Thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

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thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

Dhurva is the Telugu remake of Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan Ram Charan's Dhruva Teaser Out, Meets Fans With Arvind Swamy, Reluctant Actor, Found Success 'Stifling' A family court dissolved the marriage of actor Arvind Swamy and his estranged wife as they sought divorce under mutual consent. An introvert by nature, Arvind Swamy recently took up the challenge of hosting as the charming Abhimanyu in "Thani Oruvan", Arvind Swamy has had an became successful all over the country and he was recognized everywhere. The show has enabled Arvind to meet people from all walks of life. Arvind Swamy is an Indian film actor, model, entrepreneur and television presenter known for his work in Tamil cinema. He was introduced as an actor by Mani Ratnam with the film Thalapathi () and subsequently starred in successful films such as Roja Later on Mani Ratnam saw him in an advertisement and called for a meeting.

Everything from aesthetics to stories has changed.

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Your standards are much higher… I like this time better than the 90s. How does Arvind Swamy feel about all the praise that he gets?

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  • The pressure was to disprove: Arvind Swamy gets candid on his comeback in Tamil cinema

The adulation was daunting. But you need to learn to ignore it. Today, I look at it as love and affection.

thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

His views are not surprising, considering how fond he is of breaking the mould. You need to be dramatic, you need to lose your cool.

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How were those years of recovery? I just embrace life as it happens. We all have our highs and lows. It happens, and you just need to know how to deal with.

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Your mind is stopping you from stressing your body out, you worry about relapsing. Physically I was certified as healthy, but you tend to hesitate. It was one of those things that pushed me to see where it goes.

It was right out of my comfort zone. Every other host has been prepared.

thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

But I had no preparation time. The show has enabled Arvind to meet people from all walks of life.

thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

I have been a recluse, a solitary person and at 21 was not prepared for what came my way. Swamy had other ideas also, which he wanted to implement.

thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

He wanted time off to engage with other things rather than get insular as a star. He enjoyed working in relative anonymity in these countries though Indians would recognise himeven shaving his head to give himself a different look and identity. He also took time out parenting, being single dad to his two growing kids.

thani oruvan success meet arvind swamy divorce

I was doing it for myself. Be it business, acting, full-time parenting or playing video games for 22 hours at a stretch. Mani Ratnam pulled him out again and he is reported to have shed 15 kg before starting Kadal.

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In retrospect, he has no regrets about shunning the world of glamour: But at 46, he is more sorted and at peace with himself and can understand the love and adulation people have for a star. Now he feels that he can enjoy what he chooses to do, be it creating technology applications, interacting with his kids or acting in movies: I feel I am in a good space. I was oblivious to the possibility of people who could be in such a situation. There was a huge discomfort in playing the role but I realised it was personal and unwarranted and that it cannot come in the way of a decision.

I felt obligated to be a part of this story-telling.