Sports meet speech in school

Sports Event Opening Speech

sports meet speech in school

Find long and short Sports speech in very simple and easy words. Participating in the sports activities enhance children's school accomplishments. Sports are. I welcome everyone here today on behalf of our school(your school name) for the school's annual sports day I am happy to inform that our. National Sports Day speech India , annual Sports day anchoring speech script, welcome speech script for school, colleges, events function in India

Today we have lined up multiple sporting events, games and competition from chess to football.

Speech on Sports in simple and easy words

Timetable, ground and venue information is already shared with all team. Kindly make sure that all will be at respective grounds 20 minutes before the game. We will keep you posted on any new updates if needed. Now, we will formally start the event. We are fortunate that he graced us with his presence. He also helped our planning team to execute the annual sports day efficiently.

Thank you very much, sir.

Annual Sports Day Anchoring Speech Script, Vote of Thanks

Now, I would like to invite our chief guest, Mr. Sharma, to hoist the flag. Oath Taking Let me call Sameer for oath taking ceremony. Kindly repeat the oath after Sameer. Thank you, all now you can take your seats.

Annual Sports Day – 2013

Sharma on the podium. I request him to share his experience and knowledge with the students. Thank you very much, sir, for your kind words and guidance. We have completed all games and competitions in time with no major casualties. Few players had minor injuries in the Football semi-final, there is nothing to worry about; our on-ground doctors treated them and they are present here in the auditorium. He was very busy today, his schedule was fully packed but still, he found the time for us just on my request.

So, thank you very much, sir, again.

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Now let me tell you that this year we have found great sports talent in our school. I am delighted to tell you all that, four of our students are representing the state in various sports categories. Our school also won Inter School Chess Championship this year. We secured the second position in kabaddi and 1st position in Basketball.

After seeing the basketball performance college authority decided to build a good basketball ground for the team. Our players have good potential, if trained well they may play at a national level. Sharma also agreed to negotiate the terms with Academy. Thank you, again sir. We will be also buying the new equipment and material for other Sports too. We believe sports are as important as academics.

I would like to request Sunil to call in individual winners and winning team on the stage for prize distribution.

The vote of thanks is the part of the closing ceremony. In high spirits students walked in, face painted with colored designs.

sports meet speech in school

Opening Speech Sherri and Amanda hosted the opening using English and Chinese respectively, which led parents into our international bilingual environment. Director Matthew Cox went on to give a very interesting speech, in which he encouraged students to develop the sportsmanship of accepting challenges and overcome obstacles.

Bring in Athletic Spirit Today is more than just a sports day. It is a day in which our students try to develop sportsmanship, build their body and learn to be life-long learners that are energetic, competitive and great team players. All participants finished the course with great interest and passion.

sports meet speech in school

Sack Race The Sack Race is a very intensive event. Students enjoyed the sweating and had the opportunity to practice their vertical jump in the process.

Sports Day | We are all in this together!: The Garden International School Guangzhou

Long jump Each event saw our students did the best they could. Beanbag Throw Beanbag Throw gave students the most real experience of a collective event. It is one of most favored event among students.

Through this event, students had a opportunity to enhance their fine motor skills and concentration.