onset of the illness that finally claimed her was obvious.

We have priceless memories of that sojourn, though she was a little subdued rather than her usual effervescent self.

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Noorjehan was one of those very special people whom God handcrafts in His limited spare time. She will be missed exceptionally sorely. God rest her soul. Grateful thanks to Satish Desai for valuable aides-memoire. Condolence messages from other batchmates: Just a coincidence perhaps; I was trying to recall her name, starting with N and batchmate, while correlating the number of females in IIT then and now.

May her soul rest in peace. May her soul rest in eternal peace. May her soul rest in Eternal Peace. I remember her, a sort of pioneer in many ways. May she rest in peace. Writing about Manguexa is no easy task as one does not know whether to start with his intellectual brilliance or his sterling qualities of humility, kindness and concern for others.

Though he was abundantly endowed with qualities of the mind, they did not define Manguexa. He was the class topper of his Chem. His scintillating intellect did not characterize him. What really set apart Manguexa from the rest of us were not his qualities of the mind but his unparalleled qualities of the heart which coupled his towering intellect.

He was always ready to help out his colleagues and did so in such an unassuming manner that you never felt being in his shadow but rather being under his wing. I remember travelling from Goa to Mumbai in to attend the final round of interviews for a position in a multi-national. At the end of a gruelling day, I was shocked to find that he was not selected. When asked how he spent his spare time, Manguexa innocently said he lay in bed listening to old Hindi songs on the radio, which was not taken to kindly.

Manuexa, father to two daughters, came from a middle-class family from Panjim, Goa where his father owned a small retail business. I pray that God gives his family the strength to bear this great loss and tide over this crisis. He came into our lives in his typical humble, very unassuming way, we learnt by his example and he left a lasting impact on all who were fortunate enough to know him. However, no matter where he was, over the last 44 years, he would always keep in touch with his classmates from such diverse places like the U.

Throughout his career he remained faithful to his first love, hardcore Chemical Engineering. His second love was undoubtedly cricket and he could reel off statistics of cricket matches long gone and was a walking encyclopedia of all things cricket. I like to console myself in thinking that dear Manguexa is alive and well in some parallel universe, doing what he loves the most which is busy solving some abstruse Chemical Engineering problem, or perhaps, simply just enjoying a game of cricket.

A gymnast during his IIT days, Suresh was intellectually gifted; soft-mannered and from a humble background. He was keenly interested in academics. He tutored 10th and 12th standard students as a social service and mentored anyone who looked up to him, including many JEE and MBA aspirants.

He was active in IITB Alumni Association affairs during its formative years in the late eighties until recently and actively participated in most of its functions. Suresh is survived by his wife Bharati and son Sandeep.

His passing away for me is a personal loss of a friend, philosopher and guide. Pray God grants the departed soul eternal peace and liberation. Born in Sid completed his schooling in St.

Then it was 5 years of unforgettable IIT life. Sid was always a traveller, moving from hostel to hostel leaving his size 10 footprints all over the Powai campus. By the end of the first hour at 9. But even before that, it used to be a competition for who would get to tear out the crossword from the daily TOI; if someone had beaten Sid to it in Hostel 3 then there was Hostel 5 or hostel 7 on the way to Main and Department Buildings which provided fertile hunting grounds for the coveted crossword!

Mobility on campus was enhanced by hopping on to the nearest unlocked bicycle and abandoning it at the destination. Afternoon workshops yielded mercilessly to Tutorials and Engineering Drawings and Practicals as the years went by. James Bond was the flavour of the day and Sid would explain the famous deal from Moonraker where Bond with only 7 points makes a contract of 7 clubs against Drax who had 31 points.

Sid won many friends, counted many victims of his grapes of wrath for leading a wrong card and honed his bidding skills playing in different hostels and with different partners. Also vivid in memory from is the escape to the city from Powai to see "My Fair Lady" and "Becket" on the same day, back to back The lyrics and melody of all the songs were tunelessly belted out full throat across the hostel wings later at night. Then in the fifth year Sid really socked it to us becoming one of the first in that year to gain acceptance to the MIT Sloan School.

That provided a spark and incentive for many others to aspire successfully to reputed Schools of Management in the US and other countries.

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Mornings at 54 he would be the first to awake, run get the newspaper, light up a Winston, get a cup of community coffee and have finished reading the paper before anyone arose. The doors were never locked and the password was to name any IIT classmate, batchmate or acquaintance.

Somehow, the refrigerator would always have food and some good soul would do the cooking so one never went hungry at 54 Western Ave. The problem was who would do the dishes!!!!! The fun days had to yield to jobs and repaying of education loans and travel. And Sid entered the portals of Government discarding the blue jeans and tees for impeccable suits. Few Indians could get into those slim snazzy suits like Sid could.

His gentle smile, open heart free of prejudice made his good-heartedness shine through. He was the lucky young man who was dating the beautiful, intelligent and vivacious Rebecca. Sid once invited us to Beacon Hill for a "thirty-minute meal from the Julia Child cookbook".

It takes a little from all of us when one of us dies. Also great sense of humor. We recall getting together for the mile drive to Hopkinton, MA,to witness the start of the Boston Marathon. Sid had his priorities absolutely clear….

And then on D — 7days came the stage when Sid and Rebecca announced their decision to get married.

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We were all thrilled that this union had been forged on the Charles and one of us had the distinct honour of being the custodian of the wedding rings! After a few years in the land of milk and honey and the addition of bouncing baby Vikram to the family, Sid and Rebecca decided to return to India.

So he started a packaging company that became famous for producing the unique origami packaging for UB sprits and other high-end gift items in Bangalore. During this time and beyond, Mysore Coffee Shop on MG Road was the venue for discussions with strangers on life, politics and Indian customs whichhe often shared in his frequent contributions to the TOI middles.

Sid and Rebecca would often be seen on a Sunday riding their bicycles around Cubbon Park with Vikram and now Chittoo Chittaranjan in the baby seats. Those bicycles are still being used!!! And then a few years later, Sid was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease.

With Rebecca by his side he fought the disorder for a record 32 years! They made brave appearances at social events where they gained the admiration of all while enabling Sid and Rebecca to celebrate life and mitigate the impact on their emotional health.

He and Rebecca even travelled to the US and Italy to visit family and friends, cocking a nook at his disorder. When the bull comes into the arena, it was him and us. The battle is lifelong and the outcome fair. I know I cannot kill Parkinson. You bid Seven NT, Rebecca fulfilled the contract scoring a grand slam.

He is survived by his only sister and her family. As an Elphinstonian and a fellow IITian, I knew him as a humble gentle person and a man of principles. We got to be good friends since our first Gujarati lecture in June Not only did I often meet his family in Santacruz in the 60s but also visited his Vashi bungalow once with my wife as well.

Yogesh received his B. Tech and Ph. Yogesh went on to do his Ph. GS Tendulkar in powder metallurgy. Yogesh was born in a family with Gandhian ways and ideology. He was a God-fearing person and a man of principles. He proudly adhered to the values he believed in until his last days. His classmates at Elphinstone as well as IIT may care to remember this.

By nature being reserved and shy he would refrain from socializing. I would often visit him in H8 but he never came to my room in H4. He often talked about Bhagavad Gita his favourite subject. We also talked about Gujarati literature as a hangover from our Elphinstonian days e.

The news of his death came as a total shock to me now, a year and a half later. My only regret will be of not being able to convince him to join us on the occasion of completing 50 years at the great evening with fellow IITians in Jul at Hotel Marriott, Andheri and will so forever miss my dear friend. Into my great surprise, he paid a visit to the industrial display stall of my company at the Goregaon Convention Centre, Bombay.

Thank you, my dear friend. We fellow IITians will always miss you for your simple principled approach to life! May his soul rest in eternal peace! Yogesh was an extremely amiable person and never fought or grumbled against the wrong done to him, in particular by the developer of his housing society. Yogesh used to visit his sister Dr Mrunalini every day. Dr Mrunalini was out of India for 3 days and called his number after returning.

Lately, for some reasons, he was depressed and was neglecting his health. Krishnan known as Krish passed away on Nov. An excellent tennis player in his younger years, Krishnan remained relatively healthy and active before his final days.

While visiting his sister in India, he had a fall and suffered an injury to the spine. He was unable to overcome complications resulting from his spinal surgery. His beloved wife, Judy, was with him. Krishnan will be remembered fondly and his friendly presence will be missed by many people.

He was appointed to a faculty position at San Francisco SF State University in and served the University for 42 years until his retirement in His teaching areas were in systems, computer modeling and simulation, process instrumentation, and control. His research interests were mainly in modeling and statistical analysis of biological systems. For Krishnan, teaching was a lifelong passion and helping students to achieve more than their own expectations was a lifelong mission.

He appreciated the diversity of the student body at SF State and often went out of his way to help disadvantaged students. His visit to Kathmandu University in Nepal in the spring of as a Fulbright Scholar was another example of his devotion to helping deprived individuals.

Even after his full retirement, he continued to volunteer as an advisor to undergraduate students. Always kind, patient and supportive, he was well loved by his students and colleagues.

Modi, 65, of Ridgewood passed away on July 1,with his wife Meena, his sons Arjun and Vikram, his brother Satish, and his nephews and nieces by his side. Raj was born in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, and first came to the United States when he was a toddler, returning for graduate studies in From his time in high school, he always believed in the ability of scientific reasoning to solve any problem, if that problem were posed correctly.

Here are thoughts shared by his old friends and acquaintances from IIT. I was in H7 and he in H2. He really, impressed everyone more particularly the faculty with his quick and deep grasp of the engg concepts. From Venky Raja He was a kind and gentle soul.

My memories of interactions with him during the hostel days will last forever! From Homi Byramji I have nothing but the fondest memories of him and his wonderful crooked smile and the glint in his eye. A brilliant mind and a wonderful person. I will always remember fondly the times we spent together.

From Vikram Modak A brilliant mind lost. I used to interact with him frequently as our names were next to each other in the EE Class alphabetical list. From Ramesh Karnani Rajan was the first or second person I met when I moved into Hostel 2, 4th wing, ground floor on that rainy morning in From Chinya Ravi I have very fond memories of him.

Any discussion with him was always an intellectual treat. We also tussled often on quiz teams. From Percy Rajani He was such a brilliant and wonderful guy. I had the honour of working with him at Seer Technologies, and staying in touch. From Raj Melville Still remember our annual July get-togethers early on as we were all just setting out with new families and kids.

He will be missed dearly. From Dhiren Morarji I remember the good old days that we played bridge with him in Hostel 2. From VikasTipnis I shall fondly remember him as a warm and humble person. From Runi Ratnam nee Basabi Mukherjee He was smart and funny and though I didn't know him well he has always been part of the lovely memories I have of IIT and all the beautiful friendships From Ashwin Bondal My memories of him are mainly from the first two years when we were wing mates.

This year we missed meeting in May and I am extremely sad about it. A gentle soul, indeed. From Ramesh Advani When I remember Rajan, its not his bridge game or his crossword solving puzzles that come to my mind. In the course of his research, teaching and industrial career, he has worked on scientific and technological problems that require superior ability to analyse and willingness to interdisciplinary approaches to arrive at solutions.

His research comprised of analytical and computational work solve certain wave field problems in fluids. He published technical results in peer reviewed journals, in scientific and technical conferences, regular internal seminars, and several client reports. He worked as a Scientist at AgResearch Ltd. He also co-supervised undergraduate students of the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, for their final year research projects.

Rajiv was devoted to a number of social causes.