Studebaker international meet 2016

Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet History

studebaker international meet 2016

To belong to this Chapter, you MUST belong to the National Studebaker Drivers Club. This is INTERNATIONAL MEET WILL BE HOSTED BY THE HEART OF OHIO CHAPTER IN MANSFIELD, OHIO . , All Rights Reserved. 52nd Annual Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet. Warwick, RI Thursday, June 30, Photos by: Bob Warenda · Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page. The SDC sponsors an annual International Meet where Studebaker owners from across North America bring their Studebakers and families for a week of fun.

Vehicle is very nice good interior, car runs good considering it is 63 years old. In conclusion the car is all original and complete you would be hard pressed to find another one in this shape for the price that is original and un molested like this one.

Add the overall condition of this car that you do not see for sale very often and its uniqueness.

studebaker international meet 2016

New paint, Upholstery, Batteries. It runs and drives nice. A really neet looking vehicle. More pictures available via the ad on Old Rides: Here is a wide view of all the great cars. Please see below under the summary of the recent Zone Meet for a great article by Keith Wahl about his adventures going to and returning from the International Meet!

Tacoma International Meet Adventures By Keith Wahl As many of our club members know, my original 55 Wagon was totaled last October 7th — thought to be damaged beyond repair.

studebaker international meet 2016

I found an identical replacement wagon, later-in-the-year model with curved windshield. When I realized that my damaged wagon could be salvaged I had already started work on this Arizona rust-free car which made its way to Tennessee where it was shipped to me.

Potomac Chapter, Studebaker Drivers Club

So I ended up restoring both cars. Many mechanical repairs to the new purchase and lots of body work to my original wagon. Both cars were completely painted, new interior work to the second car plus brakes and a complete re-wire. Unfortunately that did not happen. He was going to drive his 62 GT Hawk but it was never road tested and he could not get the interior finished in time.

So he took his trusty Champ Truck, departed Payson.

The Antique Studebaker Club

We met outside St. Our trip was uneventful. Both Ken and I had turn signal problems. His turned out to be a switch which worked from time to time and mine was more complex.

Studebaker Car Club Show

I customized the car with 55 Fender spears and functional turn signals including a third brake light and a 4 way flasher. This required a relay which unfortunately blew out.

I had a larger unit sent to me at the former motel we reserved for our Washington visit.

studebaker international meet 2016

Ken thought he had a problem with a rear end noise so I followed him to a shop in town where they took out the rear end for inspection. Meanwhile, the mechanic who set up my signals sent me the wiring diagram and 2 new heavy duty relays. We met up with the Halgrens, St. Ken, the St Claires and Keatings took some of the tours. The weather was really great. Ken Michael, Bob, Ken St. We toured his collection of antique hubcaps and 3 buildings — old chicken coops full of cars he stores for people plus his own Hupmobiles.

Bob bought a transmission from him and we headed back to Tacoma. Tacoma and the northwest does have its traffic so the only free travel we had was up the 15 through Oregon, Idaho and Utah with 80 MPH speed limits. Both cars performed extremely well.

studebaker international meet 2016

The meet was not all that well attended. Maybe some cars — all very nice with some real interesting retromods. Ken and I stayed for the entirety of the Saturday meet and we left about 1 PM. We had an uneventful ride down to Albany, Oregon where we were to part ways Ken heading east and me south.

I made it down to Drain, Oregon — about 45 miles north of Roseburg, where our former president and good friend Denny Napier lives. I had the unfortunate mishap of hearing a terrible bang in the engine. No smoke, no loss of oil pressure.

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52nd Annual Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet

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