Team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

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team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

Finally, management achieves the organizational goals by working with . You will need to look at the different ways you and the team could achieve this goal. . When you organize the team to perform the tasks required to boost coffee sales, . Performance appraisal – You must also create structures of. Coffee House Business Plan: Business Plans - Volume The goals of the business are to provide a substantial income and to create a business and. A Communications Plan is a document that details what you are The tone of your communication plan can also set the culture of the organisation. The first step is to set the goals that you would like the plan to achieve. objectives is to Improve Product Delivery from your Internal Teams. . Coffee Snob.

I will measure my progress by keeping track of how many new clients I gain while maintaining my current client base. I will gain four new clients as I currently have four available spaces in my fortnightly client scheduling diary. Adding clients to my customer base will allow me to grow my business and increase my income. I will have four new clients within three months. I will gain four new clients for my gardening business within a three month period filling my current available diary places.

This will allow me to grow my business and increase my revenue. Be realistic in what you can achieve. It might be helpful to break down the steps into smaller chunks. Put a system in place to help you measure your goals and keep you on track. Read Research your market to understand how to analyse your industry and compare your business to others. For special entertainment nights, radio and newspaper ads will be placed.

Entertainment and food critics will be given an invitation. On opening night we will have an invitation only party, with over 1, invitations being sent. For businesses in the area, menus will be distributed and ordering will be available by fax.

A customer mailing list will be developed with a calendar of events being mailed on a monthly basis. Sales Tactics Servers will always ask the customer if they want added items, i.

This will not only increase sales for the business but will also increase the amount of money the server makes. Most people tip according to a percentage of the check. The higher the check the greater the tip. The server can control their own income. All tables also will have "table tents" or advertisements. The tents will describe upcoming events.

Also, pictures and descriptions of items for sale, such as micro-brewed beers, desserts, etc. The menus will provide detailed descriptions of the items available, including a section describing the different types of beers available.

For example, the chili beer. If that does not work, the customer will be given their meal free of charge. One block north of Coffee Circus. Known for their southern style cooking. The restaurant caters to families who want to eat and leave.

No live entertainment is provided.

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Their prices are moderate with little or no variation. They are known for good quality food and service. Extremely clean and well managed. There is little or no product comparison. They have become successful due to location and reputation. Burger's Joint - Northwest corner of Holgate and 37th Ave. A well-known fast food franchise with a good presence and marketing plan. The food and prices are about the same as their competition. There is no product comparison.

LaJolla - Southeast corner of 37th Ave.

Coffee House Business Plan - Executive summary, Mission statement, Purpose of business plan

The atmosphere is upscale and the food pricing is moderately high. The food is highly specialized and caters to a certain type of clientele.

team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

There is no comparison. Steve's - Northeast corner of 37th Ave. The pricing is moderate, but cheaper than Chicken Little. The quality is fair.

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Most persons eat there because of pricing and because they are shopping at the store. There is very little competition for Coffee Circus. Provide customers with prompt and courteous service. Objective Provide initial training for all employees Hold monthly employee meetings Have an open door policy for employee suggestions and concerns Implement the use of the Business Plan systems Purchase and use the Food Fax software package Have clearly defined job descriptions and duties Have an employee policy handbook Do employee reviews every six months Customer suggestion box Design kitchen and service area to be efficient Product Distribution The product will be distributed in the restaurant by food servers.

The food will be cooked on site, except for some of the baked goods. Some of these, such as croissants will be purchased in the raw frozen form and baked daily. When a customer enters Coffee Circus they will be greeted by a hostess who will seat them and provide them with menus. A server will greet them and give them water.

team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

The server will inquire what they would like to drink. The drink order will be prepared by the server. If the drink is either beer, wine or coffee, that will be prepared by the bartender. The drink order will be given to the bartender on a written check, which will be rung up on the register.

If the server fixed the drink, it will be rung up on the register by the server. The server will deliver the drinks and then take the food order if the customer is ready.

The server will take the food order, ring it up and the order will appear on the cook's computer screen. The cook will prepare the food, in the order the tickets are given. The more detailed objectives and processes you can set, the better the plan is. Your management plan must take into account the other departments and their specific organizational goals. Perhaps the financial team has to cut down costs for the sales team and you need to be aware of the impact this would have on your new marketing campaign.

Organizing The next function of management follows planning and it is about organizing.

team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

If your task were to increase sales, you would look at the plan and determine how to divide the resources you have in order to put your plan in place. The marketing campaign would be handed out the Becky and you would provide them with the financial resources available and needed to give birth to the campaign.

You would also need to ensure the team has access to the customer files in order to utilize vital information. As the example shows, this can be about arranging the finances, ensuring the right equipment is used and appointing the personnel to the specific tasks. Your objective as the manager is to provide your team or department the resources it needs to turn the plan into reality.

The organizing function is about the overall structure of the specific managerial level. You are creating the foundations to everyday operations by organizing the resources.

team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

This function is closely linked to the hierarchy of management. Depending on your management level, you will have different responsibilities and resources to organize.

The top-level managers need to organize the teams below them, while the lower-level managers will be partly taking orders for effective organizing from the managers above. Organizing is a vital part of ensuring the company can function effectively and it concerns the day-to-day activities. Why is organizing essential? While it might be difficult to work without a plan, it can be impossible for an organization to function without organizing. The function is vital because it ensures there is structure to the operations.

You are aware of the resources and you ensure they are used in a manner that best helps the company to achieve its targets.

team performance plan to meet organisational objectives for a coffee

By organizing the resources, you ensure operational efficiency and structure. Organizing puts the plan in action. While you might have the team still doing tasks, the tasks might not be the correct ones for the situation. When you organize the team to perform the tasks required to boost coffee sales, you have each person working towards the goal. Jerry might be greeting customers and telling them about the new coffee flavour, while Dina and Jack are working to make the sale and the coffee as quickly as possible.

When done efficiently, organizing tends to follow the pattern and steps outlined below: Identify activities and classify them — The step is straightforward enough because you already have a plan.

Your objective is to identify the different roles, processes, and activities required to achieve the objectives. These would be the roles for the team members, the different tasks each role would need to perform and the specific processes the tasks would include. You would assign the specific tasks for the persons you feel are the most qualified and provide the resources to the processes, which most need them.

In order the get the marketing campaign working properly, you might want to ensure the person in charge of the team has the authority to make decisions. You need devolution of responsibility, as it can ensure the plan works efficiently. Co-ordinate authority and responsibilities—As well as delegating authority, you also need to co-ordinate it to match the overall functionality of the organization and the structure of the objectives. For example, you might want two people to share the responsibility of organizing the price reductions, with each having the ability to respond to supplier queries.

Staffing The staffing function is an increasingly important function of management, although it is sometimes left out when the core functions are discussed.

It can be seen closely related to organizing, with both focused on ensuring the resources are directed to the right processes and tasks. For staffing, the focus is on people and their labor in relation to the organizational objectives.

You would essentially be looking at the tasks ahead of you and determining who should do what and if you have the right manpower to achieve the objectives you want.

In terms of hitting your sales targets, you would need to analyze if the current staff is capable of performing the tasks and whether you have enough employees to ensure the integrity of the organization.

You might find the marketing team to be too small and consider hiring a temporary or even full-time worker. Technology has also had a huge impact on company structures, requiring new positions and destroying others. Whereas your car sales company might have mainly relied on face-to-face sales in the past, today you might also do business online, which would mean you need people for IT-specific roles and perhaps fewer salespersons.

Management has also become more focused on the human behavioral aspect of leadership. Finding the right company fit, ensuring employees are satisfied, and guaranteeing emotional wellbeing as well as physical work safety have emphasized the importance of staffing as a function.

Why is staffing essential? Staffing is essential to guarantee the operational functionality of the organization. On the other hand, you might be wasting resources by having too many employees with not enough tasks to perform.

The numbers do matter. Staffing also guarantees the staff you have is qualified to perform the tasks and that they are adequately supported in those roles. This will further deepen the organizational efficiency, since people are motivated and qualified to work towards the common objective.

Furthermore, even the most qualified of employees need the occasional help and support. The staffing function helps create these development opportunities.

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It consists of a number of separate functions, which are: Manpower planning — You need to stay on top of staffing, as manpower requirements can change from season to season. Planning would see you make estimations of the number of employees you need, searching for the right kind of employees, and hiring the perfect employees to the roles in front of you. Recruitment, selection and placement — Another key function is the actual recruitment process, with its various steps.

Training and development — Staffing also includes the creation of structures, which ensure the employees are always on top of the latest skills in the position and the industry. You should also consider training programs in terms of succession, as you need to ensure the next generation of managers and leaders is coming through your organization. Remuneration — A big part of the function is the financial aspect.

Performance appraisal — You must also create structures of feedback within the organization.