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Skylanders Trap Team - WILDFIRE UNBOXING!

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Thousands of Greek school teachers and other civil servants protest every day, demanding a repeal of government plans to axe thousands of public sector jobs. His advanced crowd control abilities are a useful addition to any team. Wildfire is a male golden lion and a member of the Fire Claw Clan. He was often treated as an outcast by his peers due to his gold skin.

He persevered, providing a good lesson in overcoming differences for youth. At one point in his story, he and his team became cornered by a giant flame scorpion. It was here that his Titanium-bonded shield, which was bestowed upon him by his father, reacted with the magic for the first time.

Activision Skylanders Trap Team Trap Master Wildfire Pack

It transformed him into a Trap Master and is still with him today, so players can use the shield to pin down game enemies. When you connect Wildfire for the first time to Skylanders Trap Team, or any games in the Skylanders series, he begins with base stats.

Those attributes are power, defense, agility, and 80 luck. As you play with the figure, he will gain experience, and those stats will increase. Stat changes are permanent for the figure and will persist in any games where you enter him into your roster. As you progress in Skylanders, you will be able to upgrade these abilities.

Heat Shield and Hotter Heatshield increase the light and damage of your shield. Extra Chains increases the number of Skylanders villains you can trap with Chains of Fire, and Fire Roar adds an additional attack to your arsenal.