Wi state cross country meet 2015 results nascar

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wi state cross country meet 2015 results nascar

State Meet; Sectionals. State Cross Country Championships Saturday, Oct. Ridges Golf Course, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Ridges Course. Boys Results. “Morgan was the meet winner, and she ran a brilliant race. A number of the kids Medford Cross Country Invitational. Oct. 1, at Black. to defend state championships at the WIAA State Cross Country meet in Valders won the Division 2 crown with a score of 60 after placing runner-up in . the individual championship based on sectional results are seniors Julia Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, NASCAR, and local sports.

It's built on 16 acres within sight of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Retired NASCAR driver Tony Stewart could be opening his Columbus IN -area ranch for some commercial deer and turkey hunting, potentially becoming one of the first hunting grounds to take advantage of a law passed earlier this year legalizing high-fenced hunting in Indiana. Hidden Hollow Ranch, Stewart's acre property west of Columbus, would host guided deer and turkey hunts for groups of up to 12 paying guests, who would likely stay overnight at the residence, according to a Bartholomew County zoning application.

County zoning officials voted on Dec.

wi state cross country meet 2015 results nascar

It's unclear who would be invited to hunt on Stewart's property, or whether the hunting parties would be open to the public. The application noted that most hunts would accommodate five or fewer guests. Each hunter would have to hold a license to hunt, according to Denise Derrer, spokeswoman for the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Stewart's representatives were not immediately reachable for comment. Bowyer tweeted the news Friday afternoon. Presley joins brother, Cash. The race in his memory also helps to raise funds for his son, Charlie.

EB, or Epidermolysis Bullosa, is a devastating skin disorder. Those with EB lack critical proteins that bind the layers of skin together. Without these proteins, the skin can tear apart, blister and sheer off, leading to severe pain, disfigurement and wounds that never heal. EB can also affect the body internally, causing blisters in the eyes, mouth, esophagus and the fusing together of fingers and toes.

EB affects one in every 50, births and is not specific to any ethnicity or gender, but because it only affects an estimatedpeople in the United States, advancing research to combat this disease relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations.

Foyt who raced the 14 throughout his versatile career. He certainly earned a lot of recognition for all that he accomplished, and as an industry we felt it was important to honor him," said Mike Helton, vice chairman, NASCAR.

On behalf of the entire motorsports industry, we felt this collective donation in Tony's name was a fitting tribute to all that he's accomplished during his NASCAR career. Inhe formed his own charitable foundation. Known simply as the Tony Stewart Foundationthe c 3 organization's goal is to raise funds primarily distributed to serving three specific groups - chronically ill and physically disabled children, animals that are endangered or at-risk, and drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.

Stewart's work on behalf of the foundation crossed paths with his love for music earlier this year when he met Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.

The two discussed their work in racing and in music, respectively, before the conversation dovetailed into their mutual commitment to charity. And when you realize it also affects the internal organs, you see it as diabolical. It's very hard to describe until you meet the young folks with it, and they make you realize how much you take for granted. You also realize that these are some of the strongest, coolest, most admirable people on the face of the Earth.

Children fighting EB have a perseverance and strength that is unworldly, and it has resonated with Stewart. It puts your life and the things you take for granted in perspective. But it also makes you mad, because this is a devastating disorder that no one should have to endure. Yet it exists, and after seeing it, you want to do anything you can to make it go away.

He never sought accolades for his work, but his charitable efforts have been noticed nonetheless. InStewart again was a finalist for the NMPA Humanitarian award, becoming the only person to ever be nominated in back-to-back years. And inStewart earned the prestigious NMPA Myers Brothers award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the sport of stock car racing. It's only appropriate that we, as an industry, can contribute to Tony's philanthropic endeavors.

Tony Stewart has long had an admiration for A. Foyt sat next to Stewart and the two told a handful of stories -- in a playful back-and-forth banter -- while the rest of the drivers listened on. Tony Stewart said his racing schedule is coming together, announcing two dates and hinting at other possibilities. I had a conversation with a car owner about possibly running this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona.

There's a lot of cool stuff and the fun part is kind of not exactly knowing yet what we're going to do. I do have some races that are confirmed and scheduled.

One of them is going to be at Texas Motor Speedway in April; we're going to run two nights with the sprint car at the Texas Motor Speedway dirt track. That's one I'm really looking forward to. As we start filling in the schedule, we'll start letting everybody know for sure. It's going to be full, I guarantee you.

Stewart and co-host Matt Yocum will broadcast live from Charlotte, where they will look back at Smoke's year career behind the wheel in NASCAR's premier series and discuss what lies ahead for him in motorsports. Listeners will be invited to call in to the show to talk live with Smoke and Yocum and share their memories of Stewart's career.

Tony and Matt are also scheduled to be joined live on air during the show by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Throughout the program, listeners will also hear messages from several prominent guests who share their memories from various times in Smoke's career, from his rookie year through his three championship seasons. Stewart missed the final 15 races of the season, three races in and the first eight races in His average start is Only one other driver has won back-to-back races at Homestead - Greg Biffle won three in a row from to And his win in came from the 13th starting position - the fourth-farthest back a driver has ever won from at Homestead.

Stewart, Greg Biffle and Denny Hamlin are the only other drivers to have won at Homestead from outside the top Biffle won the race after starting 22nd and Hamlin won the race after starting 38th. He led four times for 65 laps in the No. Incredibly, Stewart passed cars during the lap race. He and Edwards both ended the season with 2, points, but Stewart's five wins in compared to Edwards' one win gave Stewart the tiebreaker advantage.

The transcript in part: I was like 'well that kind of brought it right back to my mind.

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That was probably the biggest thing that was disappointing last night when I realized my phone was stolen was the fact that I was in the process of answering text messages from people.

I got a flood of text messages yesterday and I think I'm going to have a phone by tomorrow. So, I'm sure when I turn it on it's going to be absolutely crazy when I turn it back on. People I haven't talked to for a long time, people that are friends that I haven't seen or heard of from a long time reached out this week and it's been pretty cool.

Nothing in particular really struck a nerve, but it's just the overall support from everybody was really awesome. This is the last one. I think I learned my lesson from Jeff Gordon. Jeff tried to do somebody a favor this year and got roped into running half the season laughs. Thank you Jeff for teaching me a lesson before I got roped into it.

So, no, I'm not planning on that at all. We are going to be busy. In all honesty and I don't have a schedule set next year, but I just know the things that I'm planning, my schedule next year is going to be much busier than it already is this year.

There is just not going to be room for it. We saw some carnival deal, so we stopped and it was about the close, but we went back to it last night on our way back to here. We were just getting ready to leave and I realized it wasn't in my pocket. I had her phone, my phone and a couple of other things I was holding for her. When I was checking to see where it was at it was not there anymore. We had bumped into some people right before that and I'm fairly certain that is when it decided it went a different direction, but it was kind of fun because they have that Find My iPhone app.

We went chasing people forever trying to find it. Until we realized they were in the parking lot and they got in the car and they were gone. I hit block on it and deleted it and now I've got to get a new phone, which is devastating because I do everything off of my cell phone.

My life is on that cell phone, so I start my life over tomorrow laughs. But save the tears, race fans. He isn't done driving and he isn't going away. I'll just have more time. If I see Richard Petty or anyone else in the garage, I can go over and talk to him now and not have to worry about getting to the car or trying to figure out how to make my car go faster.

The strategy has worked as Stewart has returned to the front of the field, logging five top-five and eight top finishes in The highlight came in June, when Stewart made a last-lap pass of Denny Hamlin at Sonoma Raceway to claim his 49th career victory that ultimately led to a berth in the Chase, where Stewart fell a few points short of advancing to the Round of He'd like nothing more than to close his season, as well as his career, with a strong run Sunday on the high-banked turns at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

He won the first two Sprint Cup races at the South Florida track in andthen visited victory lane again inwhen he won a thrilling duel with Carl Edwards. The victory left Edwards and Stewart tied in points, with Stewart winning his third Sprint Cup title based on a tiebreaker. In 16 career starts at the 1. He's completed 4, of a possible 4, laps at the track. The full list of Stewart's assault on the NASCAR record book is a long one but, when he climbs from the 14 Sunday, he'll do so as the 13th-winningest driver with his 49 wins.

His race wins include: See an image of the scheme on the 14 Team Schemes page. Stewart's average finish in 27 Cup races at the Avondale oval is 14th, with one win and 12 tops. Arizona Republic Harvick not happy with lack of Stewart 'credit': That has been very disappointing from my standpoint. I know that Tony probably would say that he didn't want that but I don't think anybody has done a very good job of giving him the credit for the time that he has put in and had in the sport.

A three-time champion, multiple race winner, IndyCar champion and winner and to auto racing in general. It's been pretty disheartening to me to see the lack of credit that he has gotten. Stewart has appeared in Columbus parades before - the most recent one five years ago to the day.

Stewart-Haas Racing has signed a six-figure value-in-kind deal with Nike to outfit the team starting next season, when SHR switches manufacturers from Chevy to Ford. SHR did not previously have a sole apparel manufacturer and instead had different brands worn by team members. However, because of the switch to Ford, SHR will have to get all new apparel since Chevy's logo is on its current gear, and the team decided the time was right to go out and find one official partner.

Nike will outfit the organization with various forms of apparel, and in return gets the exposure from the gear being worn publicly, plus signage on SHR's pit practice facility and weight room. The new logo is not ready to be released, but Verlander said it will be a small change.

SHR currently has a light blue logo, so switching to a darker shade to align with Ford's darker-blue logo is a possibility.

wi state cross country meet 2015 results nascar

Sports Business Daily Final restrictor plate for Stewart: Tony Stewart might not be the biggest fan of restrictor-plate racing in NASCAR, but there are few drivers like Stewart who can say they've led almost 1, laps or logged more than 30, miles in their careers on the mph, high-banked tracks at Daytona and Talladega.

In Sunday's Hellman's at the 2. He's led laps and logged 30, District Judge Mae A. Drivers will be allowed to return to competition with payment of the fine and fees imposed, following a request for reinstatement of their suspended DIRTcar membership. Motorsports, LLC, filed a voluntary motion for dismissal on Monday.

wi state cross country meet 2015 results nascar

One of the biggest stories of the NASCAR season played out early in the year with the announcement that Stewart-Haas Racing would switch from Chevrolet to Ford in - a move that caught most everyone off-guard. Now, with the season winding down, the countdown is on for that switch to become a reality and Roush Yates Engines is working behind the scenes to ensure it is up to the task of putting power under the SHR hoods.

And then acquiring the inventory, a lot of the parts in these engines require long lead-times.

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There are three, four, five or six months of lead time on these items, so we're trying to get the hard parts together and just prepare as much as possible for when it is go-time. He said they have received a lot of interest from engine experts looking to fill the void and that have led to numerous applications and resumes. He said management is poring over stats to determine how much the workload will increase to be ready for Jimmie Johnson described a less-than-ideal working relationship between Hendrick Motorsports and Stewart-Haas Racing on Friday, prompting his team general manager to clarify how the teams shared information.

Stewart-Haas has gotten its Chevrolet engines and chassis from Hendrick Motorsports since it began inbut that relationship is poised to end. Stewart-Haas announced this year it would be switching to Roush Yates Engines that power Ford teams for next season.

Johnson was asked before practice for Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Kansas whether he would like his team to find another partner to replace Stewart-Haas racing next season. We didn't share their data. So it was a fantastic situation for them. They had our best stuff and then they have a huge engineering staff and they can take Hendrick's best equipment and refine it. It also prompted Hendrick Motorsports general manager Doug Duchardt to climb out of Johnson's hauler a few hours later and clarify the relationship.

The teams did share information with each other before Stewart-Haas announced its decision to leave, at which point communication was largely cut off.

When they made their announcement with Ford that changed things. But the bottom line is that as partners we exchanged data. Where are you at competitively? How do you feel about where you are going next year and where you are at now?

Matt Kenseth

You better be this time of year no matter if you are moving or staying the same and nothing changes. That is how far in advance you have to look in this sport and work. All the organizations are lining themselves us and gearing up for next year, all the while, there is a lot of racing left to do in Last weekend is a prime example. I look over and I see all the Stewart-Haas cars up front, qualified well, Danica Patrick was fast, all the cars raced well. Those are the things that you look at and get excited for next year.

But, hey, you've got an opportunity to come back home and race and compete in front of your hometown crowd, like I said, there is plenty of racing to do and things to accomplish this year. We've got to cap it off well and start to get focused on next year.

You get emails, like I was telling somebody last night, an email came across my phone and I look over and its 14 merchandise approvals for next year.

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You are like 'holy cow' it's becoming reality. It's fixing to pick up in a big way. However, the savings are likely to be redeployed toward activation around the program, and SHR already has a partner lined up to fill the open inventory. Nature's Bakery, the Nevada-based healthy snack maker that signed on last year to replace longtime Danica Patrick sponsor GoDaddy starting this season, was announced as having 28 primary paint schemes annually on Patrick's 10 Chevy.

Her other primary sponsors, Aspen Dental and TaxAct, both have four primaries each. Verlander said Nature's Bakery is looking at going down by around three races next year because "28 to 25 doesn't really affect their proportionality of owning the lead sponsor role," which Nature's Bakery is intent on retaining. Sports Business Daily Stewart trial not likely until next summer: With some depositions -- including that of Tony Stewart -- still to be taken, any trial in the wrongful death case brought by the parents of Kevin Ward Jr.

The deadline for motions asking the judge to rule on the case before trial was pushed from Feb. At the same time, the Mobil 1 brand will remain an associate sponsor for all SHR drivers at all other races. The company has been providing lubricant technology support to the team sincewhich helped Stewart and Harvick earn premier series championships for SHR in andrespectively.

Finishing this year and going intowe're ready to add more wins and titles to the collection," said Kai Decker, global motorsports manager at ExxonMobil. The season continues a collaborative engineering relationship used to develop lubricant packages and push technology limits to new frontiers.

This relationship helps the SHR team win races and ExxonMobil continue to improve the performance of Mobil 1 branded lubricants with improved power, fuel mileage, engine efficiency and reliability.

Tony Stewart will introduce a new corporate partner on the deck lid of the 14 Chevy at Charlotte in Rev The Vote - a non-partisan organization whose mission is to increase voter registration among the millions of unregistered motorsports fans in the United States.

The 14 will be decked out in Mobil 1 colors, which will be featured on the hood. Stewart has several goals for the final seven races of his career. He would start 24th and finish 42nd due to engine failure. The race would be his only start in Despite failing to qualify the second race of the season at Rockingham, Harvick would go on to win the NASCAR Busch Series Rookie of the Year with three wins, eight top-five finishes and 16 top-tens as well as garnering a third-place points finish. He planned to race Harvick for a full schedule in The death of Dale Earnhardt on the last lap of the Daytona changed Childress's plans, and Harvick began his first Cup race the following week in the Dura Lube at Rockingham.

He won the race by only six one-thousandths of a second. After the win, Harvick performed a tire-smoking burnout on the front stretch. Remembering Dale Earnhardt, with three fingers held aloft outside the driver's window, he ran the track backwards as a show of honor and respect.

Harvick has since been surpassed by Jamie McMurray and Trevor Bayneboth of whom accomplished the feat in their second starts. He also won the Busch Series championship, becoming the first driver to win the Busch Series championship while also driving full-time in the Winston Cup Series with a Top 10 finish.

Harvick would end the season winning six pole positions, and making 69 starts: He would only have one Top 10 in those four starts.

Harvick began the season making his first Daytona starting on the outside pole next to Jimmie Johnsonbut his day ended after triggering an car crash on lapallowing him to finish 36th. Later in the season, he made a fine for a post-race incident with Greg Biffle at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Even though it was heard on the radio that he actually did, Harvick lied in a post-race interview saying that he did not purposely wreck Gibbs. Harvick was banned from the Cup Series race the next day, which meant that Kenny Wallace would replace him. Harvick scored his first career Winston Cup pole position in the Pepsi at Daytona. He finished 21st in the points standings with one win, one pole, five Top 5s, and eight Top 10s.

In Trucks, Harvick began fielding his own No. Together, they won the Brickyard at Indianapolis. Harvick and his team jumped to fifth in the point standings, coming within points ahead of Matt Kenseth. The two would combine for three wins, 16 Top 5s, and 24 Top 10s, with Harvick posting all three wins. It would be the first time that the championship would be split between two teams. Harvick competed in 19 of the 34 races, and Sauter competed in the other Harvick also scored eight pole positions and finished 16th in the final point standings.

He had fourteen Top 10 finishes and finished 14th in points. They combined for one win, 13 Top 5s, and 20 Top 10s in the No. Harvick drove the No. He finished 20th in the final standings. He won without the assistance of Crew Chief Todd Berrier, who was serving a four-week suspension for a rules violation. The following year, he continued driving the No. Harvick and Miller combined for 3 wins, 15top fivess and 19 top-tens to give the No.

Harvick would also drive the No. Harvick finished 18th in the driver's standings. He won his first Busch Series race of the season. This was his third win of the season, and his second "sweep" of the season, having won the Emerson Radio the night before.

He dominated the race and by winning, was able to take the lead in the point standings for the first time in his career. Harvick 21 during his Busch championship season, racing Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He fell to sixth place in the point standings, until he finished third at Texas. Harvick would win that race, moving him up to third in points. In the Busch Series, Harvick would be scheduled to run all 35 races, with three different cars 21, No.

Harvick had nine wins, 23 Top 5s, and 32 Top 10s.

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It was the earliest clinch of the championship ever in the Busch Series, locking up the title with four races to go. He ended the season with a record point margin in the final standings. The race was on the sixth anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt. Harvick also tied Benny Parsons for the fewest laps led by a Daytona winner; Parsons won the race in Harvick's birth year after leading just four laps.

He started 34th the lowest starting spot ever for a winner at Daytona and he became the first Nationwide Series champion to win the Daytona the following year. He also ended up unexpectedly winning the inaugural race at Montreal in August, the NAPA Auto Partsafter with two laps to go, leader Robby Gordon was black-flagged for intentionally causing a crash involving rookie Marcos Ambrose.

The win was considered a bit of an upset as many expected the road course ringers to dominate and Harvick had started 43rd in the race due to a driver change.

The fourth-place finish in the standings tied for his highest points position at the end of the season. Harvick also went the entire season without a single DNF for the second straight year. He did not win a race in this series either.

His lone win came in a Truck race at Phoenix. He also launched a new social networking site, Fan Central, for his fans. The team decided to switch to the car he drove in the shootout. At the Auto Club Speedway in California, Harvick blew his engine and it forced him to not finish the race, which resulted in his first DNF in 82 starts. Harvick won the first Nationwide Series race at Bristol, his first win in his own car.

During the season, Gil Martin became the new crew chief for Harvick as Childress decided to switch all team members of the No. A short time later, reports surfaced stating that Harvick had asked a release of his contract at the end of the season to secure a ride at Stewart Haas Racing for the season.

Harvick did not comment publicly on the subject of where he would be driving in The first race after the story broke, Kevin finished sixth at the Allstate at the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. His best race came at the Pep Boys Auto at Atlanta Motor Speedwaywhere Harvick had the best car in a long run and led for most of the race, but was denied victory after a late race caution from which later eventual race winner Kasey Kahne took advantage of when he went past Harvick on the restart; he finished second.

Harvick placed second in his Gatorade Duel by inches to Jimmie Johnson. He led the most laps in the Daytonabut ended up finishing seventh.

wi state cross country meet 2015 results nascar

On August 15, Harvick captured his third win of the year by winning the Carfax at Michigan. His win at Michigan locked him into the Chase for the Sprint Cup for the fourth time. He finished the regular season first place in points but started the Chase in third after the points were adjusted. During the race Chase, Harvick scored five top-fives and nine top-tens.

Despite scoring an average finish of 5. It was still the best overall finish of his career in the Sprint Cup standings. Had the pre-Chase points system still been in use, Harvick would have been the Sprint Cup champion for In August, it was announced that, forthe car's primary sponsor will be with Belgian brewery InBev 's Budweiser brand for 20 races. On March 27,Harvick won his 15th career Sprint Cup race at Auto Club Speedway after passing defending series champion, Jimmie Johnsonin the final turn in a finish resembling the previous race in As a joke to Harvick's words in at the same race Johnson asked Harvick in post-race ceremonies if "I can have my golden horseshoe back.

Harvick took his second consecutive win of the year at Martinsville Speedwaybeating Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Harvick then won the Coca-Cola after Earnhardt, Jr. Harvick tried to close on Hamlin but scored a second-place finish after he ran out of gas with two laps to go, leaving Hamlin the race winner.

He managed to cross the finish line holding off the pack for second place. Although winless, Harvick made the Chase through consistency. At the second stop at Phoenix, Harvick avoided chaos filled race to collect his only win of the season and the 19th of his career.

In at Daytona, Harvick dodged a practice wreck in the last session of practice, and the same in the Sprint Unlimited.

In his victory burnout, moments after he won his car shut down and Harvick said, "I don't care! He also won his Budweiser Duel, and though it seemed as if he would be the first driver to sweep the Sprint Cup events at Speedweeks, he was caught up in a crash on lap 35 of the Daytona and finished 41st.

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Harvick won his first race of the season at the Toyota Ownerswhich ended Kyle Busch 's four-year winning streak in the spring Richmond race. At Talladega, Harvick was wiped out in the Big One on lap 43 and finished 40th. At the Coca-ColaHarvick took the lead on the last cycle of pit stops and held off Kasey Kahne to win his 2nd In qualifying for the Hollywood CasinoHarvick had a lap speed of Harvick won his fourth race of the year at the Phoenix racetaking the lead at the white flag when Carl Edwards ran out of gas.

Harvick finished the season third in points, with four wins, nine Top 5s, 21 Top 10 finishes, and one pole position. Championship season[ edit ] On November 9,it was reported that Harvick would drive for Stewart-Haas Racing beginning in once his longtime contract expired with Richard Childress Racing. When Harvick was later asked if this was true at the Cup race in Phoenix, he refused to give a definite answer. He was repeatedly asked by reporters in victory lane at Phoenix and at the Championship buffet in Las Vegas, but he continued to refuse to answer.

Harvick and Childress said the parting was mutual and that it was time for Harvick to move on. Stewart-Haas Racing did not confirm what sponsor or number Harvick would be given.

During the official reports it was reported, but not officially told, that Budweiser was interested in staying with Harvick. Harvick retained Budweiser as his primary sponsor for 21 races, with Jimmy John's sponsoring the remaining races for the season. As a result, Harvick started the Daytona in 38th, getting in the on a Provisional.