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Read Trickster mode from the story Come out of the closet by homestuckbabe with reads. pepsicola, john, The meet up Fanfiction. A john X dave fanfic for all you Pepsi cola lovers *Credit to the awesome artist who made the pick* *homestuck was created by andrew hussie* *may have some trickster stuff*. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. When Jake goes trickster, Dirk doesn't expect him to go insane. green eyes intensified when they met the Strider's furious orange ones.

This is his big brother, Bro, and I have no idea if he is alright or not. Cause he was screaming in pain on the floor when I came in and then he passed the fuck out. He looks absolutely insane as well, his hair is bright green and he has green swirls tattooed on his cheeks or something.

Oh dear, is he wearing outrageously bright clothing? Does he have something stuck to his hair? Yes to the bright ass clothing, but something stuck to his hair? Like a candy, or a food or some sweet thing. He now noticed a large strawberry that sat on the right side of Dave's head, looking like it was going absolutely nowhere. He tugged on it, not a single bit of movement, the thing seemed as if it was literally grafted onto Dave's head, now even more worried.

Quickly sitting back down at his brothers computer Bro began typing again. Yeah, there was a strawberry fucking grafted to the right side of his head. I was hoping this wasn't the case. When he came back from his walk, did he have this really big spiral sucker on him? Yeah, he got me to check it over in case there was anything weird in the thing.

Why did that thing cause this? And what the hell is this anyway? Damnit, this is not good at all. That giant sweet sucker causes people to activate their 'Trickster' modes. It gives them enormous power boosts. But they act painfully happy all the time, and they are quite psychotic. Your telling me until this shitty thing wears off I'm going to have a psychotic lil bro? He will be extremely hyper and dorky- not like that is much of a change, but as well as switching emotions at the flick of a switch.

He will have enough strength to snap you in two if he tried hard enough. I don't exactly know if I am exaggerating or underestimating the power boost.

But from what I have seen it seems very likely I am correct. So I'm going to have to survive a power-monger kid-on-a-sugar-high Dave for however long it takes for the damn sucker power to wear off? I'm sorry, but that is all I can help you with, I wish you good luck, I'll tell the others to avoid angering Dave. At all, for as long as possible, for now goodbye.

Yeah, see you little Roxy. I am not my mother, goodbye. How dare she smile at this! His friends who were now gone. Trickster mode can bring them back. Buildings were crumbling and destroyed, and an eerie silence crowded the area. The air was partially clouded with dust.

Hiding carefully inside abandoned buildings or behind ruins were the kids and the trolls. They'd discussed the plan over and over again, making sure they could perfectly execute it. In the distance, every so often a faint sound could be heard if you listened hard enough- it resembled scratching.

It was the most terrifying sound any of them had ever heard. It meant HE was coming. Each one of them was determined to defeat Lord English, purposes varying from "he's evil and must be stopped before he hurts anyone else" to "I don't like that he's more powerful than me. In front of them, a small screen-like device displayed the dreary scene on the planet Lord English was roaming.

They kept in full contact with the others. Dave and Jade hid behind a tall piece of rubble closest to where the action would soon take place. Both, while reluctant to admit it, were terrified.

If this failed, they'd be the first to die, and facing Lord English would be a heroic death. She nervously grabbed his hands, a habit she's had since she was young. He didn't resist it. They glanced over to John and Rose, hiding behind another piece of rubble. Rose equipped herself with her old wand, which maybe, hopefully, could incapacitate or weaken him. Anticipation was the worst; just waiting.

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Inside a crumbled building waited Karkat, Terezi, and Kanaya. They exchanged worried looks, but made sure to stay absolutely silent.

In Karkat's hand lied the Juju, ready to be used at any time. The sound was horrible, just step after step. Sometimes they would pause and everyone would fear that he knew they were there. The footsteps got louder and louder, and more scratching sounds were apparent. Behind the rock, Jade gripped Dave's hand tighter. He pulled her to him and whispered, "You can do this, Jade. Remember all that shit he did? Summon that anger and you'll be unstoppable. They both peered over at Karkat, who was giving the signal that Lord English was approaching.

My knight in not-so-shining armor. For a moment everything was still. She glanced over and Karkat gave the signal. Lord English was there. She could only hear her own breathing, and for a moment was scared that she wouldn't be able to move. No, she would have to. Everything was at stake. Dave turned her around to face him, seeing the fear in her eyes.

He kissed her forehead and whispered, "Remember, I'm right here. No thoughts, just running. If she took time to think, she would've been running the other way. It took three steps from out behind the rock before she spotted him. His eyes were pool balls, his skin was a dark forest green, and he was huge. He roared at the sight of her, revealing sharp, horrifying teeth.

But, Jade kept running. It was like a nightmare; she couldn't actually wrap her head around what she was doing. The success or failure of the mission would depend on what she did right then, right there. Strange green light was emitting from her palms, her offense against the monster. She remembered everything he had done- the people he'd killed, the planets he'd destroyed or enslaved, and his plans for her team if they failed.

She summoned every ounce of power a Witch of Space could have, still running, and the lights grew brighter. They grew stronger, they pulsed with an almost electric current, and they gave her hope that maybe, just maybe, they could win. Finally Jake looked up at Dirk, the madness and hunger in his expression making the older one pale a little. It's better this way," the brunette murmured between them as he placed a hand over the slight bulge in Dirk's underwear.

The Strider flushed deeply and bit his lip to hold back a moan. Jake grinned eerily and pulled off Dirk's last remaining article of clothing, leaving him exposed to the air. His green shorts came next, leaving them both completely naked on the bed. Dirk was half-hard to Jake's full erection, but before long a warm wetness surrounded the sensitive flesh and he moaned, unable to keep his vocal reactions in check any longer.

Jake bobbed his head up and down, dragging his teeth along the rather long member in his mouth. Dirk felt heat pool in his stomach not two minutes later. Much to his surprise, Jake pulled off with a lick of his lips. He smirked manically, putting three of his fingers on Dirk's lips. I'll just go in dry if you don't. He growled softly, knowing that his protests fell on deaf ears, and glared a burning hole into Jake's head. The third finger was added and then all too soon they disappeared, causing him to feel terribly empty.

Jake smirked and lined himself up, placing his hands on either side of Dirk, and thrust in suddenly. Dirk winced and tried to adjust to the burning feeling of Jake's length inside him, but Jake was already slamming in and out, his pace frenzied and wild. After a while, the pain gave way to pleasure and Dirk's vision started to swim.

Jake leaned down and spoke softly to him, though his tone was heavy with lust and lunacy. Jake slowed down until he was barely moving at all, not giving Dirk nearly enough friction. Please," He forced out through clenched teeth, his eyes still shut tight.

All at once, Jake picked up again, hitting a spot that caused a strangled moan to tear itself from Dirk's throat. Jake pounded Dirk, panting and making just as much noise as the one beneath him. Jake grinned wickedly and hit his sweet spot especially hard, causing Dirk to throw back his head in pleasure.

It only took a few more thrusts before Dirk felt the pooling in his stomach again, and he came with a breathy moan all over their chests. Jake reached his high soon after, releasing deep within Dirk and collapsing on top of him. Finally he shut his ever-calculating brain up and fell asleep, a stone of guilt settling deep within his stomach.

I used to ship this, but then I realized that Dirk deserves better…I decided to write some DirkJake anyway.