Pink panther hospital scene from meet


pink panther hospital scene from meet

Son of the Pink Panther is a Italian-American comedy film. It is a continuation of The Pink Dreyfus follows Gambrelli to the hospital where he observes the bumbling Gambrelli's antics with stumbling Seeking help, Gambrelli travels to Paris to look up Clouseau's old friends and soon meets his late father's former. Peter Sellers had Sophia Loren specifically in mind to play the Pink Panther, but the . When Inspector Clouseau arrived on the crime scene, he questioned all the . Comedian Sellers did indeed have 9 lives as he emerged from the hospital feet There was far, far more than meets the eye to the Kennedy assassination. The bright pink vehicle featured in the title credits for the hit children's TV series from to , and was the brainchild of Hollywood.

Thinking a lamp is bugged, Clouseau cuts a wire in it, causing him to be shocked. A bunch of bike riders wipe out in a race. Clouseau kicks a soccer ball that ricochets off something and strikes him hard on the head. When a nervous suspect asks Clouseau what "the box" is a thing with electrical cables attached to itClouseau demos what it can do by putting those jumper cables down his own pants, causing him to be shocked there.

We then see Clouseau walking along and then in a car, both times with smoke still coming from his clothed crotch area. Clouseau opens his car door, unaware that a biker is approaching. The biker then hits the open door and flips over it.

Moments later, a huge metal globe rolls by and strikes that biker as well. Thinking someone's in his office, Clouseau checks the door frame, with Nicole closing the door from the inside, not knowing Clouseau was there. We then see him in pain, hanging from his one finger that's stuck between the door and the frame. An egg flies out a window and accidentally hits a biker on his head. He then crashes into a small cart that then explodes.

A young woman goes to kiss Clouseau, but misses when he stands up and she falls to the floor. As Clouseau rests his arm on a large aquarium, a school of piranhas attacks his elbow that's dipped into the water they just tear up his clothing at his elbow. After Clouseau gets his hands stuck in two vases, he asks a man if the one that's still stuck is worth anything.

The man says it's an imitation, so Clouseau smashes it again a table which turns out to be pricelesscausing it to crash to the floor in pieces. Dreyfus tries to snoop around Clouseau's office, but then hides when he hears him approach. Clouseau then realizes someone is hiding behind the curtain, so he takes a chair and smashes it twice against Dreyfus not realizing it's him. Thinking the suspect is wearing a mask to look like Dreyfus, Clouseau then tries to pull off the "mask" thus pulling on Dreyfus's skin and then slams Dreyfus's head to a table.

While demonstrating a pointer, Clouseau accidentally hits Dreyfus on the head with it, knocking him from his chair. Clouseau and Ponton follow Xania and repeatedly lift newspapers in front of their faces so that she doesn't see them. During this, Clouseau accidentally walks into a subway station entrance and falls down the stairs. Clouseau cuts a small wire in Xania's hotel room that causes a chandelier down below them to fall from the ceiling and crash to the floor he didn't know that was going to happen.

Thinking they're going to get intimate, Clouseau goes into the bathroom and tries to take a Viagra type pill, but it ends up slipping from his hand and goes down the drain. He then ends up tearing out the sink pipe, causing a big leak, while the pill then pops out, lands in his flaming drink and then causes some curtains to catch on fire. When Xania wonders what's going on, Clouseau make some comment about getting in the mood for love.

After the film was completed, Sellers was staying in the Dorchester hotel in London. Amazing, the suite next door was occupied by a Brigot Bardot look-alike named Britt Ekland. Sellers was divorced from his first wife, Anne, and the couple soon became lovers. Honey trap Britt Ekland b. Stranger still, Sellers had just been told by his fortune-teller that a person with the initials B. Blake Edwards also had the initials B.

After the shotgun wedding and a very brief honeymoon, the couple moved to Hollywood. Sellers began working on a movie called Kiss Me Stupid.

Only 46 days after their marriage, Britt concocted a Mickey Finn to help her husband sleep after a trying day of filming. He was not supposed to wake up after that nightcap. Rex Kennamer — tried to send Sellers to the stars!

pink panther hospital scene from meet

After drinking Britt's Mickey Finn, Sellers was stricken with what looked like a "heart attack. After his "heart attack," Dr. Rex Kennamer made a house call and gave Sellers a shot and some pills.

Kennamer physician to the stars advised him to check into the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for "observation. A few minutes after 2: The heart attack that he had feared for most of his adult life had finally come.

It came fifteen hours after the registrar at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles had, with clinical neatness, recorded his admittance for rest and observation following 'a moderate coronary attack' at his rented Beverly Hills home the evening before: Next of kin Mrs Britt Sellers, wife. Evans, The Mask Behind the Mask: A Life of Peter Sellers, p. A hospital can be very hazardous to your health After his heart stopped beating, the house physician and the nurses worked frantically and brought him back from the dead.

Sellers actually "died" 7 times, but each time the hospital staff brought him back to the land of the living. Here is a quote from the autobiography of Ekland: We got to the Cedars of Lebanon thirty minutes later and a nurse came through to take me to the intensive care unit. I almost broke down in tears when I saw Sellers, enmeshed in tubes, drip feeds, oxygen equipment and the threads of his life hanging thinly to a Pacemaker machine. His weak heartbeats hardly flickered on the visual screen.

In a span of two hours Sellers had suffered seven consecutive heart attacks, Medically, his recovery seemed impossible. I did not believe that God could be that cruel. We had only been married 46 days. Ekland, True Britt, p. What Ekland really meant was that she couldn't believe that her husband was still living. Even though the screenplay was written by William Peter Blatty, Peter Sellers had inside knowledge of the Plot because he worked for the British Secret Service and he also hobnobbed with the British "royal family.

There was far, far more than meets the eye to the Kennedy assassination. Prime minister from '57 to ' Lilibet visited him in the hospital, and Macmillan told the queen that he wanted his close friend and fellow conspirator, Lord Home, to succeed him. Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home — By the s it was unacceptable for a prime minister to sit in the House of Lords, and Home renounced his earldom and successfully stood for election to the House of Commons as Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

As usual, the election was FIXED, and the new newly appointed prime minister was coached for his unique role by Churchill and Macmillan.


Ruling the newly restored British Empire would be a monumental task but the Twins would divide the world in half. Lilibet would revive the title: Empress of Indiaand the British grip on "Communist" China would be strengthened.

pink panther hospital scene from meet

Dividing the world in half is not such an insane idea. Neither of the Twins attended the funeral of President Kennedy because they were very disappointed because the Thermonuclear Plot failed miserably!!

pink panther hospital scene from meet

Britannia had the world's 2nd largest nuclear arsenal in !! Beginning with the signing of the infamous U. Mutual-Defense AgreementPentagon nukes began to pour into Britain. Russia would never allow foreign control of her nuclear weapons, and they never gave any nukes to the criminally insane Fidel Castro. The only other country to allow nukes out of their country was the military regime in Argentina. HMS Dreadnought was the first British nuclear submarine based on the Rickover design and armed with hydrogen bombs.

HMS Dreadnought, armed with U. The nuclear sub was launched in April Vulcan bombers were equipped with U. Vulcan bombers armed with U. By the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Britannia had an awesome thermonuclear capability second only to the United States. Russia had a Doomsday Device but she could not match the British nuclear arsenal: The V-Force in October consisted of twenty-two front-line bomber squadrons divided between two groups.

In addition there were three Valiant squadrons based at RAF Marham which were armed with American nuclear weapons under dual key arrangements, the so-called Project E agreement, assigned to operational control of the supreme allied commander Europe. Wilson, Britain on the Brink, p. Additionally, an agreement to give Britain the Polaris submarine technology was negotiated by President Kennedy and Harold Macmillan in The Nassau Agreement, concluded on Dec.

The agreement gave the British the U. Polaris nuclear submarine technology. In return, the Pentagon was given a Polaris submarine base in Scotland. Polaris submarine in the "Holy Loch," Scotland. That agreement stipulated that Britain's Polaris missiles were part of a "multilateral force within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and could be used independently only when "supreme national interests are at stake.

The arrangement finally agreed was that we should be supplied with the Polaris missile, we making our own warheads, which we were quite able to do.