Nyx meet my romeo review

nyx meet my romeo review

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. Sorry it has been so quiet on my blog lately. Meet My Romeo #5 Eyeshadow. PPermanent. $/ oz. Found an error? Let us know about it! We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping . Check out NYX Cosmetics Love In Florence Eyeshadow Palette Meet My Romeo reviews, ratings, specifications and more at jingle-bells.info Free Shipping, Cash.

NYX Love in Florence palette in Meet My Romeo | Beauty in Budget Blog

Meet My Romeo lighter shades I also took some closer shots without flash to show the nearly nonexistent lighter colors can you even see color 2 without the primer?

Shade 1 is a pretty golden taupe with a good deal of both shimmer and sparkle.

nyx meet my romeo review

Shade 2 is a very pretty but under-pigmented pearl shade. Meet My Romeo darker shades And here is a closer shot of the three darker shades without flash. Shade 3 is a very shimmery plummy brown with a hint of pewter.

nyx meet my romeo review

Shade 4 is a matte brown with just a hint of gray dun, perhaps that applied a bit patchy over bare skin but was fairly workable over the primer. Shade 5 is a mostly-pewter matte brown with a goodly amount of gold sparkle.

As with shade 4, shade 5 was patchy over bare skin but worked great over the primer, except that the gold sparkle landed everywhere other than my eyelid.

nyx meet my romeo review

Not super awesome… you really have to use a primer, and a good primer at that, and you have to load your brush with a lot of product in order for it to show up at all. With the sparkle shades 1 and 5 there is some fallout. I really liked the formula of shades 1, 2, and 3 the shimmer shadeseven though I wished for more pigmentation.

nyx meet my romeo review

For the two matte shades 4 and 5the formula was a little bit patchy, but it still performed pretty well. Sorry it has been so quiet on my blog lately. I've been feeling really lazy and somewhat uninspired.

I have a few blog post ideas in my head, but I haven't been motivated enough to do them. I also have a lot of reviews I should be doing, but since we're still getting back into the swing of the school year here, I'm still not doing a lot of full days of makeup in order to test longevity.

nyx meet my romeo review

Packaging The packaging of this palette is similar to other NYX products: The bow on the front is a cute addition though, and it is designed well enough that it doesn't add bulk to the palette as a whole. I like that the top is clear, which makes it easy to see the colors.

The palette itself also feels really sturdy. The plastic is nice and thick, so I wouldn't be scared to travel with it. NYX does include a dual-ended sponge-tipped applicator with the palette as well.

Beauty and Babbling: NYX Love in Florence Palette in Meet My Romeo - Review and Swatches

While I don't generally use them, I know they can be handy to have. Product When I was picking out which eye shadow palette I wanted, I really struggled. NYX put out a lot of new palettes this year, and I wanted them all. However, when I got to the store, none of them were really jumping out at me. I don't really think that it s negative of the line though.