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This is how I think the Monkey Team met and got along in the first A nine-year- old Chiro was walking in the sewers two years after he ran away from home. on a group called the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go. Chiro from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! robot of kombat'." We meet again old friend in your dreams by TheBlackSunKing Skeleton King. Disclaimer: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO! we ended up actually doing a RP of Chiro meeting the Monkeys as well as several.

Teenage leader of the Vague Age robots. Kevin Michael Richardson The black monkey in the seasons one and two, later the silver monkey in seasons three and four, and second-in-command.

Antauri is very calm and collected and cares much for his friends. He often acts as a leader, and is serious about training. He teaches Chiro how to control the Power Primate, and also gives spiritual advice to the rest of the Team. Courtesy of his voice actor. Back from the Dead: His resurrection as the silver monkey in the Season 3 opener.

Though very powerful, his fully robotic Silver Monkey body makes him susceptible to mechanical issues that can render him immobile or cause him to lose control of his body. After Antauri loses his body in the Season Two finale, Chiro builds a fully robotic body for him and transfers Antauri's soul into it with the Power Primate.

After his resurrection as the silver monkey he is much stronger than before. He almost always has the same deadpan serious expression on his face, even in comical scenes, such as when Thingy slobbered all over his face and his expression doesn't change.

He can give some pretty stern ones. Antauri remains quite distant to Chiro and doesn't morally support him in the first season. While he most often reassures the others to trust in their leader, he shows moments of doubts, like in the episode "Secret of the Sixth Monkey".

He grows closer to Chiro in the second season, while Chiro actively seeks out his advice and confides in him about his worries by this point. They develop a close parent-child relationship from then on. In the Season Two finale. At the beginning of Season Three it's revealed that his soul was just hidden within Chiro's body until Chiro could find a way to bring him back; Antauri eventually returns by transferring his soul to the body of the Silver Monkey.

Yes, you should already know this. Funny Animal Heroic Sacrifice: It borders in Senseless Sacrifice since he didn't stop the Dark One Worm and allowing it to run away to space caused the destruction of thousands of planets.

He only stopped it from completely destroying Shuggazoom. In his defense, he didn't know that the thing could regenerate its body from its head. Gains the ability to pass through walls as the silver monkey. Official Number Two in the Hyperforce and generally much more serious than Chiro. His rebirth as the silver monkey.

Gets a significant boost for himself and the Power Primate. He is Chiro's wise monkey mentor who teaches him about the Power Primate and guides him in his path as the The Chosen One.

When he dies in the second season, Chiro is clearly affected by losing his mentor and father figure. Fortunately, Antauri is back by the start of the third season. He uses his Psychic Powers to short circuit Chiro's gaming systems to get to do work. Also uses his ghost paws to cheat at pinball. Noble Male, Roguish Male: The noble to Sprx's roguish.

Even the wise and mature Antauri has his quirky moments. According to some of the staff, Chiro's a latchkey kid. Since so little is known about Chiro.

He becomes the subject of many fan-theories. Some state before Chiro found the Super Robot portray Chiro as an orphan with abusive parents, or his parents died and his relatives occupied Chiro's house and ill-treated him, or Skeleton King made his parents as his prisoners or sent them to some other planet or galaxy.

Some even believe that Skeleton King 's related to Chiro in some way, the most common form of this theory being that he's Chiro's father. In the episode, I, ChiroAntauri dies and his soul goes into Chiro's body. Which in turn, Chiro turns into a monkey, until the next 2 episodes where Chiro turns back to normal. Powers Chiro's powers come from the Power Primate entity inside him. He can utilize electrokinesis, as seen in the attacks Lightning Kick and Thunder Punch.

Meet Chiro - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Disney Channel Asia

He's also seen utilizing the Power Primate for combat. An electricity based punch. An electricity based kick. Used often, but not as often as "Thunder Punch" after the first couple seasons. A bolt of lightning thrown by Chiro. Again, not used as often after the first couple of seasons.

An energy based attack shot from the mouth. Used more commonly by Antauri. A burst of green energy that focuses into a beam or radiated out over the whole body. A green gorilla like force field around Chiro.

A blow can push the enemy. It's like Monkey Fu except it comes from hands, shown in Skeleton King. The Hyperforce train him in fighting. Chiro absorbs the inner primate and radiates with green energy. He smiled, a sense of serenity settling over him that would only appear when he was in the safest place in the world: Approaching the door, he reached into his pocket and fished out a bronze house key.

He fitted the key into the keyhole and twisted it. The door rattled a few times before it came loose. He stepped inside into the hallway which darkened upon him closing the door. The interior of the apartment was small. There was a kitchen and dinner table in one room. In the hall where he entered, there was a room to his left that served as an office… if it can be called at that stage.

There was tons of paperwork stacked on a desk and boxes of wires and appliances shattered across the room. He vaguely remembered that when he was four or five, he nearly got buried under them after unwittingly knocking them over… and there weren't as nearly as much as they were now. After removing his backpack and setting it in the kitchen, he noticed a note.

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He smiled, well accustomed to the hasty hand-writing of it. He removed the magnet that attached it to the fridge and read it over. Chiro, I may be home a little extra later than usual because of a deadline. Your dinner is in the fridge. Put it in the microwave for at least five minutes I'll try to be home as soon as I can. If you're still awake when I do come home, I want to talk to you about those boys who keep picking on you. Love, Aunt Zia P. I saw your most recent report card.

I'm so proud of you! There's a special surprise for you on the TV. He groaned lightly, not liking the subject of the two bullies being discussed with his aunt. He wanted to solve his problems on his own; plus, she had enough to worry about. His aunt, Zia, was a very sweet and polite woman. Being the optimistic person she was, she kept her chin up in the hardest of situations and always considered the benefits of others before her own.

However, she was also very busy. To support both Chiro and herself, she worked each and every day at her job, pulling in extra hours for even a measly amount of additional cash. She usually didn't get home until late in the evening because of this. It was not that her boss, Mr. Nieli, was a tyrant. In fact, it was on more than one occasion that he insisted for Zia to take it easy or take a day off, but she never did unless it was for a chance to celebrate Chiro's birthday or she was very ill which was very infrequent.

It still amazed Chiro how she was able to do so much and make sure he was taken care of when she was not home. As far as he knew, she was his only living relative, but he loved her more than anything out there. Curiosity overcoming his hunger for the moment, he walked over to the dining area, where a small TV and a gaming console sat next to the counter. On a box wrapped in plain brown paper was written in black marker, "Con-grade-ulations, Chiro!

But I'll play later; didn't get my good grades playing games all day. As it was cooking, he opened his backpack and removed a book and notebook. He always ate and did his homework at the same time on weekdays, and he was always careful not to get his notebook messy. About a half hour later, he had finished his meal and his homework. He intended to play a little bit of his new game, but he just couldn't find himself motivated.

After avoiding getting beaten up, running home, and eating, he found himself very tired. He didn't even realize when he fell asleep with his head on the table.

Wednesday was just another normal day for Chiro Cipes. It was everything he ever wished for rolled into one. There he was on a racked battle field, just like one of the settings in his favorite TV show. The fate of the city rested on his shoulders as he came face-to-face with two of the most notorious fiends of the galaxy: You'll fight the both of us even though your precious teammates were easily crushed under our might?

Three beaten people were tied to it: Sucking in air like a human vacuum cleaner, he inflated up until he was two times as large. Then rolling like a boulder, he went on a direct path headed for Chiro.

After all, he was the member of the greatest superhero team of all time: As the Inflatable Nemesis was coming his way, Chiro's body glowed until he was much too hard to look at like the intense sun. Then, with but the tip of his finger, he stopped the bloated villain dead-on.

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Chiro grinned, knowing how this was going to end. What happened brought a whole new meaning to the phase 'the air being knocked out of you'. The villain deflated like a balloon and slowly slipped down to the ground. Enraged that his partner was defeated, the Brass Titan turned on Chiro. Several metal spears shot from the devices on both his wrists. Did Chiro have any idea what to do? Of course he did! He crossed his arms over his chest and shouted, "Sun Blast!

The moment it contacted with the deadly spears, they were incinerated. His back slammed into some debris and—rather embarrassingly for him—his armor melted off from the heat and was now in his undergarments.

Though, he was too dazed and miserable to notice. Chiro put his 'soaking in his victory' on a hold. He freed the Sun Riders from their bonds and they all smiled in gratitude.

Super Quasar patted Chiro on the back. The temperature is seventy-six. Today's forecast features sunshine and… oh, what do you know? It's a perfect day to go outside and have a little family picnic in the park. That is… if you can find one open. Anyway, on a more serious note, Mayor Auman is proposing his plan today for—" Finally realizing what happened, the boy groaned.

He planted his hand on the top of the alarm, silencing the reporter's chirper voice. So much for that sweet dream to last… He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stretched his arms.

Boy, I must have been really tired last night. Don't remember getting into bed or sleeping in my clothes After getting up and combing his hair, he left his room. As he passed the only other bedroom upstairs, Chiro took the tippy-toe route. It would have been unnecessary on a carpet, but the wood beneath it still managed to let out a protested creak for every person who so much as laid a toe on it.

It further established to the boy of just how ancient the apartment was. Chiro continued this careful tread even as he walked down the stairs. If his aunt had a deadline, he was certain that she had to be sound asleep right now. How surprised he was when he came down! Aunt Zia was in the kitchen, just finishing preparing breakfast. She hummed an inaudible tune as she slid a spatula under some scrambled eggs on a steaming pan.

The smell filled the boy's nostrils and he could feel his mouth watering somewhat. As he went to the table, he caught sight of his books on the table and he quickly remembered.

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! 6 Episode Secret of The Sixth Monkey

I must have fallen asleep right here! She must be really frustrated with me for putting me to bed last night.

Zia looked over her shoulder—shifting her shoulder-length blue hair in the movement—to flash him her classic smile. I couldn't really get comfortable on that old mattress last night. You must have had one tiring day yesterday. Only things different is that I got re-assigned to track in Gym Class… and I was able to put that to good use after school. After all, it was rude to eat and talk at the same time.

Zia sat down and the two enjoyed their meal together as a family. Chiro never quaffed down his food so he could savor the fullest of the meal made by his aunt's hands. Anyone who tried her cooking would agree that she was an expert if not the best.

She spend a lot of care on her food preparation, making absolute certain it came out in perfection. He suggested to her how she should totally take a job as a chef or even become an assistant for Mr.

Gakslapper in his Hover Burger Business. But he knew she wouldn't; she was afraid the money for the jobs wouldn't be able to provide for paying the rent and keeping Chiro in school. More than once, he threw in a suggestion that they could find a tutor so he wouldn't have to go to school anymore; a win-win for both of them. But she always shook her head and said in a dejected tone: Besides, being in school can give you a chance like no other: I'm sure that there's someone who wants to be your friend, you just haven't found them yet.

Just please give it time. Problem was that no matter how hard Chiro tried, he couldn't seem to find any good friends.