Saaa meet results swimming

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saaa meet results swimming

Download Meet Mobile now to follow your favorite swimmers and swim meets. Fans • View results, anytime, anywhere* • Quickly find swim meets with robust. Anyone looking for clues as to the result at the SAAA would have noted that Garscube . body did not want to have them at the SAAA track and field championships. Kingdom competed in athletics, boxing, wrestling and swimming events. Swimmers that need to be evaluated for group placement: Any returning SAAA Swim Meet Schedule. Meet, Meet Date, Meet Sign-up Deadline, Results.

Bradley, Bacon, Perry, Wittenberg and Kibblewhite, an others of less note, have all helped to throw lustre over meetings at Parkhead from time to time, and though the amateurs of the present day are made of different stuff from these men, there are several who stand high in public favour, one or two of whom we are to have the pleasure of seeing on Saturday first.

They had invited 12 to 15 men to take part in the mile, including the three prize winners from the Rangers Sports the previous Saturday. After these comments and the big build up, came the day and the Herald said: The yards had nine heats and a final.

saaa meet results swimming

Both meetings Saturday and Monday had several cycle races on the programme. That means that the sports had been held on 29th June when the usual date had become the second Saturday in August. This could at times make life difficult for any event taking place from the middle of August on.

saaa meet results swimming

It would eventually mean the death of the Celtic Sports. In the season did start on the second Saturday and Celtic, reluctant to miss a year, and not wanting to hold them on the same day as Rangers Sports, went back two weeks from their normal date.

Swim Meet Results

Not being at home on the second Saturday, they held the Scottish 50 mile cycling championship at Parkhead that day. Hence the end of June for the sports. In another half hour, however, they assumed a cheerier look, and so did the countenances of the officials. If not up to expectations, the gate in comparison with that of other sports was very goodand we doubt not that the Celts are duly thankful for their success.

Caldow, a champion come but yet coming, and Goodman, Gascoyne set the crawlers an example they would do well to imitate always.

So much so that had Celtic, as usual, ventured upon an evening meeting tonight, they would have the satisfaction of having the public with them. They ran together, passing Robertson of Clydesdale who was the best of the rest, before Relf gave nest 80 yards out leaving Tysoe to run on and win if he could. His time off 7 yards was 1: The winner however was Gudgeon of Ayr United. Apparently Tysoe tried to come through on the inside but there was a lot of jostling and he eventually fought his way clear when, according to the reports, had he just gone round his man he would have won the race.

He redeemed his poor running of two years previously. Caldow and Gascoyne starred in the cycle races. Denis Horgan won a total 42 shot put titles during his athletic career, including 28 Irish championships, 13 English championships all for the 16 pound shot and one American championship.

saaa meet results swimming

With qualification already secured earlier, I guess nobody really set any expectations on us. It was just a race to see how fast we could push the timing. However, with the kind of line up we had, we ought to be running sub 3: I had a terrible individual m the day before, but I think I ran much better during the relays. Personally I targeted a timing to be sub In your case, how. Not just me, everyone will be running faster.

But that phase is over now and we should be expecting faster times with more specific workouts. The push during the trial was good, but nothing beats running a race with stronger opposition. That will bring the times down. I expect us to improve once I get down to specific training. Q What was the race tactics? It was great that the other team gave us the push they did.

After running so many m races, I just ran.

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It gave us that additional push to dip below 3: I hope everyone will only get stronger and faster. The major aim is definitely to run a sub 3: Three teams were running in the SEA Games time-trial. Team Singapore 4xm ran a new season-best in Taiwan 3: Since then, the SA has toiled and grown, and is now poised to chart new territories for the future.

saaa meet results swimming

Seemingly endless free raffle prizes poured like pool water after every hour swim. Our sponsors are the best—show your support and spread the word about them! They invited Bill the Marlin over for a chat about the Swim-a-Thon—read the results here! More info at our Swim-a-Thon page. Los Tibs, Final meet of the season! Los Tiburones host our final meet of the summer season—out with a bang! The Los Tibs squad ran a rapid and smooth meet—thanks Los Tibs!

Now that the monsoons have arrived, our Tucson swamps are filled with Gators! We spent a beautiful, calm and quick swim meet with the Gators, hosting ourselves and the Ott-Y Otters in a Friday Night trip-meet. Their efficient organization ran a swift meet: This, after a torrential downpour scattered our youngest Marlins at the end of the final practices of the day!

Hooray for summer monsoons! Several parents turned out to clean up the mess before the meet! We defied the storms tonight as the 49rs Gators join us at our pool where we dodged lightning and raced thunderbolts down the lane lines.

Thanks for coming out Gators! And who could miss the Shelby GT parked out front for the first half of the meet!?