Narrows league swim meet results

13th Annual Narrow River Turnaround Swim - North Kingstown, RI | ACTIVE

narrows league swim meet results

Girls Season League Results Meets results will be posted on this page. Boys Dual Meet Results League Meet Results. Narrows League · SPSL League Meet · SPSL Championships · is the official website of the SPSL 4A, a league of public and private has official schedules, scores, standings, stats, statistics, and photos. Tacoma and Olympia high school sports scores, schedules, results and stats including Nisqually League Tournament · SPSL 3A League Tournament · Narrows SPSL 4A sub district meet · Nisqually League 2A/1A League Championships 3A/2A District IV Tournament · Narrows League Swim & Dive Championship.

Whether it is a summer leagues race featuring eight and unders making their way down the pool, or Debbie Phelps watching her son win his eighth gold medal, the feeling of pride that parents feel for their offspring transcends lane lines. Swim parents are some of the best in the business.

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Every swimmer knows how long a swim meet can last, and knowing that your mom or dad is up in the stands cheering you on is one of the best feelings in the world. Not many people would be willing to do the early morning car rides to practice, hours upon hours in a chlorinated pool waiting for a race that will last less than a minute, and always making sure that grocery cart is full so that their perpetually hungry swimmer remains fed even when it seems that their stomach will never be filled.

Her dad, Pat Forde, has quite the list of experiences in the swimming world. However, while that experience was incredible, Forde knows it will never compare to getting to watch his kids swim.

Do You Have A Passport? Mitchell Forde, the oldest sibling, is an accomplished swimmer at the University of Missouri, while Clayton Forde, the middle child is a two-time All-American currently in his senior year of high school. The two boys have succeeded and inspired their family with their many talents. However, she went on to drop five and three seconds in her Im and IM respectively, qualifying for the team in each event.

narrows league swim meet results

He shared a memory of the ride up to summer nationals, where Brooke mentioned that her coach had asked her if she had a passport, in case she made the Junior Worlds team and would have to leave directly for Singapore.

The editing process to which this text was subject provides evidence that even as Riel was being memorialized, he was still being tagged with negative associations and conceptualized through colonial imagery. Dorge recorded in writing his reaction to the changes recommended by the anonymous editor who reviewed his text.

It also shows ignorance of the inestimable importance of water transportation in Red River history. It was here that stood the flagstaff where Wolseley would fly the old Jack.

It would seem that it was Wolseley who entered through the back gate There was no one in the fort and again the word is suggestive of a thief in the night. Riel and his men had the common sense to leave before they were shot at like rabbits. There is little need to suggest anything but this. First, the changes suggested by the editor seem designed to lessen the impact of Riel as a hero and to link him linguistically to other, less positive images.

That such negative images persist even in a text intended as part of a celebratory publication demonstrates the possibility of at once honouring and demeaning Riel. The media coverage of the Riel statue controversy illustrates as much.

Why can Riel not have trousers on, like the others? It is thereby apparent that The Winnipeg Free Press and The Winnipeg Sun sought to minimize the subversive potential of individuals and organizations who opposed whatever appeared to be the current officially-sanctioned position regarding the commemoration of Riel on the Manitoba Legislative Building grounds. Donna Graves has penned an insightful article regarding the creation of a monument to Joe Louis in Detroit and the varied but overwhelmingly negative public reaction that it garnered.

These statements are false and are obviously made by a person who knows absolutely nothing about the construction of this sculpture. The statue is not falling apart. The surface has not worn through to the steel metal supports. The mesh wire which shows through in certain areas was intentional and forms part of the surface texture.

Such ambiguity is not inherently a deficiency, but becomes problematic in light of the social context from which the statue cannot be divorced.

narrows league swim meet results

The monument was subject to extensive physical abuse while it stood between the Manitoba Legislative Building and the Assiniboine River. Who will come to his rescue this time?

Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde Covers Daughter’s Junior Worlds Experience

Bust of Louis Rid located on the grounds of the Musee de St. Robert Coutts While the statue and the vandalism had become indistinguishable for some, the distinction between Riel as historical figure and Riel as artistic rendering had become blurred for others. Historical interpretations tend to become entrenched, to seem more credible each time they are retold, simply by virtue of repetition.

This is evident in the comments written by members of the public in the notebooks Jean Allard made available during his two-week protest at the statue. The comments demonstrate a tendency on the part of many visitors to equate the statue and the man. It represents a history that cannot be undone or erased. Primarily in the years immediately before and after the statue was erected, there was limited but spirited debate from individuals who opposed any commemoration of Louis Riel for ethnic, national, or linguistic reasons.

The files of Premier Edward Schreyer contain letters from people wanting to express their outrage at the erection of a statue dedicated to the memory of a man they still considered a traitor.

A few went so far as to suggest that a statue to Thomas Scott should instead be erected. It will be my Centennial project. On the copy of the letter that I extracted from the Executive Council files is a typed note that follows the main text of the letter. I find this additional passage highly significant in its insinuation of a hierarchy that the author of the letter wants desperately to protect: We managed to ignore these people for 10 years but obviously the new government was willing to listen I am more than a little disturbed!

For a historian, this brief note represents an interpretive challenge: The writer is obviously seeking to exploit personal connections, to perform the sort of machinations possible only for those secure in their positions of social privilege.

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Taken together, the letter to the editor and the added note become a powerful illustration of the alternatives still available to a colonial elite seeking to maintain its position. Spence had been willing to accept what he could get; Dumont was determined to get what he could accept.

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Premier, at the time of our discussion with the Honourable Gerry Ducharme, Riel was still a traitor in the eyes of Canadians. Little did we imagine that within months, he would be recognized as a Canadian hero and founder of the Province of Manitoba. In the light of this recognition, Federally and Provincially, the Manitoba Metis Federation finds it appropriate to indeed place a new statue in a more prominent location, such as the front of the legislature.

narrows league swim meet results

Boniface personalities, circa The monument was erected in However, their rhetoric indicates no change in their determination to obtain the most prestigious location for the statue. Instead, it was their view of what constituted this location that had changed. This was the first travel way for the province.

Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde Covers Daughter's Junior Worlds Experience

Things had changed over the course of 22 years, but certain patterns of prejudice remain discernable throughout. And it is one of the tragedies of the whole affair that Marcien Lemay, who so honestly sought to honour Riel in his rendering, was blamed for a series of events for which he was not wholly responsible. Miguel loyal believes that it was destiny that his statue of Riel should stand on the Manitoba Legislative Building grounds; as Marcien Lemay gazes at his maquettes and pages through his records, no such benevolent force is detected.

In the context of their experiences, it becomes apparent that the analysis of artistic representations of this type cannot be divorced from the study of either historical interpretation or contemporary conditions. Stanley have argued, diverse groups and individuals have been doing the same for over years. The Canadian Encyclopaedia Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers,s.

narrows league swim meet results