Privilege to meet

it's a privilege (to meet you) - definition - English

privilege to meet

And they may think, “What type of a society founds its basic institutions on drug addiction or gives a privileged place to those who promote this addiction?. A privilege to meet Hassan Sharif, a true pioneer. Our reporter Anna Seaman recalls her meeting with Hassan Sharif, an Emirati artist, who died. It's a privilege to meet and work with kids first hand and I know that I'm in a privileged position, as a footballer, being able to give back myself.

privilege to meet

Тридцать два, - уточнил Стратмор. - У него был врожденный порок сердца. - Никогда об этом не слышала.

  • A privilege to meet Hassan Sharif, a true pioneer
  • Gary McDonald: ‘It was a real privilege to meet Muhammad Ali at Dublin's Special Olympics'

- Так записано в его медицинской карточке.