Sandy hook car meet in orange

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sandy hook car meet in orange

Wendt wanted to create a song that could help grieving parents who have lost a child. Wendt's older brother died at the young age of 5, before. For Lewis and the other Sandy Hook School families who mourn their Scarlett Lewis never set out to meet President Barack Obama, especially with a . Lewis, an executive assistant for a telecommunications company in Orange. . And there were 10 police cars in front of us and 10 behind," Lewis said. Entertainment including magic shows, a petting zoo, high dive show & more. for everyone including a 5k in the morning, baking contest, circus, kids relays, car show, bike parade, and more! Fireworks begin at West Orange High School at dusk. Seining Along Sandy Hook Bay at Bayshore Waterfront Park, 11AM- 12PM.

It is far more beautiful than the old one was. It is also far larger — 88, square feet, compared to 66, — though it feels intimate, a welcoming structure made of wood and glass. Its first impression is something like a cross between an Adirondacks clubhouse and a suburban megachurch.

sandy hook car meet in orange

But the effect of visiting the school, as an invited member of the press, was like walking through an emotion warp. These dozens of television cameras, these gossiping reporters, these stoic townspeople, these proud architects and builders — all were busy enacting a charade of cheerfulness and qualified optimism. She stood before bouquets of microphones in a freshly painted cafeteria.

Sandy Hook school evacuated after receiving bomb threat on shooting anniversary

They hope the curves and waves iterated through the design reflect the undulating landscape of the Connecticut countryside. We in the press corps waited for the tour to begin in the firehouse parking lot — the same firehouse where in parents gathered to wait to hear if their children were living or dead.

sandy hook car meet in orange

The driveway to the school has been rerouted and now is barred by a security gate, which opens only to approved visitors. All of the glass, everywhere, is bulletproof, Pat Llodra said, and there is a moat, of sorts, between the parking lot and the school. The whole place has a playful, tree-house aspect, but indications of its impenetrability are everywhere: This sanctuary is a fortress, too.

Maybe the feeling will be less intense when there are children sitting in those seats and filling the room. In addition to being gated, there are hidden cameras everywhere, they say.

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No one says this out loud, but what the building really looks like is a church. What is perhaps most striking is that it is not exactly a typically pious sanctuary made holy by promises of divine guidance and intervention, but a kind of space sanctified instead by the preciousness of real human lives, cherished flesh, past and present. To that end, the building has to function as an actual school.

sandy hook car meet in orange

There is no memorial plaque, no wall engraved with names, no commemorative photos, no special tree, no angel statue. A more official memorial is in the making: But, broadly speaking, the whole building evokes other sacred spaces.

sandy hook car meet in orange

By the main entrance hangs a series of hand-made bells. Come and look, help yourself.

Will climate change ever have its Sandy Hook moment?

In the past several weeks, at least Sandy Hook families have taken the town up on their invitation to visit the school, and the reactions, Erardi says, has been excited, joyful. Sure the number of deaths varies from year to year, but every weapon and owner is fairly independent of every other one, and so we just get Poisson random statistics occurring.

sandy hook car meet in orange

Whenever someone we know is shot, or a horrific mass murder takes place, it makes us think seriously about the issue. When some anonymous teenage kid in Chicago gets his head blown off, we shrug our shoulders and get back to our everyday lives. Climate Change There is an eerie parallel between the gun control and climate change debates.

Proponents of gun control lecture about the inevitability of deaths when guns are easily available and climate change advocates point to the increased risk of extreme weather events in a heated world. It results in temperature fluctuations from year to year and place to place.

Sandy Hook school evacuated after receiving bomb threat on shooting anniversary -

But it is bad science to take isolated events, like our sweltering late December day, and immediately equate cause global CO2 and effect our recent 42C day. In fact, in January Adelaide had a couple of terrible heat waves that were only eclipsed inand CO2 was much lower back then.

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So on nice days I go about my daily business, driving around my car and planning my next overseas trips and during heat waves I look into solar panels, the cost of hybrid cars and asking myself if a Pro Vice Chancellor has to travel so much? If someone wants to keep their gun, or fly around the world using jet fuel, there are plenty of arguments they can trot out in their defence.

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