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In the scene, Downey Jr was supposed to hold down Berry in a mental The greatest lone-wolf action movie of all-time Die Hard, features rockets, bombs, George Clooney suffered a severe back injury on the set of Syriana . I'm a 45 year old man looking to meet women between the ages of 30 and But for him the role in Syriana was worth all the pasta. . The scene currently being shot is the first scene of the film and establishes the murky the Beirut suburb where Gaghan was taken to meet the Hezbollah leader. .. "Usually films show the aftermath of a bomb or the bombing itself but Syriana does. Hopefully, this “Syriana” article I wrote when I was still with The . Gaghan used it in the film for a scene in which Clooney's character has a similar meeting. U.S. embassy bombing to being in northern Iraq in the mids.

The talented Amande Peet ties her best as his wife, but gets little screen time and also delivers a weak performance. And these only partially successful performances and outright failures are where "Syriana" fails --as a film. What "Syriana" lacks is a clear cut central character whose fate is linked to the complex story lines. Clooney's character is as close as we get, and he does not get enough screen time to really get us involved with him and the moral questions he faces.

He at one point is directly involved in an assassination plot, then tries to stop it. The lead up to that is the most suspenseful of the film, but Clooney's out of nowhere insertion in the payoff scene is the movie's weakest moment, as if the filmmakers had to recast his character as a born again good guy, despite the silliness of his actions.

In the end, movies rise and fall, not by their political message, but by how their central characters grab us. That simply doesn't happen in "Syriana. Clooney's C-I-A agent comes off as a tool, discarded by his handlers when he is no longer useful.

But the fact that he did not see until the end that he was working, not for his country, but for big oil, makes him a kind of sad dupe and that does not a movie hero make.

Actually, had he gotten more screen time, he might well have been a more sympathetic character. But that would have given us less time to ponder the role of the oil companies in all this.

The Hezbollah leader ultimately arrives at the scene of Barnes's torture in time to stop Mussawi from beheading Barnes. When the CIA learns that Mussawi plans to broadcast the agency's intention to kill Nasir, they try to distance themselves by scapegoating Barnes, portraying him as a rogue agent.

Whiting worries, first about Barnes talking about the Nasir assassination plan, second about the possibility that Nasir's coup might have a greater likelihood of success, and third that killing Nasir with a Predator drone missile would make it obvious that it is an American-backed assassination. He plots to make Barnes the scapegoat. He has his passports revoked, locks him out of his computer at work, and has him investigated.

Barnes, however, learns from Stan Goff that Whiting is responsible and threatens him and his family unless he halts the investigation and releases Barnes's passports. Barnes eventually learns why he was portrayed as a rogue agent.

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He drives across the desert, intent on warning Nasir. He stops Prince Nasir's convoy to warn him of the assassination plan. Before he can tell the Prince, the Predator missile strikes the automobile of Nasir and his family, killing them. Barnes stumbles away wounded. Woodman, who gave his seat in Nasir's car to Nasir's wife, survives the blast and goes home to his wife and son. Wasim Storyline Pakistani migrant workers Saleem Ahmed Khan Shahid Ahmed and his son Wasim Mazhar Munir board a bus to go to work at a Connex refinery, only to discover that they have been laid off due to a Chinese company outbidding Connex for the rights to run that facility.

Since the company has provided food and lodging, the workers face the threat of poverty and deportation due to their unemployed status. Wasim desperately searches for work, but is refused because he doesn't speak Arabic. Wasim and his friend join an Islamic school to learn Arabic to improve their employment prospects.

But Gaghan, inspired by his experiences on a pre-production recce, which included a hair-raising car journey through the warren-like streets of Beirut to meet the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, insisted the film needed authentic locations.

So, several weeks before reaching the Dubai desert, Clooney found himself filming in the ancient medina that hugs Casablanca's coastline, with the call of the muezzin in the background and no one asking for autographs.

By George, he's serious

Here we are in Morocco and three times a day a siren goes off and everyone stops their cars, gets out in the middle of the street, kneels down and prays. We're immersed in a passionate belief system, and anyone who thinks you can bomb that ideal out of them needs to travel more.

I just wish more people in our country travelled more. They'd learn a lot about how hated we are. Not that you would have known that Clooney had any safety concerns. As the technical crew are organising a timed explosion on the Avenue du Far in the Jewish quarter, he kicks back his chair in the ropy catering tent, tells stories about pranks on Ocean's Twelve and does hilarious impressions of George W. He also recounts how Bob Baer came to stay at his house in Lake Como.

The next time we meet, he's worked out and looks great and I'm fat. We were turning into each other - so I told him we were going to turn him gay in the movie. Gaghan admits he finds the realism of the film 'unsettling' but gives credit to the experts he consulted. All that and a US election as well. It affects what we do, I think, and hopefully shows on screen. Extras came from one of the poorest souks in Casablanca for a scene in a madrassa religious schoolbut most of the Muslim-speaking roles went to British actors.