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yakima wa swap meet

Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency will pay you for your old uncertified wood burning devices up to $ call for Wood Smoke Impacts Yakima Air Quality . 9/29/18 Yakima, WA - The season finale for the Washington NW Racers Swap Meet (FEB - ) Wild & Barnes Win at Yakima Night #2. Yakima County, Washington (WA). Back to Washington WA Tell people about your Yakima county swap meet or garage sale. Advertise an item for sale in.

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That was her favorite. When Japanese immigrants began coming to the Valley in the early s, they cleared land, dug canals and worked on the railroad. But due to legislation collectively referred to as alien land laws, they could not own or lease land in most areas. The sovereign Yakama Nation, though, was not subject to those laws. Yakima, Wapato and Toppenish were each home to a Buddhist temple and a Japanese school.

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That included 1, people from the Yakima Valley, two-thirds of whom were born in the United States. Transported from the Yakima Valley to the Portland Assembly Center in early Junethey were detained there for three months until they were taken to the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming. It closed in November Only about 10 percent returned to the Valley, almost all to Wapato. The Hides moved to California, where Mantaro and his sons began growing wholesale flowers, specializing in long-stemmed mums.

Kishi, who lives in Seal Beach, Calif. Japanese Pioneers in the Yakima Valley.

yakima wa swap meet

If you can prove that your neighbors stove does meet them, then you are good to go; if you cannot, then steer clear. Besides, from a health standpoint, if its really not certified, you're not doing yourself or your family or neighbors any favors by installing an inefficient wood stove and you'll be using more wood than a certified stove would use.

Certified wood stoves and fireplace inserts should have a metallic tag approximately 3' by 6' attached to the device, usually on an exterior surface, often on the back of the stove. Research clearly shows that having lungs full of pollution from particulates, tiny particles of material smaller than the width of a human hair is associated with increased hospital stays for respiratory diseases and emergency room visits.

Breathing wood smoke during high pollution days can be as harmful as regular exposure to second-hand smoke from cigarettes. What's in wood smoke?

yakima wa swap meet

Carbon monoxide- invisible and odorless; breathing in enough of this poison gas is fatal; it slows thinking and reaction time; causes heart pain; and is associated with lower birth weights and increased deaths among newborns.

Formaldehyde- causes nose and throat cancer in animals — circumstantial evidence suggests that it may cause cancer in humans. Organic gases- includes aldehyde gases and other lung irritating chemicals which can make breathing difficult and can cause inflammation of the throat and sinuses, or allergic reactions.

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How does breathing of wood smoke affect your health? Breathing air containing wood smoke can: Cause lungs to function less efficiently, especially in children 2.

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Increase severity of existing lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia and bronchitis 3. Make heart disease worse 4. Make it more likely to: Irritate eyes, lungs, throat and sinuses c. Trigger headaches and allergies Long term exposure to wood smoke may lead to: Chronic obstructive lung disease 2.

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Increased risk of cancer, and 4. Whom can wood smoke harm the most? Those who run the greatest health risk from wood smoke include: Fetuses, infants and children 2. People with other lung, heart, or circulatory system disease 3.

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Cigarette smokers and ex-smokers Wood smoke poses a special health threat to infants and young children. It interferes with the normal development of their lungs. Also, their risk of lower respiratory tract infections, a major cause of early childhood death and illness, increases. During the winter heating season, Washington's weather patterns often prevent good air circulation. Any pollution becomes trapped and builds up near the ground during these "stale air" periods.

yakima wa swap meet

Unfortunately, staying indoors may not help very much. Wood smoke particles are so tiny they seep into houses-even through closed doors and windows.