Three worlds meet chapter 1 notes for lord

Chapter 1- Three Worlds Meet Era 1: Three Worlds mEET - ppt download

three worlds meet chapter 1 notes for lord

U.S. History – The Americans Chapter 1- Three Worlds Meet Era 1: Three Worlds mEET . Origin myths – connection between creator God, ancestors & land 4. Newfoundland. Visit the Chapter 1 links for more information related to Three Worlds Meet. This was the world of the first Americans—people who migrated to the. Americas from . TAKING NOTES. In a chart like the dom claimed descent from the first person placed on earth by the “God of the. Sky.” Religious. Study Three Worlds Meet - Chapter 1 flashcards from Marco Medina's North Bergen High School class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app.

three worlds meet chapter 1 notes for lord

MAIZE- provides a structure for the beans to climb 2. BEANS- provide the nitrogen for soil 3. Surplus Goods led to: Larger Population led to: Olmec — Southern Mexico B. Hohokam Culture B.

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Adena Culture Ohio Valley B. North American societies around Chapter 1 Section 2: Hundreds of languages, dialects 3. Sailed for Spain 2. Thought he was in India 4. America Before Columbus Start Died in 1.

Chapter 1- Three Worlds Meet Era 1: Three Worlds mEET

America before Columbus 51 Goods Introduced to the Americas: Corn, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, cacao beans chocolatepumpkins, vanilla Animals: Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Disastrous expedition!

Experienced Hurricane, ended up in Florida 2. Took Native American hostage 3.

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Could not be owned Natural Spirits — Almost all Natives believed that objects, such as trees, animals, and the ground,had spirits. People could hear those spirits and interact with them.

Family — Many Natives lived together all their lives. Older Elders Tribe members were highly respected. Dominated the savannah regions of West Africa with use of its military Benin —Forest kingdoms that used the Niger river to transport goods for trade with Songhai and Portugal Kongo — Kingdoms located along the Congo river, and were European in structure.

Family — small village culture; groups were bound by kinship and lineage.

Chapter 1 Review Three Worlds Meet Section 1: Define nomadic

Some tribes were matrilineal - people trace lineage and ancestry through mothers family. Oldest member represented each family. Religion - Like Natives, Africans also believed in spiritsbut most believed in a supreme creator. Land - Land supported human livelihood, but they did believe that groups owned certain land.

three worlds meet chapter 1 notes for lord

Trade networks in West Africa were usually tied to North African Muslims, but they increased their contact with other parts of the world as Europeans Portuguese started to explore. Eventually, the Portuguese began exporting west Africans to work as laborers on island plantations.

Slavery was very common in Africa, and other parts of the world, but people usually were not born into it and could become free. More on the slave trade later 12 European Societies. All European societies were patriarchal — Lineage determined by the Fathers family lines Only males had legal rights There was little movement among social classes 13 The Protestant Reformation Since the Crusades -The Catholic Church status and authority had steadily weakened.

The Church then attacked Luther causing him and many to break away from the Catholic Church.

three worlds meet chapter 1 notes for lord

Therefore new protestant denominations were formed. During this time there was an explosion of creativity and knowledge unsurpassed by any period in the history of the world. The effects caused many Europeans to desire exploration in order to gain more knowledge and wealth.