Read manga nice to meet you kami sama

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 2 by Julietta Suzuki

read manga nice to meet you kami sama

To ask other readers questions about Kamisama Kiss, Vol. Good Manga . If you're on the lookout for a feel-good read then this it definitely a series I'd big stuffed teddy is adorable and it's nice to see Nanami doing things for Tomoe and . See all 3 images Book 1 of 25 in the Kamisama Hajimemashita Series $ Read on any device Kindle & comiXology Julietta Suzuki's debut manga Hoshi ni Naru Hi (The Day One Becomes a Star) If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Its a good story. Read Kamisama Kiss manga. +29 Final Volume! Nanami and Tomoe are getting ready to leave Mikage shrine and join the human world for good. Nanami has.

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It comes with the territory. The plot begins with an interesting premise and carries it through quite well in an excellently-paced manner, especially for such a long manga. The premise is below as a spoiler, but it only explains the general ideas set up by the first few chapters. Spoiler mouse over to view Nanami, an ordinary high-school girl, ends up as a land god after losing her home and her no-good father who ran away.

Thus begins her task of dealing with various problems involved that come up in both being a land god and a high-school girl - more of the former than the latter. Another set of problems includes the fact that her fox-eared familiar, Tomoe, is almost an almost overpowered, gorgeous guy who is absolutely devoted to her service albeit reluctantly at first.

Nanami is human enough to If there's one weakness with the plot, it's that it's held together in its overarching themes more by the romance than by the fantastical aspects. A person inclined to ignore the somewhat repetitive romantic back and forth might find the story arcs a bit episodic in nature. I believe that it is possible to read this manga solely for the fantasy aspect and enjoy it, but it roots itself firmly in its romantic plot as the factor of the series that carries it from storyline to storyline.

Kamisama Kiss

Given that the development of the romance is quite gradual, this could be frustrating for a slow reader who gets annoyed at the constant romantic tension. That being said, both the comedic elements and the fantastic elements are beautifully done, and each story arc is well-built, well-paced and generally satisfying and thrilling for me as a lover of fantasy with strange monsters, otherworldly places and occasional well-drawn fight scenes.

One might also complain about plot holes, but be aware that these tend to be Chekhov's guns in disguise rather than legitimate oversights.

read manga nice to meet you kami sama

By the way, this isn't to say that the romance isn't well done! In my opinion, it's more believable due to its length, and for fans of the blushing cheeks and fluffy cuteness it still manages to serve up a good number of doses even early on.

As I said, it can get superficially repetitive, but there is genuine development for those who look closely. Spoilers below regarding further info. Spoiler mouse over to view Will they or won't they? Oh how they will.

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The series is simply delaying the development until it can be the satisfying payoff to the biggest, best storyline of the series that it had been building to for a while. Besides, thanks to Tomoe's lack of a sense of personal space, the fact that Nanami figures out that she likes him fairly early on, the fact that the familiar contract is sealed by a kiss, and Tomoe's loyalty and overprotectiveness frequently sounding suspiciously romantic, the gods of shoujo saw fit to bestow enough fluff to keep the fangirls occupied until they finally do get together.

Kami-sama no Iutoori (capitulo 5)

This is one of those stories that includes a lot of "Aww look they really do love each other. It's easily the best arc of the series by far, and with the rest being quite good that's saying a lot.

It's everything about romance and fantasy that I could ever ask for, and I'm not even that much of a romance fan - but it goes into the territory of incredibly epic and completely solidified my opinion of the series as amazing.

Nanami prepares to stop Akura-Ou from regaining his body and to save the god Okuninushi so she can ask him to turn Tomoe human.

Later Nanami receives a flower bud which will bloom when Tomoe learns how to feel affection for humans. If he were to eat the bloomed flower, he would then return to his normal form. It is later shown at the end of the manga, that a year time period has lapsed, and that he is married to Nanami.

He becomes human after their marriage ceremony happens by going to Okuninushi and doing some bidding. He is shown working at a company which he enjoys working at. Nanami gives birth to a baby boy they both created. It is later shown that they return to Mikage shrine after Nanami has completed her journal to become a full adult. Akira Ishida Japanese ; Joel McDonald English A mysterious man who was once the land god of the shrine, and who left twenty years ago for unspecified reasons.

He met a newly homeless Nanami and bestowed the land god mark on her, saying that she was better suited to be the god than him.

He has light hair and glasses and wears a trench coat and hat. Throughout the manga he is portrayed as someone shrouded in mystery on what his true motives really are, but it is hinted that his plan has been to show Tomoe that humans and yokai can fall in love and that Nanami may be the one who can reach Tomoe.

Yet, it is not clear if this is his only reason for the circumstances and events he set in motion. Although he did not appear much in the beginning of the manga, he has since recently returned to his shrine, but he accepts Nanami as the land god and not him. Daisuke Kishio Japanese ; Sean O'Connor English A wildly popular idol with the gimmick of being a "fallen angel" with goth makeup and a bad boy attitude.

He is a crow tengu from the Kurama mountain, who initially wished to become the land god by eating Nanami's heart. After being thwarted by Tomoe and subsequently saved by Nanami, he gives up on this scheme and regards her as a friend, even allowing her to stay at his apartment when she temporarily loses her godhood.

read manga nice to meet you kami sama

He has a lingering dislike for Tomoe, and the two are prone to insulting each other whenever they meet. He left Mount Kurama seventeen years ago after being treated cruelly by other tengu due to his inability to fly, and has been living in the human world since then.

He is also shown to have a more human-like attitude compared to Tomoe and Mizuki. He also has feelings for Nanami and always tries to flirt with her, but he seems to have accepted her relationship with Tomoe.

When Nanami saves his life from her cruel classmates by releasing him out a window, he falls in love with her. He abducts her soon after, intending to marry her. In spite of this, Nanami takes pity on him and promises to visit after Tomoe rescues her. He hates Tomoe, evident to his constant mocking and bantering. He even goes as far as to manipulate Nanami various times through the act of "helping" to try and deter her feelings towards Tomoe, though she is unaware.

He later becomes Nanami's familiar to save her from a sea demon after she inadvertently sacrifices herself to save Tomoe. He has the power to make wonderful sake. He also says that he can be himself whenever he is with Nanami. Just like Tomoe, they are able to shapeshift. They are extremely fond of Nanami, Tomoe, Mizuki and Mikage.

It is implied that there is an unpleasant sight underneath their masks.