Quartzsite az swap meet 2012 election

Quartzsite Showcase & Swapmeet - Show Schedule

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 election

If you're planning a trip to Quartzsite this year,. be sure to check out the. Show and Swap Meet Schedule. and Calendar of Events. Town of Quartzsite Arizona La Paz Valley. Meetings · Meetings · Town Council · Ad Hoc Ethics Committee · Town Code during the town's famous two-month-long gem show and swap meet every January and February. Situated miles west of Phoenix at the junction of Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway Show and Swap Meet Schedule the tied write-in race for Quartzsite Constable JP#4 from the November 6th election are finally in.

Then there are the Quartzsite Residents serving on the municipal boards year-round: The Arizona Centennial Board recently completed their commission and provided the town with many events over the two years they were active.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Funds raised provided metal camel silhouettes which will be placed in key locations around town Volunteers do their work quietly, because they love serving their community. Of course, in every community there are those who love to complain, but do not participate in the joy of giving. Volunteers experience incredible gifts when they share freely of themselves.

I've heard it said, "there's just something special about Quartzsite That's what makes Quartzsite so special. Our hundreds of volunteers who share their wisdom, strengths, and knowledge with others, encouraging each other along the way. So as we welcome in a new year, let us remember to be kind to each other and thank the volunteers for their service to Quartzsite.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 election

Those of us who live full time in Quartzsite experience the blessings of our volunteers. Those visiting Quartzsite may marvel at how the heck can this little town handle the influx of millions of visitors. I am so grateful to be living in a community where people smile at one another walking down the street, and strangers wave as I'm driving by.

Do people leave here with a positive experience to share with others along their journey, or was the time they spent here a disappointment? If our visitors are leaving here feeling like the fellow who published the following article and accompanying videos, then we are in a public relations crisis for sure!

Not anymore, now you could shoot a cannonball through the middle and not hit anybody. Most old timers I talked with told me Quartzsite has lost its appeal and wasn't any fun anymore.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 election

He told me campers now stay only two or three days where in the past they would stay a full two weeks. He says the cost of sewer disposal and fresh water has gone up. I did notice two speed traps while traveling about town.

Quartzsite Showcase & Swapmeet

Quartzsite vendors complain rent prices have skyrocketed. One long time vendor estimates only half the vendor spaces were rented out this year. The only way he is able to stay open is because he has a thriving mail order embroidery business.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 election

He knows many vendors who will not return next year. What used to be a crowded marketplace is now largely deserted and the people who do meander by are not spending much money.

Road Trip: Quartzsite Arizona Gem Shows

I did discover a vendor selling a snake. Things started changing when the big RV dealerships bought up the property on main street.