The in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

The In-Between World of Vikram Lall by M.G. Vassanji

the in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

Helon Habila enjoys MG Vassanji's The In-Between World of Vikram Lall, a story about revolution and corruption in the making of Kenya. essays research papers - The In-Between World of Vikram Lall. Vic's romantic relationship with Annie, a British girl whose brother was friends with Vikram. I hope the ending is as good as the start, but I will have to wait until I have finished . Two things about The In-Between World of Vikram Lall,published in , strike us . relationship public, saying, "Your wife is having an affair with an African, who . last, he decides to end his condition of exile and face the consequences of.

The In-Between World of Vikram Lall

What Vassanji keeps on coming back to is the very feeling of not quite belonging, of not being accepted, either by the Europeans or the Africans: I told myself how desperately I loved this country that somehow could not quite accept me.

I wish I could explain to Joseph, a descendant of those people, that that world was not of my devising.

the in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

But I fear I already sound too earnest. From an African perspective, voiced through Njoroge, the in-between position of Asians in Africa is described in the following terms: And you were so alien, more so than the whites. We never know what you think.

The colonial history therefore does not stop to haunt the postcolonial present of the Asians; it does not let either side to forget the context of their immigration to East Africa: As a result, most of them eventually emigrate, more or less reluctantly.

the in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

One of the reluctant ones, pushed west primarily dues to his own she- nanigans and involvement in government corruption, turns out to be the narrator himself, and it is from this dislocated, exilic perspective that Vikram narrates the story of Asians in Kenya.

On the one hand he longs for the place of his birth and youth, describing the early years with considerable nostalgia, expressing a feeling of love and belonging to it; on the other he ruefully describes the denial of this belonging by the African countrymen he experienced.

the in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

However, his professed sense of belonging and allegiance to Kenya is not only questioned and doubted by his friends and colleagues, but also by the reader herself. Because Vikram refuses to take a moral stance to corruption, because he does not even try to react in any way to the position of a go-between in the money-laundering carried by the corrupt Kenyan government, his supposed allegiance to Kenya and his friend Njoroge does not hold water.

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His main fault seems to be his composure and general lack of passion, which can otherwise be found galore in all the characters that surround him. Major issues raised by this novel, therefore, are those of race and belonging. Whose country is it? As Asians leave, the local ethnic nations turn against each other: He has to come to terms with a country that has been run off the tracks by dishonesty, ruthlessness, theft and lies, with the indirectly blessing of the power players of the world. The novel is as much a historic-fictional tale of Kenya, as it is the soul-wrenching journey of a man who has to come to terms with himself and the future he has carved from his past.

All lives have an innocent beginning, concluded by a guilty ending, fueled by subjective perceptions.

In the shadow of the Mau Mau

However, life is not always about perceptions only. It is also about survival on different levels by people who simultaneously become the victims and victimisers in their own lifestories and have to find their identity, history and heritage.

Most endings are never written, most stories never told. A slow-moving, exhausting read. However, a story which brings more truth and insight into the tales of Africa and its people, particularly the minorities, including the Indian population, who were born Africans but denied their rightful citizenship or respect by the new conquerors.

the in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

Human rights is only a method to madness. An irony of history. Being born in Africa does not mean you have a right to be called African. Some Africans are simply not welcome or acknowledged. The winner takes all. God quietly helps us all, cry the minorities of the world! As the years go by, Vik's parents are gradually driven apart, though they briefly become closer again when Sheila is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Deepa and Njoroge meet again as friends, though their past feelings remain strong and rumours begin to circulate that they are having an affair. When Njoroge's mentor and political opponent to Jomo Kenyatta is killed, Njoroge's idealism makes him a target and he is killed at Deepa's shop.

Deepa mourns his death for years, but when her husband Dilip dies, the scandals around Njoroge and Dilip's deaths isolate her and she chooses to immigrate to the United States where her two grown children reside.

Lip Lock Kissing scene between Vikram and Priyanka

Vik's increased involvement in various political scandals endangers the lives of family members; his wife separates from him and takes their children to England, while Vik flees to Canada. In present, Vik attempts to atone for Njoroge's death by looking out for Njoroge's son, Joseph, who has come to Canada.

When Joseph suddenly returns to Kenya and is arrested for his participation in a violent political protest, Vik chooses to return to Africa to leverage his account of the most notorious scandal he was involved in in order to secure Joseph's release.

the in between world of vikram lall ending a relationship

Though he succeeds in obtaining Joseph's release, Vik's chance for a fresh start is overturned when the investigating committee is abruptly dissolved and he is left vulnerable to his enemies hoping to keep their corruption secret. With his lawyer arrested, Vikram is left in hiding when his apartment building is set ablaze, leaving his fate ambiguous.