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skydoesminecraft meet team crafted wiki

TeamCrafted was a Minecraft gaming group that was founded in February Team Crafted was first started by Deadlox in a Skype call with SkyDoesMinecraft. JeromeASF and TheBajanCanadian joined the team after meeting Sky at. He is a very talented Minecraft parkour map maker that SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox Most people say Bodil40 and CaptainSparklez met each other on Omegle. For awhile, Mitch and Jerome grew their channels together until Pax East in where they met SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox. The group hit it off and.

AwesomeSauceFilms soon went into hibernation[1] while Jerome continued on with his Minecraft channel, bringing in a larger, younger audience. The channel soon fell silent again shortly after. Transition to Minecraft and "Team Crafted" Edit With the "hibernation" of the ASF channel and the subsequent transition to Minecraft, Jerome's new channel thrived on the bigger and younger audience that was brought in.

On June 30th,less than two years after the channel was created, JeromeASF had gained one million subscribers. Although short-lived, Team Crafted was once the center of attention for Minecraft gameplay on Youtube, and helped Jerome's channel grow even more.

As Minecraft rapidly became popular, Jerome and his friends skyrocketed to the top of YouTube content creators in terms of popularity. Because of all the success, Jerome and his friends decided to officially launch the group "Team Crafted" on November 4th, Together, the group moved out to Los Angeles, California and began making videos together, soaring to the top of Minecraft gameplay on YouTube in the process.

On March 6th,roughly 6 months after the official launch of Team Crafted, Adam left the group, initially for unknown reasons. However, it was later confirmed that he did not approve of the direction that Team Crafted was commercially headed in.

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On the same day, Tyler also left Team Crafted, stating that he's "in the same boat as Adam for leaving". On March 7th,just one day later, Quentin left Team Crafted as well, citing wanting to grow on his own as his reason leaving. Jerome and Mitch remained on the team, but soon after welcoming Ryan on board, the group was abandoned. Although he doesn't very often record with past members of Team Crafted besides Mitchall members have stated that they are all on good terms with each other.

As of OctoberJerome has over 4. He streams daily, featuring Minecraft and other games. Jerome is also known to go on many trips, especially with his friends like Mitch, Rob, Vikram, Lachlan and Preston. During the time that Jerome and Mitch were visiting Ryan in St.

Petersburg, Florida before he moved there they started a prank war, which soon became popular across all three channels. In one of Ryan's vlogit was announced that Jerome, along with Mitch, were moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, which is where Ryan lives.

skydoesminecraft meet team crafted wiki

In Marchthe move was made official. Jerome currently lives in a house with Mitch. Lachlan also occasionally joins them. Since then, Jerome has played other games like CS: However, he states that it is called a "Bacca". He calls his skin "Business Bacca" because of the suit his skin includes. Trivia His parents live in New Jersey.

skydoesminecraft meet team crafted wiki

No one is sure if they are going to record with each other again. Adam also tweeted after, "Let me clarify as well, nothing was technically wrong. I just want that booty. It probably wasn't such a big deal as Mitch and Adam recorded together on the Team Crafted reunion video. Other Attributes Edit The squid's first appearance was in a video called: Since then the Squids have appeared in almost all of his mod showcases to date just interrupting him.

Sky Army Recruits often use the term against Sky's haters. Then the Squids "started" a "war" against Sky and his Army.

The story was that the Squids kidnapped Deadlox. So Sky and MinecraftUniverse had to make it through the map to save him. Deadlox wore a 'hologram-Deadlox' skin and pretended to be Deadlox's hologram as an excuse to play the map. There were two times when the squids captured Sky and replaced him in a mod showcase. In these videos, you can hear Sky in the background, yelling at the squid, and telling him to let him free, usually threatening the squid.

One of these videos were "Minecraft Mod Showcase: In this video the squid pretends to be Sky, but at the end Sky escapes and chases the squid with a butter gold sword. In the video he said he was doing a "Butter Speedrun" then he started digging straight down and found a small cavern with a portal to the Squid World.

skydoesminecraft meet team crafted wiki

Sky entered the portal and was teleported into water. He swam up to the surface but when he got there, a random squid flew at the screen. Sky screams before his intro played. When the video started, Sky was in a cage while the squid did another mod showcase. The squid showed off a bunch of squid-related weapons and amour to Sky and the Sky Army.

The Squid also shows off some of their Army mobs in the mod. The squid said this mod was what the squids were going to use against the Sky Army. At the end of the video, Sky escaped the cage and returned to the normal world where he told the Sky Army that the squids were getting smarter and to be ready for an upcoming attack.

The next time the squids attacked Sky was in a continuation of the Derpy Squid mod showcase, "Minecraft: This time, Sky ran out of the cave and ran into Jason MinecraftUniverse. Jason tells Sky that Dawnables has been captured by the squids. All of them got suited in butter gold armor and entered the portal to the squid dimension. The team parkour up to a tower where Dawn is and they find her in a cage. Sky runs up to Save her but she says it it a trap. Sky doesn't listen then a giant squid monster called the "Derpollolus Squid Overlord" spawns and attacks the team.

skydoesminecraft meet team crafted wiki

Sky uses the sword on the giant squid monster and kills it in one hit. Sky breaks Dawn free and they laugh at how easy it was. Then they look around see other towers, realizing there are more giant squid monsters and the war isn't over.

Jerome then yells "I can't take this anymore! Later, in Sky and Alesa: Alesa explains that, although she fell in love with Sky as he made her happy; but that has changed.

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They would plan events, but he would never show up, and he would go off into the night. Sky tries to argue that doesn't remember any of this. Alesa then mentions that he was been acting "derpy", surprising Sky. It becomes completely clear that the squids are involved when the Derp Squid version of Sky though blue and part of his face being squid comes through the doctor's office, apologising to Alesa for being late.

When Squids Strike!

When everyone realises the mix-up, Derp Squid runs away and when Sky and Alesa try to go after him, Squid-Tyler tries to get in the way, but is quickly struck down by Sky's Butter sword.

Sky and Alesa then realise the Derp Squids have evolved to shapeshifting, and that the squids wanted to destroy their relationship, therefore breaking Sky and his crusade against the squids. They eventually find the REAL Tyler in a poorly hidden hole, and while Sky plans to go after the squids, Derp Squid and two other squids appear behind them and capture the three.

skydoesminecraft meet team crafted wiki

Minecraft Machinimawhere Sky, Alesa and Tyler are locked in cages, where Sky thinks that the squids will torture them for information. When Tyler start to lose it, Sky snaps that his great-great grandfather didn't fight in the squid war just so Tyler could complain about his beard being itchy.

Sky then reveals that the squid war has been ongoing for 35, years ago, when the flying Derp Squids would kidnap babies to squid dens, like the one the trio are in at present. When Tyler asked what happened to the babies, Sky replies that they fed them to the most monstrous squid; the Kraken. He then goes on to the story of his long lost pirate captain ancestor, Ahab Sky.

A flashback reveals that Ahab and ThatGuyBarney's ancestor also named Barney were looking for the squid that took Ahab's leg and Barney's eye.