Seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

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seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

Meeting the environmental challenges. Interparking is a C02 neutral company. We continuously invest in environmentally friendly solutions. Want to know more . Amsterdam Centraal; Utrecht Centraal; Arnhem Centraal 1 electrical outlet for every 2 seats; In a number of ICE trains, there is a "kleinkind abteil" (closed off. Breng most notably focused on bus and trolleybus connections in Arnhem . Tweede Klas (second class), indicated on carriages with a simple 2, offers seating of a . Utrecht is what comes closest to the central hub, due to its location in the en rustzones (work and relaxation zones), meet-and-greet zones and regular.

Take exit A2 direction Amsterdam. Take exit Utrecht Centrum. Then the Catharijnebaan halfway the viaduct at the sign 'Station' right up. This car park is located at the Spoorstraat. We advise you to use this garage P2 because this one is right underneath MeetingPlaza. Take stairs to the store level from Hoog Catharijne. When you exit then please go right through a white corridor. At the end of this you can go left.

After about 20 metres you'll find he entrance of 'Kantoren Van Duvenborch" on your right hand side. Go inside and you call into MeetingPlaza. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. This is the cheapest option. Please click here for more information.

Supplier As a supplier you can load and unload at the entrance 'Expedition Godebaldkwartier'. This entrance is located in the Spoorstraat beside the entrance to car park Hoog Catharijne P1. MeetingPlaza is at number When you enter the 'Expedition Godebaldkwartier', than you go by elevator to the 2nd floor. Where you exit at MeetingPlaza.

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The card can be used on all modes of transport except Thalys. As reservations are not necessary to ride on most trains operating within the country and there are no special discounts offered on such trains excluding Thalys and Eurostarpassengers with an adequately-loaded OV-chipkaart simply need to proceed directly to the platform but check in and check out using the fare gates or chippaal.

Using the vending machines or going to the ticket desks before a train journey is only necessary to top up credit or change the class of travel. The fare that will be deducted will be the same fare that is offered when trying to book a ticket for that route on NS. The pros and cons of an anonymous card depends on how you plan to use it.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

If multiple people are going to be using it, it is definitely an upgrade over the personal card. But do not try to travel with multiple persons on a single card at the same time, as this will result in a fine should you be caught. The downside here is that if you happen to lose the card, it can be used by anyone that happens to find it. An anonymous card can be purchased at stations, operators' counters, newsagents and supermarkets.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

To view locations near to you, use the checker on the OV-Chipkaart website. The card is valid for five years from the day of purchase.

A personal OV-Chipkaart persoonlijke OV-Chipkaartwhich has most of the functions of the anonymous card, is only available to people living in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. This is regardless of citizenship or nationality; all you need is proof of residence and a bank account in one of those countries. The personal card features your photo ID, the letters of your first name, your last name, as well as your birthday.

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The card is, like the anonymous card, valid for five years, though the personal card can be renewed, whereas the anonymous version cannot. The personal card, however, can be automatically topped up automatisch opladenonce the credit drops below a certain amount. If the card is stolen it can be blocked. The personal card is useful or even required for travellers who are entitled to a reduced rate students or elderlyyearly pass holders, etc.

Personal cards can only be obtained by filling in the online form.

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A permanent address and bank account in the Netherlands must be provided when applying, though residents of the Benelux and Germany may apply using PayPal. Automatisch opladen is, however, not available when using PayPal.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

Using the OV-Chipkaart[ edit ] Switching rail operators is done in two simple steps: The points can be located by the pictured white cubic posts, which read overstappen transfer. For train travel with an OV-chipkaart, you must check in before entering the train station platform, and check out as you leave the platform at your destination.

If you forget to check out, your card will be charged that minimum amount. The same card reading machine might be used for both checking in and out. Tapping the card on the reader acts as a toggle. The first tap checks in, a second would immediately check out, which may be useful if you change your mind. If you check in, the machine issues one beep. If you check out, you will hear two beeps. Pay attention to the number of beeps. If your card balance is too low, the machine issues a buzzer-like beep and displays the message saldo te laag balance too low ; in this case, you must reload your OV-chipkaart before retrying to check in.

When switching rail operators, do not forget to first "check out" at your current operator's chippaal barrier postbefore "checking in" at the chippaal of the operator you're switching to.

For example, when travelling from Arnhem to Almeloyou will have to transfer from NS, which operates between Arnhem and Zwolle, to Arriva, which operates between Zwolle and Almelo. Therefore, at Zwolle's station, you will have to first "check out" at an NS chippaal after which you "check in" at an Arriva chippaal.

It doesn't matter what platform you do this on. When switching services, i. Do not freak out at tram and bus stops; there you "check in" on board the vehicle rather than at the platform. When transferring between local buses and trams with an OV-chipkaart, you must check out of the first vehicle and then check into the second.

On the second vehicle. Always remember to check out when leaving a local bus or tram; otherwise, your fare will be more expensive. Ordering tickets online[ edit ] NS has an online webshop in which it is possible to order several products. Most of these can either be obtained through loading them onto your OV-Chipkaart, or by ordering an E-Ticket which can be used on your mobile phone, provided it has the NS Reisplanner app installed and the phone runs either on Android 4.

Holders of foreign VISA or MasterCard debit cards may experience some trouble using such cards on the app and may use websites like B-europe. Single ticket - A ticket valid in the same timeframe as the Day return, but allows you to travel between A and B in either direction but not both.

The cost depends on where you will be travelling. Passengers are permitted to break their trips at stations along the way but must check in and check out at every point.

Day return - A simple day return pass, valid from station A to B and back to A.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

The ticket is day-bound, being usable from 0: The price depends on where you will be travelling to and from. Railrunner - A child's ticket.

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Kids under the age of four can travel the network free of charge, provided you can prove their age. Kids aged four through eleven can be a railrunner. Railrunners are valid an adult over the age of 18 is with them, with at most three railrunners per adult.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal to arnhem

The railrunner is valid on all modes of train transport bound to the Netherlands excluding only the Thalys. The main ticket holder the person ordering the ticket should be present with the group at all times.

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The ticket may not be used during rush hour. Day-pass - Grants a whole day on the network, no matter what train you use except Thalys. Day-pass bicycle - An add-on for the day pass, allowing you to bring your bike on the train, provided you have one.