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Factbox: Supersonic planemakers target faster speeds, quieter engines | Reuters

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Colorado-based Boom Technology has unveiled the XB-1 to find an engine- airframe pairing that will meet new Section 14 take-off noise will be powered by 3,lb-thrust GE Aviation J engines, Scholl says. Indian businessmen and politicians widely credit Mr. Welch and GE for seeding their country's economic boom. "The breakfast meeting was the. gancxadeba video portali, internet katalogi, valutis kursi, amindis prognozi, axali ambebi - jingle-bells.info - saqarTvelo - jingle-bells.info, ufaso gancxadebebis saiti.

Factbox: Supersonic planemakers target faster speeds, quieter engines

But to get up to mach speed, a supersonic jet requires an engine core more like those on the commercial jets of the s and s which noisily gobble more air and fuel. N to develop an engine based on a core used in F fighters and Boeing s that was developed in the s, a GE spokesman said.

Both want their jets to enter service intwo years earlier than Aerion. Several industry sources said those timelines appeared unrealistic because the companies have yet to select engines and will face testing and certification challenges.

Boom founder and CEO Blake Scholl said the company was examining an adaptation of an existing engine as well as a clean-sheet option, with more to say next year.

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Both are working on smaller demonstrator aircraft with different engines designed to prove the concept is achievable within their proposed timeframes. L said it was interested in supersonic work. Scholl said airlines need a speed of at least Mach 2 to make the supersonic business case stake up because that would shave one day off a trans-Atlantic itinerary and two days off trans-Pacific trips.

For now, only over-water itineraries are under consideration due to widespread bans on civilian supersonic flights over land.

www meet boom ge

Japan Airlines and Virgin Group, which declined to comment, have a combined 30 options over Boom jets, with three other as-yet-unnamed customers signed on for another Slideshow 9 Images Former British Airways chief Concorde pilot Mike Bannister said the biggest hurdle for Boom was to develop jets at a price that would stack up for airlines, or early orders would evaporate as they had with Concorde.

Vietsovpetro had three choices for how to handle the discovery: Vietsovpetro knew they wanted to increase capacity but they were worried about the cost and time needed to make the platform bigger. Vietnam needs energy to fuel its economic revival.

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Engineers were able to snugly fit the turbine onto the existing platform to increase the amount of gas flowing from the platform to the mainland. The turbine helps by powering a compressor that increases the pressure of the gas as it enters the pipeline to shore. The high-pressure compressed gas moves faster and more smoothly.

www meet boom ge

That means that Vietsovpetro can move more gas in a shorter time, helping to fuel new growth in Vietnam. This is the first time one of these turbines will be installed on an offshore platform, and Vietsovpetro found it a particularly good fit because of its efficiency.

Built and designed in Florence, Italy, partially with 3D-printed parts, the turbine can run for four years before it needs to be taken offline for maintenance.

A Quieter Sonic Boom: GE Is Helping NASA, Lockheed Martin Design A New Supersonic Jet

The gas engine that was previously powering the compressor on the platform had to undergo maintenance roughly once a year, a process that can cost valuable time and money. But if you can improve the metallurgy of the parts and the overall design, you can increase the time between maintenance. The turbine is superefficient and consumes less fuel to generate the same output power as the next-best turbine on the market, with 37 percent mechanical efficiency, compared to the industry average of