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star invitational swim meet

CSC Winter Invitational. Jan 18, - Jan 20, This meet is for ALL STAR Swimmers that do NOT have Niagara Championship Qualifying Standards. Please. Frequently Asked Questions - Red and Blue Steiner Stars. When does weather affect on the results page? The swimmer has qualified for the Invitational Meet. - Meet packets and Meet event files. Swim Meet, Date, Meet Packet, TM Entry File. Super Series #1, 10/14/ STAR Invite, 12//, Click Here.

If she had dived she would have won an automatic second and possibly a first; Merced hud only one diver entered in her and-under -group of divers.

star invitational swim meet

Two of Post's relay teams set new records. The 12 and under girls relay team composed of Miss Enochs, Barbara Brest, Jeannie Riley and Ethel Haney set a new record for the meter freestyle relay.

star invitational swim meet

John Emo, John Eckland. Hay Holding also established another record for the Sun Star meet. The meter freestyle for and-under males saw lenllr Cowan win while Roy Jones placed second.

Dorado Stars

The girls' contest for that age group gained Miss Averlll the palm. Adolph Martnelli racked up a third in the 25 free for and-under lads while Miss Enochs was setting a record for the girls with Ethel Haney in second place. Jeri Kennedy pulled in a third spot medal for. Gary Stefanelli tied for first for the males.

Dorado Stars Invitational – Acton Aqua Ducks Swim Club

Competing in the 20 and-under class. In the backstroke races for and-nnder leslir Cowan placed second for the boys while Averlll splashed into third spot. Jeannie Riley pulled in a second in the and-under meter backstroke race. Ronnie Noblin pulled into third spot for the and-under lads In the m c t e r backstroke race. Nancy DeVaurs captured a second spot followed by Jeri Martinelli in third position in the gals swim for the and-under ladies.


Punky Kirkman pulled into first spot in the an J-under backstroke event while Joan Cappelluti placed third for the and-under girls for the same event. In the relays, in the and-under class a team composed of Jones, Cowan. Bruce' Hawkins and Allen Hawkins Jr. Swimmers should have goggles, a swim cap, a towel, fins and a bottle of water or gatorade.

Put your name on everything you bring to the pool. What do parents do during practice? Parents need to check family folders. Otherwise, have fun watching your swimmer and getting to know the other Stars parents!

FAQs - Steiner Stars

What are fins used for? The fins are used to teach the swimmers form and to improve their leg strength. Meets Meet Day: Check-in times for swimmers and volunteers will be posted for each meet. Coming late effects the entire relay team. Also, swimmers must warm up in the pool prior to the meet. Concessions will also be available at all meets. Bring something to entertain your swimmers e. It allows swimmers to get a feel for how a meet is run and for coaches to get swimmers' seed times for the first actual meet.

Divisionals There are four divisions within the Northwest Swim Circuit. The Divisional Meet at the end of the year consists of the three teams in the division. To be eligible to participate in the Divisional meet, a swimmer must have swum in two previous meets during the season. They must also have an "official" time in the event they sign up for. Points are awarded through 8th place for both individual events and relays. Invitationals This meet is truly an invitational meet and is open only to those swimmers who equal or better the qualifying standards in a NWSC dual meet or in the Divisional meet.

Swimmers must swim in at least two dual meets to qualify. Provide a safe place for swimmers to stay while parents are working various jobs during the meet. Provide a fun place for our swimmers to pass the time while they are waiting for their events. Provide a place where swimmers can gather to be guided to the ready bench when it is time for their events.

star invitational swim meet

We all need to work together to make sure these items happen. While we like to think of our meets as family events, they are open to the public and as such present the same dangers to a child as being at a park or the mall when they are out of a parents direct supervision.

star invitational swim meet

As a result, swimmers must be reminded prior to the meet, that they should remain in their tent for their safety or abide by the following rules: We have 3 tent parents assigned, please check regularly to see if swimmers need to use the restrooms and escort groups there or to the snack bar as needed.

Parents should not remove swimmers from the tent without first telling one of the tent parents they are doing so. Please escort your child back to the tent when you are done with whatever activity you are removing them for.

Older swimmers should not leave the tent without first telling the tent parent where they are headed. It is recommended that they do so in groups of 2 or more. The tents provide a shaded area for our swimmers to socialize between events. Parents, please make sure your swimmer has activities to keep them entertained while they are there.

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Also please remind your swimmers that part of having fun involves that golden rule "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you". They need to show respect for the tent parents and other swimmers in their tent. Each swimmer was asked to sign a code of conduct and they will be held accountable for their actions if they do not follow it.

Foul language, back talk, spitting, hitting and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in the tents. Tent parents, please stay tuned into the activities that are occurring in the tents.