Om606 4x4 swap meet

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om606 4x4 swap meet

ish FJ40 Hi! I've been working on an interesting swap. Happy to meet up next time you're in Portland. *gn. ravenholm, Mar . Enclosed are some pics of a Jeep JK I just finished with the OM engine. Thanks Ron. Swap the engine with the trusted and very reliable om engine that will get tuned to - bhp and about ib ft torque 2. I would prefer. So I can get a SEL converted to diesel, and the OM engine produces about the same power and torque as the standard V8.

Yeah, we thought so, too. So we rounded up as many of the companies we could find that build diesel-swap kits or do cool diesel engine swaps that you could use for your Jeep. Now, you are going to ask if they are legal.

Our Complete Guide to Parts and Providers for Gas-to-Diesel Engine Swaps

Well, the bottom line is you will have to do that research yourself. Every state treats swapping a gas engine for a diesel engine differently, so before you go getting out the credit card, check into it. Mileage numbers vary greatly from driver to driver and Jeep to Jeep. Will a diesel swap ever pay for itself?

om606 4x4 swap meet

Well, if you were on the road every day, then yes, it might eventually pay for itself. But that is not really a great reason to do it. But considering the longevity of most diesel engines, the better mileage, and their operating characteristics, then a swap starts to sound a lot better. For us, it is the combination of the three reasons that we always play with the ideas. Cummins Jeff Daniels When we first spoke with the company several years ago, it was just starting to evaluate the feasibility of putting the 3.

The company knows what kind of 4BT you will need to keep your accessories and for best front driveshaft clearance and it has designed its own vibration-isolating engine mounts. Expect around mpg, depending on how heavy your Jeep is and how you drive it. Bruiser Conversions offers both builders kits and full-on installation of 4BT engines. The kit includes a transmission adapter, throttle pedal assembly, intermediate housing and flywheel, battery tray, correct componentry for your engine, power steering pump and eight-groove drive pulley.

Also there is always the option to take your Jeep and have the conversion done for you as well. Get high 20 mpg in mixed driving on inch tires. The company has a staggering array of new Cummins engines in stock. In fact, it has everything from transmissions and T-cases to turbos, ECMs, injectors, flywheels, and more. At the time of the photoshoot, the Jeep had the factory 3. Live near Camarillo, California? Mercenary Offroad can shoehorn a 5.

As it is, the intercooler is pretty tight to the late-model grille on this Wagoneer. And it should get around 25 mpg if you can stay out of the fun pedal.

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Call Aaron Reeves Garage and ask about its kit. It includes liquid-filled motor mounts to kill vibration and both engine and frame-side bolt-on mounts with all hardware. Not saying it hasn't been done, but after months and months of rearch, the closest I came to finding this unicorn is an excellent thread on this forum about a TD in a FJ We are overhauling the rig to be a serious family overland vehical.

This will include overseas trekking as well as stateside adventures. Diesel is the clear choice, as the that was in the truck got 7mpg with a tailwind and no trailer.

We will have a trailer and be remote - I need range enough to not fear running out of fuel in the Yukon. Small, quiet, high-revving more transmission optionsreliable, internationally available. Also I just love their diesels. We are gonna be towing a small but dense trailer of gear, and I was not sure the would perform well under the added load of a close to 6K pound GVW.

Oil Burning - Diesel Swap guide

Which is kinda cool. NV - I wanted burly, 5-speed, and something that could be adapted to the Pretty much narrowed it down the NV right there.

Orion - I crushed the transfer case and front drive shaft on a trip through Ochoco last summer. So might as well upgrade. I took a lot of measurements, but not enough to be really sure the engine would even fit. So I just took gamble and went for it. Oil pan could be a serious problem, as could be the oil filter, intake manifold, etc. Lots of potential dealbreakers.

Including straight up just being too long.

om606 4x4 swap meet

A few months ago I found which wasn't easy an OM I overhauled it as follows: Swapped the electronic pump for a mechanical Lots of great info on the northern euro drift car forums on this engine.

I had Dieselmeken Goran Lindgren rebuild the pump with his 7. His external ALDA and fuel screws will allow me to balance this to the turbo output. Required pulling pre-chamber 1. Installed and timed the pump per Goran's instructions. He also sent me a lot of strange swedish candy that my children snarfled. Pulled all the injectors, cleaned them, and installed Bosio injector tips. OM fuel filter - the fuel filter and hoses are meant for the electronic pump and the fittings suck anyways.

Elbe Engineering in Estonia built the tubular headers. Nice new ones from Bosch France. None broke coming out. Although the owner has a bit of a reputation for being tough to work with, I found him to be gruff but reasonible.

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He is also the only source for an adapter I could find. In the Bendsten adapter, the crank adapter is steel. The kit is really a thing of beauty. It uses the Mercs flex plate and starter and adapts that to a neutral balance GM flywheel.