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SwimPhone provides live psych sheets, heat sheets, event results and graphed splits for swimmers, coaches, spectators, families and friends. Tri Club Meet PLS, SRVLA, WCAB - Swim Connection Viejo on March 5th-9th. of boys who all live and attend school in Livermore. School (Saturday Jan 21) RESULTS — LIVERMORE HIGHVolume 1, represented USA in. PACIFIC SWIMMING LONG COURSE C/B/A+ MEET. April 20 – 21, but is not limited to, photographs, psych sheets and live meet results. By entering this meet, . Make check payable to: SRVLA. Mail with entries to.

Over the past forty years, I have coached in the summer-leagues, at the high school level, and as a proud member of USA Swimming. What I have seen, and have been blessed to be a part of, is a culture that is anything but predatory, abusive, and certainly not profit-driven. What lies beneath the surface of the sport of swimming are the greatest lessons of life, of relationships, of personal growth, and of athletic development. I have seen countless children learn invaluable social skills, overcome debilitating fear, develop profound self-esteem and self-awareness, build life-long friendships, and discover mentors and programs that changed the trajectory of their lives.

I have seen swimmers find a home away from home and a second family, and often a respite from life's stresses and challenges. I have seen kids learn things they cannot learn in a classroom or at a dinner table, such as work ethic, resilience, sacrifice, humility and teamwork. I have seen young adults learn to celebrate the success of others, transcend pain thresholds, discover acts of courage within themselves, and begin to see life through the lens of team, service, and leadership.

I have seen kids that never found "success" in athletic endeavors, find it their role as an inspiration and a role model. I have seen teenagers contemplate the tipping point of their physical and mental capacity and discover a strength within that they never thought possible.

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I have seen kids' academic priority shift from indifference to mastery as a result of the transforming self-discipline learned through swimming. I have seen young student-athletes redefine their academic focus, social priorities, and their predisposition to work and challenge with the possibility and opportunity of being a collegiate athlete. I have witnessed countless swimming careers evolve from nervous children on the stairs of their learn-to-swim programs to high school seniors giving emotional farewell speeches to teams that changed their lives.

Against the backdrop of a culture of un social media, technological dependence, and false relevance, the sport of swimming and athletics in general, offers human interaction and relationship dynamics based on depth of character and contribution. Approval or acceptance comes only from earned respect and relationships developed. In swimming, a child's social life is real life, and it is developed and experienced in the challenge of training, in the unification of competition, and in daily team interaction.

And the culture of coaching has been nothing short of inspirational. I am talking about the ninety-nine percent that define it, that create the cultures described above, the real culture of American swimming. Coaches are individuals who do not refer to their vocation as "work", view it as a job, or track their hours.

Coaches are by and large predisposed to enhancing the quality of the lives they serve: The coaches that I know define success not in pay or recognition but in a life made better, a goal achieved, a note of gratitude, or in a parent's acknowledgement that they have seen profound change in their child. The coaches that I know view their role as servants, as leaders, as mentors, and most significantly as privileged. They understand that few athletes will become Olympians but all can become leaders on the team, role models in their community, and "Olympian" in character.

The coaches that I know went against the norms of professional pursuit to follow a passion and to make a difference. Most have sacrificed financial security for societal contribution.

An illustration of the role and relevance of many coaches came in a parent's comment many years ago, that has always resonated with me. It was made against the backdrop of the extreme social pressures that kids face, when a mother said, "Don't you understand, you coaches are the last line of defense. I have seen the inside of the volunteer culture of the sport, and it is driven first and foremost by service; countless individuals working behind the scenes to support children and the athletic process.

These people are true servants and in my opinion, the silent hero's and profound examples of selfless support. To Compete in the Selection Process: Minimally qualified applicants will possess the following: Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of a baccalaureate degree in a course of study related to the occupational field.

Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the work of subordinate positions and to be able to answer questions and resolve problems - usually associated with one to three years of experience or service. Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of North Carolina for the type of vehicle or equipment operated as required. Applications may be submitted online at www.

The process begins with a complete evaluation of the applications submitted for employment. Only a limited number of persons determined to be most qualified, as reflected by the contents of their application, will be invited to a personal interview.

A performance exam covering the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the duties of the vacant position may be administered. The applicant determined to best fit the needs of the position will be given a careful reference and thorough criminal background check, a drug test and any required medical examinations that may be necessary. Location and Contact Information: Performs professional duties and supervision of the operations of the aquatic pools through planning, coordination, scheduling, and evaluating a variety of programs specific to aquatics, within the facility.

Assists the Director of Activities with supervision, coordination and direction of assigned activity programs. Direct staff to insure proper maintenance, operation and usage of all equipment.

Organize and administer a series of regularly scheduled activities. Work closely with the instructional department to insure the accepted curriculum is followed. Recommend revisions or modifications in curriculum.

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Develop a program of continuous evaluation for all programs run in the Aquatic Center. Employ staff for the Aquatic Center. Evaluate instructional and non-instructional staff. Prepare the Aquatic Center budget.

Purchase supplies and equipment for the Aquatic Center. Supervise general operation of the Aquatic Center. Follow health and safety standards as prescribed by local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations. Schedule Aquatic Center facility needs for practice use and interscholastic aquatic competitions. Assumes responsibility for contest management at all home interscholastic aquatic competitions.

Work to coordinate the efforts of the swimming club with the aquatic program. Works collaboratively with the building Activities Directors to develop the best C. Perform other duties assigned by the Director of Activities or other appropriate administrative personnel. Assists the Director of Activities with district activities.

Work with students, teachers, parents and administrators to solve problems. Must apply using the EdZapp on-line application system, https: When finished in early April,both pools will serve the community with local recreational programs. The grand entrance plaza is sized to graciously receive large groups. Visitors and competitors are greeted with the thrill of events taking place in the lobby lounge and pool through an expansive glass wall.

The primary role of the Aquatic Center Manager is to manage, plan, organize and coordinate the operations and administration of the Jenks Aquatic Center. The ideal candidate is a creative coach prepared to implement swimming and aquatic related programs that will meet the diverse needs of Tulsa, Jenks and surrounding communities. In addition to having profit and loss responsibilities, the individual will implement program scheduling, and marketing, and manage swimming programs.

Click here for full job description. Compensation is commensurate with qualifications and experience. Benefits could be available after a successful probation period. Interested applicants should apply at www. Five years supervision experience required, management of competitive team coaches preferred.

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Facility includes two indoor pools with plans to build a new, dramatic aquatics center. Established programs include instructional, conditioning, rehab and swim teams. Responsible for risk management, program quality, scheduling and staff supervision of three full-time staff and 45 part-time staff. ASCA certification is highly desirable. This individual reports to the Head Coach and assists in the design, planning and implementation of the Royal Swim Team program with primary responsibility for teaching and coaching developmental and age group swimmers and assisting with team swim lessons program.

Duties may include but are not limited to; organizing and coaching practices and attending meets. Candidate must be an enthusiastic team player with a flexible, outgoing attitude and passion for swimming. The competitive team is six years old and currently has over swimmers and is looking to build upon this success. Compensation determined by candidate qualifications and experience.

We swim Monday through Friday 5: Send your resume with cover letter and references to royalswimteam yahoo. We are a parent run, non-profit organization. AAA consists of approximately 70 year round swimmers plus additional seasonal swimmers.

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AAA is currently seeking an Age Group Coach who is a highly motivated, enthusiastic individual with competitive swimming and coaching experience. Successful candidates must have a current USA Coaching Card; pass USA Coaches background check, have previous competitive coaching experience ASCA Level II is preferredknowledge of stroke development and swimming techniques, good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate well with young children and parents.

The Coach will be required to conduct daily practices geared towards maximizing the swimmer's potential and attend weekend swim meets as scheduled. AAA offers a very competitive salary based on experience, education and commitment; a range will be given at time of application.