Tfp meet ultra magnus prime

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tfp meet ultra magnus prime

Transformers: Robots in Disguise · Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime · Beast Wars: Transformers · Transformers: Energon · Transformers: Cyberverse. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, operate from a former American military .. Transformers Prime: Official Handbook and Transformers Prime: Meet the Team. Ultra Magnus Transformers Prime, Transformers Characters, Optimus Prime, . Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising, Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen. .. Tailgate & Ultra Magnus in More Then Meets The Eye comic series.

Prey (episode)

And in the movie, every time you did that, it was very special but it was extremely limited. So there was always another way Transformers stories and this was Prime, which premiered a few weeks later on March 22, would be the show's last.

tfp meet ultra magnus prime

Predacons Rising would air and would end the story. Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee were the characters that were considered "must-haves" for the series. From that point on, they tried to include Autobots and Decepticons that complemented those characters' personalities, "rather than duplicate them".

tfp meet ultra magnus prime

Additionally, when asked about the death of Cliffjumper and other characters in the series, he said that "when we kill a character, we kill a character".

Regarding Optimus' memory loss and joining the Decepticons, Duane Capizzi said that they wanted to satisfy fans' expectations "but take it in unexpected directions. What happens will be pretty unexpected, but pretty organic.

tfp meet ultra magnus prime

After a writer made the suggestion, they realized Unicron could be included in a way that tied Earth to Cybertron. He also reaffirmed his comment regarding death in the series, stating that "anyone can die" and revealed that "the body count has been upgraded" in season two.

Prime — Beast Hunters for its third season. Wheeljack and Bulkhead finish planting explosives in the mine, but as they prepare to detonate, they spot the incoming Predacon. After dodging its initial blast of flame, they try to counterattack, and Wheeljack is knocked flying by the thing's tail. Bulkhead belts the creature shortly before it attacks him with a blast of flame, sending him flying.

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They quickly realise it's after Wheeljack, who lures it over a grenade. The beast is unscathed by the explosion, so Wheeljack instead leads it into the energon mine before speeding out and setting off the explosions.

The dust barely has time to settle before the creature digs its way out.

tfp meet ultra magnus prime

As the Wreckers prepare to fight, the Iron Will streaks into view, striking the Predacon with its cannons and picking the trio up. Though a joyous reunion ensues, the ship's still being pursued.

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The Iron Will's engine is damaged in the chase, and the creature manages to catch up and cling to the hull. Bringing the Iron Will into a narrow canyon, Magnus scrapes the Predacon off using a rocky outcropping. Fowler gets another call he thinks is from Megatron, but this time it's Ratchet, who has hacked into the Decepticon frequencies.

TFP: The Forge of Solus Prime : Pack Your Kilts

Ratchet doesn't have any news of Jack for Junebut before he can tell them much else, Bumblebee interrupts the call. Running outside, they find the Iron Will landing, and more reunions take place.