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meet the English requirements for direct admission from BC or Yukon secondary schools. See the BC Transfer Guide for courses that transfer as W and Q to SFU. . on the student's permanent record, but double credit will not be granted. Can I use two exercise physiology courses to meet the 6 credits Human Physiology Shouldn't the Department of Physical Therapy have the same criteria for. Learn more about UBC programs, admission requirements, and how to apply Some program requirements can be met with unassigned transfer credit and a.

UBC, Okanagan campus students should contact the academic advising office for further information. Review of transfer credit If you have been granted unassigned transfer credit but feel that there may be a specific course equivalent at UBC that you need for your program, please seek advising.

Transfer credits

Some program requirements can be met with unassigned transfer credit and a specific course equivalent may not be necessary. All questions about the applicability of transfer credits to specific degree requirements should be directed to an academic advisor.

You may be required to supply detailed course outlines. UBC, Vancouver campus students in the Faculty of Science should contact an advisor in the Science department where the course is offered. UBC, Vancouver campus students in all other Faculties should contact their faculty advising office. UBC, Okanagan campus students should contact the academic advising office. Please note that transfer credit agreements published on the BC Transfer Guide have already been reviewed through a formal articulation process.

Requesting transfer credit after admission If you are requesting transfer credit after you have been admitted for example, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses or courses that you completed at another institution during the summer before you began your studies at UBCplease ensure that a final official transcript has been submitted to the UBC Undergraduate Admissions office.

Provided a transcript has been received, eligible credit will be automatically assessed by the Admissions office and you do not need to send further notification. Courses at another institution Before taking courses at another institution If you'd like to take courses at another institution while a UBC student, please do the following to ensure that you will be eligible to receive transfer credit: Meet with an academic advisor to discuss your plans. You will want to confirm that the course s taken at another institution will meet your UBC degree requirements.

Obtain a Letter of Permission from your faculty advising office. In most cases, you will need to present your Letter of Permission to register at another institution as a visiting student. After completing courses at another institution Arrange for an official transcript from the other institution to be sent to Enrolment Services, attention "Transfer Credit": In most cases, your faculty will send a copy on your behalf. If they have not, please email a copy to academicrecord. Once an official transcript and Letter of Permission have been received by Enrolment Services, approved transfer credit will be automatically added to your UBC record.

If you did not obtain a Letter of Permission prior to completing courses at another institution, talk to an academic advisor. Transfer credit will not be granted without permission from your faculty.

If you have questions For questions about obtaining a Letter of Permission or how transfer credits can meet degree requirements, contact an academic advisor in your faculty.

For general questions and inquiries, e-mail academicrecord. Go Global UBC offers students the opportunity to study abroad in over Senate-approved partner universities.

All courses except for activity courses such as sports performance courses or internships successfully completed at one of these institutions will be transferred to the student's UBC academic record.

Transfer credit will not be printed on your official UBC transcript. When applying to future studies, you will need to provide transcripts from other institutions that you have attended.

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What if I only took 1? What happens if I have more than 60 transfer credits? Which credits will be used in my degree?

The majority of programs at UBC will only accept a maximum of 60 transfer credits, or half of the total credits required, to be applied towards a degree program.

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Students will be granted transfer credit for all eligible courses, even if this amounts to more than 60 credits. A Faculty or Program Advisor will need to determine which credits are the most appropriate to count towards the maximum of 60 that a student can apply towards their program.

I'm not completing a degree at UBC? Inquiries about prerequisite courses or program requirements should be directed to individual instructors and departments. The MMI runs on a very tight schedule, and there is no ability to have someone join in the circuit after it has begun.

In the event that you are late, we will try our best to accommodate you, but will only be able to do so if there is an empty spot or no-show in a subsequent group. The chances of this are extremely small, although we are of course willing to try.

Will there be an orientation prior to the interview? Those applicants who are granted an interview will be sent a scheduled time for their interview, as well as the time they MUST be present by. There will be an orientation prior to each scheduled time and attendance is mandatory, regardless if you have interviewed with the program previously.

There is also time set aside at the end for a debriefing and a chance to meet with current students in the program to ask questions. Please plan to be involved in the interview process from orientation until the end for a minimum of 2. If I am granted an interview, what should I bring with me? If you are granted an interview, you must bring government issued photo identification or a valid current student identification card that contains a photograph as well as your full name.

You may also wish to bring a personal water bottle with you. Cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed in the interview rooms.

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The MPT program is a scent free area. Do not wear any scented items perfume, cologne, body spray, etc. Applicants who are found to be wearing scented products may be asked to leave. How long is the interview process?