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replacements pleased to meet me review

The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me review: The Replacements deliver a solid great album to follow their classic. The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me review: The words I thought I brought I left jingle-bells.infosly. Pleased to Meet Me is the fifth studio album by the American rock band The Replacements, In a retrospective review, Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic felt that Pleased to Meet Me "was the last time [The Replacements] could still shoot.

At this point, though, Tommy Stinson and Mars primarily served as backing musicians for Westerberg. Much of the album is founded on laid-back acoustic guitar numbers.

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This is philosophically disappointing and nowhere near as exciting as the band's mid-'80s heyday. On the other hand, it's hard to be too discouraged when the songwriting is this good. Even the nearly diaphanous "Sadly Beautiful" is bewitchingly Although that's the slowest and sparest song on the record, few of All Shook Down's tracks are exactly barnburners.

The majority of the songs are easy-going, full of strummy delights and poignant dips into minor changes. The record's biggest problem is a lack of distinction between some of these cuts. With careful listens, you can learn to love each of these for what it offers, but they are otherwise like pairs of identical twins you pass on the street. More distinct is the quiet title track, with its weirdly delightful recorder melody in the chorus. Leadoff track "Merry Go Round", too, is instantly appealing and memorable, as its follow-up, "One Wink at a Time", which offers another dose of the horns that ameliorated Pleased to Meet Me.

Pleased to Meet 'Em: The Replacements' Sire Years

In general, though, there's no mistaking All Shook Down for the earlier work of the Replacements. It's not at all surprising that the group went its separate ways the following year. Mars didn't even make it as far as the final tour. The Replacements - Merry Go Round So, they didn't exactly go out with a bang, but nor did they whimper.

The mellow All Shook Down proved a classy final album for a group that, ten years earlier, was happy to have no class at all. In the middle of that decade-long stretch, they made two of the finest albums the s have to offer.

From this current batch of reissues, Tim is mandatory listening and Pleased to Meet Me comes darn close. Whether or not they're worth shelling out the bucks for these reissues is debatable.

The sound quality isn't significantly improved.

replacements pleased to meet me review

But, hey, this is the Replacements we're talking about. Each of these CDs boasts a great deal more music than the old pressings, but only to the hardcore does "more" generally translate into "better", as far as bonus tracks are concerned.

Does a studio demo take of "Kiss Me on the Bus" actually improve Tim? No, of course not.

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The urgency and desperation, while still at the core of the group, is subdued. Instead, Pleased to Meet Me is the Replacements' most ambitious record; they shift from standard punk-injected rock tunes to soul cocktail jazz and acoustic anthems. The first Replacements album to be recorded outside of Minneapolis, Westerberg, Tommy Stinson and Chris Mars retreated to Memphis following the departure of original guitarist Bob Stinson.

The only album to feature the Mats as a trio, the influence of the city of Memphis is deeply felt on the record. Aided by the help of famed local musicians Alex Chilton after whom the second track on the album is named after and Jim Dickinson, the Replacements included saxophone and horn parts on a number of songs on the album, most notably "I Don't Know," "Nightclub Jitters" and the finale "Can't Hardly Wait. Instead, Westerberg and company grew up on this record.

They still have the same desperation that bound them together, except here it's not the desperation of youth but the desperation of growing up, of finding your ground somewhere.

This push and pull between staying true to their working class ways while still pursuing a successful career is felt on every song.

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This album embodies the crossroads that the band was at both personally and musically. Which direction to go? What path to take? Yup, this is what sounds like to the Billboard Hot If it had made the Hot So who are all those people now at the Replacement reunion gigs" I sure as hell don't know, but they weren't there way back when. Anywho this album has got the goods. From the opening rage of I.

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U to the closing pop classic Can't Hardly Wait with it's soulful horns and and guitar riff from heaven. In between you'll find the uproarious youth anthem Alex Chilton celebrating youth, the smokey jazz of Nightclub Jitters which is as good as any smokey jazz, the angst laden The Ledge which does indeed sound like a nervous suicide waiting to happen, and so much more.

replacements pleased to meet me review

Who can resist the headlong, mph blast to getting drunk on Sunday with the rocking Red, Red Wine, the lyrical brilliance of Valentine, and the lovely feeling of floating you get after a good bong hit with the beautiful ballad Skyway" I know I can't.