Where did you meet your husband

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where did you meet your husband

Edit: To those who have met their SO's online, how did you explain it to your family and friends? How did they take the news that you met your. I thought this would be fun to see where everyone met their hubbys. How long you have been together and how long you have been married. What is something about your spouse or partner that you hope will never change ? she would have and I'd give him nice advice “it's ok, you'll get through it.

We met at a party We both were regulars at a local bar We were in school together, ran into each other again many many years later by chance and sparks flew instantly posted by Kwadeng at He ate three burgersI should have seen it coming as I have been cooking ever sincegood thing I do like to cook!

Our eldest daughter met her husband when they had leading roles in a romantic comedy play. The middle daughter met her husband on match. The youngest daughter met her husband in Guatemala where both were doing a summer session of neurosciencestudying dung beetles.

Our son is still single. I met my ex in college. I was sitting with my legs out in the hallway before class, and he tripped over them, and books and papers flew, but it wasn't love at first sight. I was in a sour mood and scowled quite openly at his objectively terrible haircut. Later, the seat next to his in modern European history was the only seat open. Later than that, he lived down the hall from my friends at the dorm across campus. And our classes had us passing each other in the halls.

We just sort of kept getting thrown together. Eventually he got a better haircut. I should do that.

where did you meet your husband

I should get to be good enough to do that. I got up to run my very first meeting, and in she walked, and I thought "Wow, she's cute. Too bad she's here with a boyfriend. She drove across the country to visit him just for kicksmet best friend, and it was luv. But I can attest to the fact that nothing untoward was happening while we were teens. In some cases, a mutual friend acts as the intermediary to get the contact info into the other person's hands after the fact. This is about as common as the "bumping into each other, falling down, and then scrambling to pick up scattered papers whilst looking into each other's eyes and falling madly in love" scenario, simply because if they had personal chemistry and romantic interest with each other, they would have started dating when they met.

I know of several other couples that met at camp, and I'm a little surprised that nobody else has mentioned it yet -- maybe it's a little embarrassing. He volunteered at a non profit with her, but I was living in another state. When I moved to town that summer, we started seeing each other in group settings and eventually we went on a first date. It turns out we attended the same university, too, but not simultaneously.

We were in our early 20s. We were both married to other people. Over the course of the ensuing 13 years, we saw each other literally hundreds of times at the same scene events, parties, club nights, and bars. Our interaction was always the same: This was back when Livejournal was a big thing, and we were friends there and would comment on each others' posts from time to time.

The second time I met him, it was and I'd been divorced for about five years. I'd become a bit of a hermit as I tried to recuperate from the one-two punch of being diagnosed with MS and getting divorced a year later, so I hadn't been out clubbing or to parties with same kind of frequency and I hadn't spoken to him in years. I was trying to decide between renting a very boring apartment in a neighborhood I loved or an amazing apartment in a neighborhood I didn't know very well, so of course I posted to Livejournal to ask for the opinions of my friends.

He happened to live in the neighborhood I didn't know, and he replied with a ton of helpful information that made me feel a lot better about relocating. I rented the apartment there, and told him that when I got settled he would have to tell me where his favorite place to get coffee was so I could treat him to a cup.

where did you meet your husband

I made good on my offer, but due to the vagaries of work schedules and timing, coffee turned into drinks and dinner. When I was waiting outside the restaurant to meet up with him, I was genuinely worried that I wouldn't recognize him because it had been so long since I'd seen him. I didn't know that he and his wife had split up. Five hours later, when the waiter refilled our water glasses for the umpteenth time and asked us pointedly if we needed anything else, we went home separately for the last time.

where did you meet your husband

We count that dinner as our first date, despite the fact that neither of actually intended for it to be a date when we planned it. This year, on the seventh anniversary of that dinner, we got married. In my vows, I promised I would never, ever buy him a cup of coffee [1]. In seven years, we've been very careful to make sure I've never bought one for him.

His first email to me wasn't super enthusiastic and our first date was going to see a Holocaust movie Wait, you mean when they meet over a bunch of scattered papers? But I think there are plenty of friends who could be romantic partners under other circumstances, and some of those circumstances are internal shyness, lack of focus, interest in someone elseas opposed to external like partners, distance, appearance of impropriety We were both living abroad, but didn't meet for a two years.

It's amazing we never met, as we both hung around with the same set of about people. None of our friends believe that we didn't meet before. One friend showed me pictures of a birthday party with Mr Nilehorse in some photos, and me in others but Mr Nilehorse had left early and I arrived late. Even my sister met him a year before I did, when out with my friends for some reason. Mr Nilehorse remembers her saying "but you must know my sister, Nilehorse! I didn't find out until me and Mr Nilehorse had been together for a few months and a friend said "but you guys always had a thing right" and I had no idea what she was talking about.

It turned out someone had seen me kiss Mr Nilehorse through the patio windows and everyone thought I just wasn't talking about it. After that, Mr Nilehorse was always really nice to me, but I never thought anything of it. I was going through a bit of a rough time, and wasn't thinking about anyone. I went to Mr Nilehorse's birthday party. I'd been really looking forward to it but when I arrived I was feeling awkward because I was so miserable. He must have seen me looking uncomfortable, because he came and sat next to me, and was really really kind to me.

Then I moved into the same house as Mr Nilehorse's best friend, the same house as the New Years Eve party, and got a lot happier.

Where did you meet your husband?

Mr Nilehorse was around a lot, and started winking at me whenever I left the room. We kissed in the garden again and have been together ever since! Sorry that was so long. I'm a bit smitten with Mr Nilehorse and my friends are sick of hearing about it. We are both scuba instructors. I swear diving is the best match-making service, I know of at least 3 marriages and dozens of relationships that are headed that was that started thru a scuba class or organized dive.

Pairing up with a potential complete stranger in a situation where your life could literally be in their hands if something went wrong, you learn a lot about that person really quickly, and often without saying a word.

As a dive instructor I've also seen a lot of fights that may or may not have led to divorce so there's that too. He sent me the following message: I like your Firefly Jayne hat.

How did you meet your fiance/husband/wife?

Her contract ended, so we weren't coworkers anymore, so we went out for lunch and ended up spending the rest of a very nice day together. She moved in two years later. The man who became my husband 25 yrs ago was almost 35, never married or seriously involved. We both worked for the same university, different departments. He proposed in a car with steamy windows during one of my visits.

Short version is we met once crossing the street and then again at a party two years later. When he walked up to me at the party and said he remembered meeting me two years ago crossing the street, I worried that he was a stalker!! But it all turned out ok. Long version is here: As I was scouting my prospects in EnglishGary walked in and sat in front of me. Buckles assigned seats in alphabetical order so we were next to each other.

We married after our Junior year and recently celebrated our 43rd Anniversary of becoming a family. We have five grown children and six grandchildren. Thanks so much for sharing that. All the people going met at a church parking lot and left in two different vans. He was in one and I was in the other.

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I thought he was a little weird as he blessed the vans before the trip with holy water. While we were dating we often went to Pennsylvania on long weekends to visit his aunt and uncle. On one of these trips we stopped at a grotto at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish to pray for a safe journey and it was there that he proposed.

This October we will be married 24 years. We became friends first and then two years later, he proposed to me in front of the chapel on campus. All the other teachers had been there for at least 25 years so as the only young ones we would hang out a little like sit together at the homecoming game.

In a small town where your students work in the grocery story, at every restaurant and gas station our hanging out together caused quite a bit of talk amongst the student population. In addition I was Catholic, he was Lutheran and applying for the seminary. However, early in the fall he took me to his garage and showed me some restored tractors that his students had been working on.

Before we left he asked me if I wanted to buy a Mary statue. I asked what he was doing with a cement garden statue of Mary and he said he bought it for his elderly neighbor whose had been recently stolen. But before he could give it to her she had replaced it with a guardian angel. I told him he should keep it because he was going to need it. He officially proposed on my birthday June 21, became Catholic on July 13, and we were married Dec 21 during Christmas break.

She would ask me about him over the months and at Easter when I told her he was becoming Catholic she was shocked. But I think I asked the Carmelites in the diocese to pray for him also.

He never stood a chance. Claire That is an amazing story! He was going to school with my cousins, and I had gone to visit them over my spring break which was not their spring break.

Ellen, my cousin whom I had been hanging around with that afternoon, went off with her boyfriend who would become her husband within six months. They were to return in 30 minutes to the cafeteria. Two hours later when they returned, I was talking to my husband, the only one left in the cafeteria besides me. He had been drinking, and he was eating.

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Even slightly inebriated, he was droll in his sense of humour. However, I found that disgusting that he was that way at 2: I would never see him again. I had met the girlfriend, so I said sure. I had changed universities for financial reasons, and I was living with our grandparents. You were drunk and gorging yourself. Then we went to a local burger joint. There he said something else droll, and I proceeded to spit Dr.

I had no interest in him but he made it clear he was I eventually caved and we have been together since. He's a year younger than me. I told his cousin who was in my class that I though he was cute. A few days later he called me, we started dating, went to prom together, 13 years later we're on baby number 2. Weren't looking for anything serious at the time, just "friends with benefits" type of thing, obviously it turned into something so much more that neither of us were expecting.

I was actually supposed to move to live back with my ex and he convinced me not to. Couldn't be happier with the love of my life. So excited to be living this life with him. Best decision I've ever made. He sets my world on fire even after all this time j jaymekins My story would have to be edited too lol. We met at a mutual friend's party in our early 20's Even though we had gone to all the same schools growing up I was a grade older thoughand at one point I was friends with his older brother -- who was my then-boyfriend's best friend.

I thought he was cute, but he was in a long-term, long-distance relationship at the time. So for the next couple years we would see each other at parties, bars, and camping trips. We were just friends, but would flirt occasionally. Then his gf broke up with him and a month or so later a group of us went out for my 25th bday And I ended up going home with him that night.

where did you meet your husband

After that we were together almost every day. But we didn't become an official couple for almost a year, because his ex would tell him she wanted to get back together and he had been with her for so long that he didn't know what to do. I gave him space when he needed it to figure out what he wanted - I didn't want him to pick me just because I was local and she lived in a different state.

But it was rough because I was falling in love with him! There were a few times I told him we needed to just be friends, but within a few days we'd be back together. Obviously he eventually told her it was over for good, and it made it all worth it.

where did you meet your husband

We got married in Sept. We were both dating someone else at the time and I would always spend my lunch break just chitchatting with him when he would come out of the bar to smoke a cigarette.