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will yuma ever meet yu gi oh wiki

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal is the fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! anime television series by Nihon Ad Systems and TV The story follows the young duelist Yuma Tsukumo who partners up with an . Also, Yuma said that Flip's glasses were "hip," causing him to burst into tears of joy, saying that it was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. Yuma Tsukumo (九十九(つくも) 遊馬(ゆうま), Tsukumo Yūma) is the Yuma tells him that ever since he met Astral, he started to win despite losing all the time. Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Rank 1: "The Name's Yuma!!" . With that new data, they determined where they needed to go to find where the door would appear next.

This weapon can transform into a hovercraft, which Anna can use as transportation to get around, while still retaining its ability to fire. This is similar to the flight mode displayed by Paradox's Duel Runner. However, while flying, she often doesn't pay attention to where she's going, which led to her bumping her head on a light pole and a bridge on two separate instances.

The cannon is collapsible, able to be stored in a knapsack that can enlarge it to full size in a manner similar to how a parachute is activated.

will yuma ever meet yu gi oh wiki

Biography History Anna defending bullied kids. This scene was not shown in the dub While in elementary school Anna was a tough girl who protected bullied children, in addition, she had a soft side and had a crush on "Yuma". Before she transferred schools, she wanted to confess her feelings to Yuma, but he never showed up due to how she constantly mistreated him. It is later revealed that the boy Anna actually had feelings for was a different boy with a similar name to Yuma's, Kumo Tsuyuma.

Yuma Tsukumo

Anna was taught how to Duel by Brooke Walker. She promised Anna that if she could beat her, then she'd do what ever Anna wished. Anna then looked in the bouquet to find the " Devoted Love " card, which Brooke said would assist Anna in finding her true love. She was later seen observing the introduction to the tournament alongside Duelists such as Charlie McCayQuattro and Reginald Kastle.

will yuma ever meet yu gi oh wiki

Later that day, Anna assaulted Yuma and Tori with her flying cannon, but continuously missed due to their swift tactics, despite doing it several times. When Anna finally managed to corner the duo, she fell off of her cannon and Yuma suggested that they Duel instead; if Anna won, then Yuma would become her boyfriend. Since Anna did not officially enter the tournament, she could not give Yuma a Heart Piece for winning the Duel, therefore she just flew off on her flying launcher in anger.

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However, in the end she did develop feelings for him, first loving, then hating him after hitting her head while thinking about him. Anna ambushed and tied up one of the WDC finalists and concealed her identity under a cloak, entering the finals in that person's place in an effort to meet with Yuma again.

Later on Anna arrived to save Yuma when the Triad of Terror gang up on him and managed to protect him at first. However, the Triad's various team formations cornered her as well up to the point of defeat if it hadn't been for the appearance of Nistro who evened out the battlefield.

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However after this, Wolfsbane tried to defeat Yuma with a direct attack which Anna intercepted, causing her to lose the Duel and fall off of the Duel Coaster. She was rescued by her flying launcher, however. Her sacrifice enabled Yuma to defeat Wolf. She wished him good luck in the finals and flew off. Anna then laughed at Yuma's cosplay of " Temtempo the Percussion Djinn ". Ray Shadows then burst into the room to inform Yuma that Brooke and Mayday Walkera professional Tag-Team were entering the tournament and that Brooke would retire after that.

Anna Kaboom

Upon hearing this, Anna threatened Ray to see if he was telling the truth. Despite wanting to enter, Jen and Summer informed Anna that only students at the school could Duel against the pair. Upon hearing this, Anna stole Tori's school uniform in order to pass as a student at the school. She then forced Yuma to be her tag partner with her cannon. As the Duel began, Anna and Yuma began bickering, which greatly affected their Dueling performance, resulting in the destruction of Anna's " Superdreadnought Rail Cannon " as well as having to face off against the pair's " Skypalace Gangaridai ".

Despite this, Yuma saved Anna, taking a large amount of damage in doing so.

will yuma ever meet yu gi oh wiki

He is a young duelist who aspires to be the greatest, despite his amateur skills. He finds himself reluctantly partnered with a dueling spirit called Astral. Together, they pursue the "Numbers" to recover Astral's scattered memories, becoming a Number Hunter while cultivating his dueling abilities during their adventures. Yuma also have another traveling companion, her name is Tori Meadows Kotori Mizuki in the Japanese version. He is also the Original Number's other half that was separated from him during Astral's battle with Don Thousand long ago.

As Yuma cooperates with Astral and assist him in gathering of his "Number Cards", Yuma learns the truths that connect him to his destiny through his beloved father Kazuma Tsukumo, and becomes the most important participant in the Inter-Dimensional War between Astral World and Barian World, bringing an end to the conflict. Yuma also has an older sister and her name is Kari Tsukumo. Appearance Yuma has tan skin, red eyes, and black and red colored hair.

In every outfit he wears, Yuma is always wearing the Emperor's Key around his neck, which is hung by a black string. He owns a white and yellow Duel Gazer with green lens, matching the color scheme of his ace card, "Number Abilities Yuma has the natural ability to see and hear Astral, and was shown multiple times that he is capable of talking with astral telepathically.

However, Yuma's power seems to come from his tenacious spirit and perception of "Kattobingu", and if he ever loses his will, Yuma would be unable to see and hear Astral or see his Emperor Key. Yuma managed to use the "Shining Draw" to save Astral.