Varsity brand zone invitational meet

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varsity brand zone invitational meet

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Click here for the complete meet program with all entries the week of the meet after all of the entries have been processed. The meet will begin at approximately 4: Any last minute adjustments will not be in the program but in the EPI meet day file. We do not want open lanes. We will ask that all scratches be turned in by March 1st, Please make sure your athletes report on time.

We are running a pretty tight schedule. They need to check in to the clerk no later than 45 minutes before their scheduled start time. The clerk of the course will be on the infield on Friday night and on the warm up field located to the south of the track on Saturday. The time schedule is approximate, but we do make every effort to stay on schedule, and we usually are right on schedule throughout the day.

All races will go as quickly as possible.

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Keep your eye on the races being run to tell your athletes whether or not we are ahead or behind of the posted time schedule.

We will announce as often as possible where we are in the time schedule. Time schedule will be made available after all entries have been processed. Check back here for it the week of the meet. The track entrance for spectators is located on the Vincent Street side of the school. The entrance for teams and coaches is on the northeast side of the track.

Team entrance will be in the same parking lot. All school buses will drop off in the Diamond Street parking lot and be given specific directions on where to park during the meet. Online registration will start on Monday, December 2, and will close as soon we reach our max number. Last year closed declarations January 15th.

varsity brand zone invitational meet

We will be printing results as the meet moves along. We will post a copy of each result on the finish results board near the south snack bar area.

varsity brand zone invitational meet

The adjacent warm up field is synthetic as well. Click here for pictures of the new venue. The spikes will be checked upon entry. We will have spikes for sale at both entrances. Provide your own batons. Results and photos will be posted here after the meet: Medals will be given directly to the athletes immediately following each race for all heats and flights.

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Championship event top three finishers will be presented to the South stands with a podium presentation. The number of awards given in each event will be as follows: These rules are guided by the international governing body for aquatic sports FINA. FINA makes the rules that are to be followed at all international level meets.

In theory, an NGB could make its rules whatever it wanted and have all national level meets and below follow those rules, but it would not have jurisdiction over international level meets held within the borders of the United States, and such a meet would have to follow FINA rules. LSCs are the local administrative organization responsible for the registration, support and governance of the USA Swimming member swim clubs in their designated region.

The LSC is responsible for enforcing these rules at the meet. The LSC does this by training officials for the meet. These officials are typically parents' of swimmers and volunteers. This is able to be done because while each LSC may have its own set of rules they are not different regarding the actual strokes.

An LSC is typically responsible for an entire state; however, several bigger states e. The size of the LSCs is supposed to be roughly the same and allow for easier travel between meets. The result is that while borders tend to follow state borders, this is not a rule. There are currently 59 LSCs in the country.

The following is a list of the types of meets, listed from lowest and most common level to highest and least common level.

varsity brand zone invitational meet

It is generally limited to 2 teams, but different variations can have more. In a dual meet, there is almost always a limit to the number of events that a certain person can swim, usually four,and to the number of swimmers that a certain team can enter.

Generally, there is only 1 heat in each event and each team alternates lanes so that each team swims in half the pool, regardless of how fast each swimmer is.

varsity brand zone invitational meet

Meets of this variety are almost always a low level meet because entry time standards are almost never applied to enter the meet. It can, however, be rather high level when both teams involved are very fast and have exclusively high level swimmers, as is the case with college swimming. Invitational Meet[ edit ] An invitational meet is a meet with many more teams and swimmers than a dual meet.

The term "Invitational" comes from the fact that for a team to attend this type of meet, a team had to be invited to attend from the host team, but now is a general catch-all term for this style of meet although there are still occasional invitation-only meets.

Meets of this variety generally have hundreds of swimmers, many teams, and many different events.

varsity brand zone invitational meet

Within the definition of an invitational meet, there are dozens of different styles of scoring and placing but the standard method is described here. All levels of swimming use invitational style meets at least once during their season usually as a championship meet of all the clubs in a leaguebut the clubs of USA Swimming use this meet almost exclusively since there are very few leagues in USA Swimming and it acts as one giant league itself.

Most meets of this style have no limits as to the number of swimmers that a team can enter, and only limit the number of times a swimmer can swim in order to make the flow of the meet manageable.

Meets of this style can be at any level of swimming since all of the higher level meets use this style of meet with just more restrictive rules applied. Meets of this style usually do not have entry time standards, but can have them to either reduce the size of the meet, or raise the competition level. Most LSC's split these up into two separate meets. The meet style is an invitational meet open only to club teams within the LSC. Almost universally, entry time standards are applied so that only the top level swimmer of the LSC can attend; only a few of the smaller LSCs do not have a time standard.

Each LSC sets their own time standards due to LSC size differencesso the competition level of the meet is not exactly the same across the country. These meets are also of the invitational format, but the entry time standards are even higher so that only the fastest swimmers of Zones qualify.

Zone and Sectional meets are of the same competition level, but serve different purposes. Zone meets are for age group swimmers and Sectional meets are for Senior swimmers. While the intention is to have one champion for the whole Zone, this is generally not possible because to have a meet of that high of a competition level, there would be very little difference between this level and the next level, so the entry times can only be made so fast.