Until we meet again dbz games

Until We Meet Again, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

until we meet again dbz games

Pan goes to a boarding school in the States and doesn't come back until 7 years later. With a new name and new confidence she wants to. This is just a quick one shot that I wrote at 2 am. It's my personal spin on the series finale. I know a lot of people don't really care much for GT. Until We Meet Again Kai Unfortunately I do not know the author, I& sorry. This is . SSJ3 Goku Goku Super, Dragon Ball Z, Manga Games, Naruto, Epic 2.

I'm not a fighter! How could I possibly be apart of this prophecy? Bulma went still as she began to see images invading her vision. Shenron then turned his eyes to the saiyan, and Goku got caught in the same trance-like state. The both of them seeing hundreds of pairs of peoples, through many lifetimes.

Growing and sharing their lives together. Going through hell and high water together. And, eventually, dying together. And by giving Goku someone to protect while simultaneously giving his life purpose, something to fight for. Something to look forward to.

Until we meet again Chapter 1: Prologue, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

When your hearts declared one another a friend a beacon was lit that attracted trouble from all corners of the universe. A beacon that would not burn out until the ones who ignited it perished, who would usually go on to be over a hundred years of age. Only then can the universe be at peace. Goku and I have both lost our lives. Just come with me. Goku began to walk closer to the giant beast and looked towards her. She dropped her head in pure sadness and began to sob.

She lifted her head up to look at the beautiful sunset sky. A lot of years. She looked over at the small group and gave a weak smile then turned back to her mate, cupping his face and passionately kissed him for the last time.

Vegeta shook his head. The saiyan bowed his head and scoffed. You being the genius and all. Take care of them. Vegeta nodded dutifully before moving away as the massive dragon took towards the sky.

You don't even know where he's taking you!

until we meet again dbz games

The full force of the memories he had shared with the both coming in at that moment. Are you going to be home by dinner time tonight! Well, I guess it's takeout food now. Just what were you planning on making by the way? I'm heading back home as well.

We'd love to have you.

Dragonball Super Ending: Till we meet again Son Goku

Pan looked out to the sky as Trunks noticed her. Is what Shenron said true? Are we ever going to see the dragon balls again? So from now on we're going to have to focus all of our energy towards preventing problems instead of relying on the dragon balls to solve them. Once were capable of that I have no doubt in my mind that the dragon balls will appear once again.

This is what my mother and your grandfather left for. ChibiChibi Pan goes to a boarding school in the States and doesn't come back until 7 years later. With a new name and new confidence she wants to show everyone that she can manage her life without them. And then she meets Trunks again I know what you think right now. Yes, another new story. Well, what shall I say?

I have a lot of ideas in the last time! And before I forget them, I better write them down. Please don't be so hard on me. Since then the world had finally been living in peace.

until we meet again dbz games

Gohan smiled as he lazily walked the path from the house to the mailbox. The birds were singing and there was no cloud to be seen at the sky. Pan was sleeping over at Bra's, so that the girls could talk until late in the night without hanging on the telephone the whole time. Well, and he and Videl had used the time to do a bit more… private stuff. Everything was just peaceful. Just a perfect day, Gohan thought, when he reached the mailbox.

He pulled out the letters and looked through them on his way back to the house, where he could already smell the fresh coffee his wife was making for them. There was a rather formal letter for Pan. He turned the envelope around, to see who the sender was. He had heard of this school.

It was one of the best boarding schools on this planet. They even had their own college there. Gohan knew he shouldn't do it, but he was wondering why his daughter was receiving letters from this school, so he opened it nonetheless. The content was a formal letter, which said, Dear Miss Son, We are pleased to inform you that you have passed all the tests with extraordinary results and that you have been accepted at California Boarding School.

Terms begin on September 1. Your room and everything will be prepared. We will expect you to arrive at August Yours sincerely, Richard Jenkins Gohan swallowed hard, when he read this. Random thoughts were running through his head. What did they mean with this letter? Well, he knew what the letter was saying, but how could that be? As far as he knew did Pan never do any tests to be accepted by this school.

That must be a big mistake. His daughter would never do something like that without telling them. She was his little girl and she always told him everything. And besides, why would she want to go to this school? Well, he would have to wait until she comes back that night to ask her what's up with this strange letter.

Piccolo remarks on how much Gohan has changed. Android 18 awakens, having been healed by Dende at Krillin's behest. Krillin tells her that Cell has been defeated.

Yamcha is still afraid of her, but the others do not worry about it as much. Piccolo tells her that Krillin protected her after Cell threw her up. Gohan blurts out in realization that Krillin is in love with her.

Android 18 shows no gratitude and flies off the platform, leaving Krillin fighting back tears.

until we meet again dbz games

Piccolo says they should hurry and gather the Dragon Balls so they can resurrect Trunks and the other humans killed in the Cell Games. With the Dragon Balls assembled, Dende summons Shenron.

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Android 18 notices the sky getting dark, and returns to the platform and hides when she sees Shenron appear. Yamcha wishes for the humans killed by Cell to be brought back to life, and Shenron grants it.

Before their eyes, a restored Trunks breathes again, and rises; this shocks Android Piccolo notices that Goku has not returned, but Shenron says he can now grant a second wish. However, the limit on the number of times he can resurrect someone is still in effect. He cannot revive Goku again. Krillin suggests trying to revert time, but Tien says that would bring Cell back as well.

Dende then says that the Dragon Balls on New Namek can revive him, since Porunga does not have the same limits on resurrection. Yamcha suggests they wish to go to New Namek. At this point, everyone at Kami's Lookout hears the voice of Goku. He tells them that he died the way he wanted to: He says that what Bulma said about him being a magnet for trouble was true, and the world might get some peace without his power attracting new threats.

So he tells his friends and son that he wishes to remain dead, and help King Kai get resituated in the Other Worldsince he, Bubbles and Gregory were also revived by their wish to revive those killed by Cell. Goku is certain Gohan will someday take his place as Earth's defender.

With that, he bids his friends farewell, saying he will see them when they die.